MERLib Changeslog

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2023-12-27 Re-enabling some Joseph Newman articles and re-titling the Walter Russell The New York Times articles to conform to YYYY-MM-DD format.
2023-12-25 Re-posting of the report on Walter Baumgartner's Event on Vortexian Mechanics and Implosion Workshop.
2023-12-25 Re-posting the Viktor Schauberger article written by Esa Ruoho, originally published in the Minä Olen magazine in it's 01/2012 issue.
2023-11-22 The historical KeelyNET BBS files have been reinstated / saved from oblivion at - enjoy.
2023-11-17 Finnish translation by Juuso Räsänen of Walter Russell's "An open letter to science" from "A New Concept of the Universe" posted
2023-10-24 Reboot of MERLib with all articles unpublished and slowly being published