Kosmologia: Walter Russellin avoin kirje tiedemaailmalle

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Originally translated by Juuso Räsänen - from content from "A New Concept of the Universe":

Avoin kirje tiedemaailmalle

Hyvät herrat:

Tämä tiedemaailmalle osoitettu avoin kirje, jota täydentää Tutkielma Russellin kosmogoniasta, ollaan lähettämässä arviolta 350 National Academy of Sciencen ja Royal Society of Londonin jäsenelle, 100 yliopistolle ja 300 johtavalle uutislehdelle.

Walter Russell - An Open Letter to Science

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This Open Letter to the World of Science, accompanied by a Treatise on The Russell Cosmogony, is being sent to approximately 350 members of our National Academy of Science and Royal Society of London, 100 Universities, and 300 leading newspapers.

This announcement with its new concept of Light, Matter, Energy, Electricity and Magnetism is a simple yet complete, consistent and workable cosmogony which will enable future scientists to visualize the universe as ONE WHOLE, and will open the door to the New Age of Transmutation.

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