Kosmologia: Walter Russellin avoin kirje tiedemaailmalle

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Originally translated by Juuso Räsänen - from content from "A New Concept of the Universe":

Avoin kirje tiedemaailmalle

Hyvät herrat:

Tämä tiedemaailmalle osoitettu avoin kirje, jota täydentää Tutkielma Russellin kosmogoniasta, ollaan lähettämässä arviolta 350 National Academy of Sciencen ja Royal Society of Londonin jäsenelle, 100 yliopistolle ja 300 johtavalle uutislehdelle.

Minä Olen-lehti 1/2012: Esa Ruoho: Viktor Schauberger: Vesi on Elävä Organismi!

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Julkaistu Tammikuussa 2012 Minä Olen-lehdessä.

"Ihmisolentojen ja eläimien on äärimmäisen tärkeää juoda elävää vettä. Kemiallisesti puhdistettu, kloorattu tai otsonoitu vesi ei ole enää elävää ja terveellistä. Hyvä vesi, täynnä elämää ja energiarikkautta, on synonyymi voimakkaalle ja terveelle elämälle. Huonolaatuinen vesi johtaa sairaaseen elämään. Ei vettä on sama kuin ei elämää."

–Viktor Schauberger.

Viktor Schauberger's Questions for Science

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Since the very beginning of time the Sun has stood above everything, staring down in icy silence at the frenzied activities of humanity, who regard it as a fiery orb? How could it be otherwise, such is their direct mental approach towards life? Yet the closer we approach the source of light and heat, the colder and darker its face will become. The nearer we are to it, the brighter the stars will be. As its light diminishes, heat, atmosphere, water and life will also disappear.

Tom Bearden on Broken Symmetry

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For the open-minded reader, let me explain what broken symmetry means, and what the broken symmetry of a dipole means with respect to powering any dipolar EM circuit.
The strong prediction of broken symmetry by Lee and Yang and its experimental proof by Wu et al. in 1957, initiated a great revolution across physics and won a nearly instant Nobel Prize in December 1957 for Lee and Yang.
One of the broken symmetries proven by Wu et al. and published in 1957 is the broken symmetry of opposite charges, as on the ends of a dipole.

PESN: Jeane Manning Reviews Viable Alternative Technologies

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Speaking at the New Energy Movement conference in Portland, Oregon, Sept. 25, 2004, Manning described several technologies of promise to bring relief to the world's dependence on fossil fuels

by Susan M. Carter and T. Cullen Pure Energy Systems News PORTLAND, OREGON, USA

Jeane Manning, founding member of New Energy Movement and author of The Coming Energy Revolutions and Energie, said her goal was to make the New Energy field user friendly for the general public.

Buckminster Fuller's Self-Disciplines

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'A remarkable facet of this document is that he wrote it very early in his life, long before he became well-known.'
from: http://thinksmart.typepad.com/headsup_on_organizational/2004/03/bucky_f…

I decided that Nature might support a man who was doing what Nature wanted to be done and concluded that I would be informed by Nature if I proceeded in the following manner:
1. Use myself as an experiment to see what, if anything, a healthy, young male human of average size,
experience, and capability with an economically dependent wife and new born child, starting without

Paul Pantone: Salt Lake Weekly: Fuel Injected Lunatic

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Fuel Injected Lunatic Inventor Paul Pantone hoped to save the world. Now, will the world save him? By Stephen Dark Posted 07/26/2007 Led by a bailiff into Judge Royal Hansen’s 3rd District Court in West Jordan on June 7, Paul Pantone’s shuffling gait might have been caused by a broken big toe—gone untreated for more than year and a half—rather than by his wrist and ankle manacles.
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