Steorn: Orbo Webinar#1: 28.10.2015

Transcript by Esa Ruoho / / [email protected]
Pat: Welcome to the Orbo Webinar. We're here today to introduce you to the first Orbo product, the O-Cube. Orbo is a highly controversial technology ... (Shaun places the O-Cube on the table) ..and we're going to demonstrate the functionality of the O-Cube. Before we do that, however, we want to just give you a brief flavour of who we are and the journey that we've taken over the last fifteen years.

Minä Olen 3/2000: Hieman väliaikatietoja Superionisoidusta vedestä!

Innostus superionisoituun veteen on ollut melkoinen ja sitä haluttaisiin saada Suomeen mahdollisimman nopeasti. Juotavaa vettä on kyselty erityisen paljon, ja juuri mistä sitä voisi tilata. Saamieni viestieni mukaan vesi on ollut erittäin tehokasta jopa ihosyöpään.

Jani Lassila's Free Energy selection from the 2000s

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Free-energy -
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FusionAnomaly -
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Minä Olen-lehti 1/2012: Esa Ruoho: Viktor Schauberger: Vesi on Elävä Organismi!

Julkaistu Tammikuussa 2012 Minä Olen-lehdessä.

"Ihmisolentojen ja eläimien on äärimmäisen tärkeää juoda elävää vettä. Kemiallisesti puhdistettu, kloorattu tai otsonoitu vesi ei ole enää elävää ja terveellistä. Hyvä vesi, täynnä elämää ja energiarikkautta, on synonyymi voimakkaalle ja terveelle elämälle. Huonolaatuinen vesi johtaa sairaaseen elämään. Ei vettä on sama kuin ei elämää."

–Viktor Schauberger.

Hermeetikko-lehti Nro.7: Nikola Tesla

Itsestään palavat lamput, autot jotka luovat energiaa tyhjästä. Sellaisia ei vain pohdiskellut vaan myös oikeasti rakensi Nikola Tesla (1856-1943). Jättämättä vihjettäkään jälkipolville miten hän ne teki. Tesla oli eräs viisaimmista joita seassamme on koskaan elänyt. Mikäli olisimme ottaneet hänen oppinsa onkeemme, tuskin länsimaissa edes olisi niitä ongelmia joiden parissa poliitikkomme painivat päivittäin. Tutustukaamme siis Teslan maailmaan.

Tesla ja Edison

ZeroPointInstitute: Momentum Generator (Capacitive Resonance Discharge)
Momentum Generator (capacitive resonance discharge) part 1
Momentum Generator (capacitive resonance discharge) part 2

Magnetic Resonance Part 10

Open scientific and engineering discussion on different type of magnetic resonance without or with ferro-resonance added including anomalous resonant effects.

For those of you willing to replicate and study in more details this specific ferro-transverter:
* full H-bridge with four IRF640 mosfet and four MUR460 diodes, each isol-driver MCP1403 plus IL610
* PSU stabilized at 50 VDC with 6000 microF electrolytic cap (snap-in for SMPS)

Bedini-Cole 1971 to 1984 built from lab notes

Battery 101 from Hector

"Batteries go dead as electrolyte conductivity drops beyond desulphation, conversion of sulphate to acid in water solution. RE (Radiant Energy) is capable of breaking sulphate by creating transfer residual ion desulphation (already tested by NASA using RF (Radio Frequency) modulated DC current). Can be easily made with LC(B=R) bridge coupled circuit along other more advanced tuning aspects... A normal battery below it's ion conductivity level will simply convert itself to an electrolytic cell separating oxygen from hydrogen burning up and oxidizing the plates further...

Transverter video parts 1 and 2

Reproduction of TransVerter anomalous energy amplification as previously done by Dan Combine, Raivo, Jinis and of course Hector D. Perez Torres.

Displacement Current absolutely different when applied in thermodynamics and in radio electronics.

Maxwell's Displacement Current The term DISPLACEMENT CURRENT is absolutely different in its meaning when applied in thermodynamics and radio electronics. The notion was introduced by Maxwell, when he worked on developing an electromagnetic field theory to describe low currents generated, when charged particles are displaced in dielectrics.

Peir Ighina - The Tesla & Reich of Italy

Lidmotor: RomeroUK Woopy

Bedini Ferris Wheel replication by Les Kraut

Lidmotor: Muller Dynamo--- my kitchen table learning tool

"This shows a simple "Muller Dynamo" type device that I developed as a learning tool to study Bill Muller's work. My simple machine was built to help me understand how this type "motor / generator" operates. What I show in this video is only part of the whole design. It is just a starting point."

RAINews: The Magic of Mr. Rossi

The story of the invention which promises to change the world
by Angelo Saso

Michael Riversong: Coral Castle

Howdy --

While travelling here in South Florida, got together with a few local Tesla
enthusiasts last night. We decided to take a field trip to Coral Castle
this afternoon, which is pretty much a mandatory pilgrimage stop for any
"alternative science" person. Took along much of my electromagnetic survey
tool kit. Following are the observations recorded, in hopes that this will
prove useful to some of us.

As most of you probably know, Coral Castle was built in the 1930's and '40's
by Ed Leedskalnin, a very small man from Latvia who worked alone. He

A Radiant Day - Wireless

Viktor Schauberger's Questions for Science

Viktor Schauberger's Questions for Science
Since the very beginning of time the Sun has stood above everything, staring down in icy silence at the frenzied activities of humanity, who regard it as a fiery orb? How could it be otherwise, such is their direct mental approach towards life? Yet the closer we approach the source of light and heat, the colder and darker its face will become. The nearer we are to it, the brighter the stars will be. As its light diminishes, heat, atmosphere, water and life will also disappear.

Rodin Coils on TEDxCharlotte (2010)

Excerpt from Wizard: Nikola Tesla - The Life and Times of a Genius: Mach's experiments in Wave Mechanics retrospect, it appears obvious that Stumpf's opposition did not stop Tesla from studying Mach's experiments in wave mechanics. Born in Moravia (now the Czech Republic) in 1838, Mach graduated from the University of Vienna in 1860. By 1864 he was a full professor at Graz, and by 1867 he was head of the department of experimental physics at Prague, with four books and sixty-two articles to his credit.

Russellian Science: TEC Breakdown of Russellian Science, Part 6, Fukushima Nuclear Disaster

posted by 77GSlinger
Quotes from "Atomic Suicide?" read by matt presti & Robert Otey. This is a breakdown of the reasons why radioactive fission is deadly and should not be used as a world fuel. Until the greed of man passes, every day brings us closer to our own annihilation.

FreeEnergyTruth: Energy Catalyzer Andrea Rossi: Fast Facts

Description from video: "Andrea Rossi's Energy Catalyzer will spark a new energy revolution. This is the first commercially available cold fusion device. Full production and shipping of units in 2011."

More information and more articles + etc links at: RossiPortal
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