MERLib Changeslog

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2023-12-27 Re-enabling some Joseph Newman articles and re-titling the Walter Russell The New York Times articles to conform to YYYY-MM-DD format.
2023-12-25 Re-posting of the report on Walter Baumgartner's Event on Vortexian Mechanics and Implosion Workshop. https://www.merlib.org/node/2285
2023-12-25 Re-posting the Viktor Schauberger article written by Esa Ruoho, originally published in the Minä Olen magazine in it's 01/2012 issue.

PESN: Jeane Manning Reviews Viable Alternative Technologies

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Speaking at the New Energy Movement conference in Portland, Oregon, Sept. 25, 2004, Manning described several technologies of promise to bring relief to the world's dependence on fossil fuels

by Susan M. Carter and T. Cullen Pure Energy Systems News PORTLAND, OREGON, USA

Jeane Manning, founding member of New Energy Movement and author of The Coming Energy Revolutions and Energie, said her goal was to make the New Energy field user friendly for the general public.

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