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Speaking at the New Energy Movement conference in Portland, Oregon, Sept. 25, 2004, Manning described several technologies of promise to bring relief to the world's dependence on fossil fuels

by Susan M. Carter and T. Cullen Pure Energy Systems News PORTLAND, OREGON, USA

Jeane Manning, founding member of New Energy Movement and author of The Coming Energy Revolutions and Energie, said her goal was to make the New Energy field user friendly for the general public.

She compared the New Energy field to a continent with a Great Divide. On one side of the mountain is typical technologies from fossil fuels to solar and wind, and on the other side is a vast uncharted territory called New Energy. She created a visual reality for the energy field and opened the way for its existence.

Armed with a degree in sociology, Manning is an excellent spokesman for New Energy. She warns that while technically correct to speak of nuclear and atomic reactions, the public shies from technologies using those terms, associating them with forms of destructions and harm. The New Energy field would do better to substitute other words and be cognizant of emotional impact instead of just being technically correct.

Simplifying the complex she showed how many technologies are based on resonance, using the example of Walter Russell's scientific art. Russell is famous for his simple explanations of New Energy: "in the wave lies the secret" and "nature as the teacher". His art reflects his thought and provides a visual explanation of his theories. Manning explained that current technologies emphasize the explosion reactions and heat while New Energy emphasizes implosion and cool technologies.

Manning gave an overview of the many technologies currently being researched. She showed that there are many solutions to our current fossil gluttony and addiction. Her presentation covered:

* Blacklight Power - Randell Mill's hydrino technology
* Hydrogen on Demand - different ways to produce hydrogen that are less expensive and safer than current methods
* Carbon Arc technology
* Sonofusion - a method of using sound waves to create heat in a fuel-less furnace
* Cold Fusion and Light Element Fusion - "while cold fusion was buried back in 1989, it is still very much alive"
* Exotic Vacuum Objects - and other research by Ken Shoulders where he is getting direct electrical output from ZPE and is also able to create ball lightning that can be harnessed to do work
* New Heat Engines - in which table-top experiments turns conventional heat theory up-side-down
* Resonance Amplifiers - many researchers, including Stan Meyer, have been able to get excess energy through amplifying resonance effects similar to when a child on a swing uses low power nudges to amplify into big results. Xogen is one company Manning mentioned that gets energy from water resonance.
* Electrostatic devices - can get energy directly from non-moving electrical charges
* Aetheric Energy - which can be captured or accumulated
* The E-Dam - made by Win Lambertson, another conference speaker who showed a device he has been working on for 30 years which is 153% efficient
* Shape Power - special geometric shapes can concentrate energy and obtain useable power
* Vortex Energy and Viktor Schauberger's work - devices which imitate nature's vortices and spirals, including very efficient pumps, twister pipes, wavy plate disks, and super-fast switching devices
* No Fuel Steam Generators - which use a small amount of mechanical energy and get excessive heat out
* Spiraling Fluid Drives - by Dr. Hinrick
* Radiant Energy - a different kind of electricity discovered by Tesla and developed by Ed Grey, T. H. Morray, John Bedini and others, and which meters can't yet detect
* New Superconductors - such as those developed by Mark Goldes
* Solid State Devices of various kinds - including new devices by John Hutchison which use cotton pads with oxide and can produce 1.3 volts per centimeter
* Lifter Technology - like those promoted by Tim Ventura and JLN labs

Manning acknowledged the suppression of these new forms of energy, yet she rallied the crowd and gave them hope in her final slide: two simple light switches, one turned off and one turned on. "Let's turn off the power of corruption and turn on the power of people," she pleaded. Manning proclaimed that en masse, people, unafraid of new technology, can start using "small-is-beautiful" technologies and save the world. Her overview of the field made it possible to believe that people really could do just that.



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