Wilhelm Reich: It Can Be Done!

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(Found on YouTube) A fictional dramatization of Wilhelm Reich's life, by Jon East.
The end writing reads
"In 1957, refusing to stop his research Dr. Wilhelm Reich was imprisoned in a federal penitentiary. Shortly before his parole, he was found dead in his cell. His final manuscript, "Creation", in which he promised to reveal the secret of anti-gravity, was unaccountably missing from his personal effects".

Steve Windisch: Free Energy and the Open Source Energy Movement (Part 1)

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In this series of articles, we will attempt to examine several “Free Energy” devices, and explain their workings in a very simplified way; while discussing the proposed theories behind them. Also, we will take a look at the new inventors and researchers working within the Open Source Energy movement; and how Internet collaboration has changed the face of invention… With selected interviews with some of the most important players in the movement today.
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