Keely donation requested

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Good day. Could someone please donate PDF's or the physical books to MERLib - the Modern Energy Research Library? They were written by John Ernst Worrell Keely. Please get in touch by emailing if you have these books.

I. Theoretical Expose or Philosophical Analysis of VibroMolecular, Vibro-Atomic, and Sympathetic Vibro-Etheric Forces, as applied to induce Mechanical Rotation by Negative Sympathetic Attraction.

II. Explanatory Analysis of VibroAcoustic Mechanism in all its Different Groupings or Combinations to induce Propulsion and Attraction (sympathetically) by the Power of Sound-Force; as also the Different Conditions of Intensity both Positive and Negative, on the Progressive Octaves to Ozonic Liberation and Luminosity.

III. The Determining Principle of Matter, or the Connective Link between the Finite and the Infinite, progressively considered from the Crude Molecular to the Compound Inter Etheric; showing the Control of Spirit over Matter in all the Variations of Mass-Chords and Molecular Groupings, both Physical and Mechanical.