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Some of you may remember an article I posted last month on the wonders, and suppression, of Brown’s Gas / HHO (monatomic and diatomic Hydrogen and Oxygen, cheaply disassociated from water, created on-board a vehicle or at home):…

The response to this article was good, and many people were made aware of an important energy source that would be a cheap, clean, and viable alternative to oil... If only our Universities studied it openly and the veil of suppression and secrecy that surrounds Brown’s Gas / HHO were lifted.

But there are other potential uses for HHO besides fuel for vehicles, some less controversial, and some very controversial. The first being as a welding/cutting gas: This is widely being done now, and has been for many years since Professor Yull Brown first sold his manufacturing rights to a company in China named NORINCO (after first being rigorously suppressed in Australia and the U.S.). The NORINCO torch systems use Brown’s power-efficient electrolyzer design to create the gas, and dispense it though a cutting/welding torch. The effects of using HHO for this are very unusual: As previously mentioned, HHO directly interacts with the substance being burned... The temperature of the flame wholly depends on what it touches. Tungsten can be sublimated at over 6000 deg. C, yet in the open air touching nothing, the flame is cool enough to quickly run a finger through it. Besides the obvious uses of brazing, cutting, and surface welding of metals; burning substances with Brown’s Gas have other, more unique possibilities... Some so strange, mainstream science has no clear explanations for them.

Yull Brown was the first to discover that HHO gas could be used to transmute elements. Yes, transmute, change, an element into another element.... This wild claim sounds not so bizarre when looking at the Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency's (CEAA), and the Atomic Energy of Canada Limited’s (AECL) studies on the use of Brown’s Gas to neutralize radioactive waste. Canada is seriously considering treating her radioactive waste with Brown’s Gas to remove the radioactivity. Tests have shown that exposing a radioactive substance to an HHO flame for a period of time can remove up to 99% of the dangerous radiation. Brown first discovered this, and patented the process more than 20 years ago. There are rumors that China is using this technique now to treat nuclear waste. The process seems quite effective, and relatively easy and safe considering the alternatives (incineration at ultra-high temperatures, or underground /undersea storage). One would imagine that citizens living near Yucca Mountain in Nevada (proposed site for storage of the U.S.’s nuclear waste), would be very interested in hearing more about this technology.... However, like anything else having to do with Brown’s Gas / HHO, the public has not been informed.

The below link is a monograph discussing the studies and proposal to the Canadian government, by a group that includes Col. Tom Beardon (U.S. Army Retired), a noted physicist and one of the most well-known and respected scientists and theorists in alternative energy:

A related Abstract on the same subject:

When burning Brown’s Gas, the only byproduct is ultra-pure water. But this resultant water apparently has strange properties of its own… Many believe that it has very strong health benefits when drank or used to surface-treat wounds; although there is yet no hard proof for this. What appears to be certain is that the molecular geometry as well as the electron and magnetic charges of the re-combined water are subtly different than “regular” water. Again, rigorous study by our Universities is needed to learn the truth... However, the scientific mainstream will apparently not do so, at least openly, despite many examples of empirical evidence.

Brown’s Gas / HHO is still, in many people’s opinion, most important as a fuel; a cheap and clean alternative to oil. We have previously discussed HHO’s use as a fuel booster… Allowing the primary fuel to be burned with much greater efficiency. This is due to the very high flame propagation rate of Hydrogen. Most people do not realize just how inefficient an internal combustion engine is… Perhaps 35% efficient... The rest of the energy being sent down the exhaust as un-combusted wasted fuel, or converted into heat within the motor due to slow combustion causing the pistons to work against one another. This is mainly because our car manufacturers INSIST on injecting slower-burning liquid gasoline (or Diesel) into the cylinders without first vaporizing the fuel. Vaporizing gasoline greatly increases the burn rate and efficiency; by as much as 400% or more, and increases mileage dramatically. But although the first patents for this came out in the 1920’s (snapped-up by auto manufacturers and shelved ever since), very little has been done on this. Cars with properly calibrated fuel vapor / plasma systems can theoretically get as much as 200 MPG or more.... Today, M.I.T. is studying plasma-state carbon fuels (extremely heated with RF energy and therefore disassociated into atoms and smaller molecules that burn faster and more efficiently), and is claiming great promise for them: Something that has been well known in many circles for over 80 years, now…. Sadly it’s taken that long for this important technology to reach mainstream science.

There is much evidence that the auto manufacturers are in league with the energy cartels and the government to discourage efficient use of petroleum fuels. Like the vaporizing patents and HHO boosters, technology to greatly increase gas mileage has been available for many years; but the public has not been aware of it. As an example, let us look back 100 years to the Ford Model T: It was rated, honestly rated, at “27 MPG”. That is better than the average claimed mileage of today’s new vehicles… ONE HUNDRED YEARS LATER. Even the government appears to be in on the “fix”: In the late 1970’s; U.S. Federal legislation to require catalytic converters for all cars, and to forbid the tampering of car exhaust, were passed. Ever since, people who wish to vaporize their fuel before burning it have been severely hampered, as using the heat of the exhaust is the best and probably safest method for doing so. Ironically, if the gasoline were burned efficiently via vaporization, there would be absolutely no need for the catalytic converters… The pollution levels of an efficient engine drop to near-zero. The government’s standards for gas mileage are a joke, and everyone in the industry knows it. Their own mileage tests are also a joke… No vehicles off the showroom floor or when “broken in”, will ever exceed the published mileage figures printed on the sticker (without an HHO booster or vaporizer being installed, anyway): In fact, it is a lucky consumer who gets 85% of those mileage figures without modification. The oil companies compound the problem, by deliberately changing their gasoline formulas randomly and often, also regionally, so that there is no one set formula in use anywhere in the U.S. ; which makes it very difficult to properly calibrate a fuel vaporization system for best performance. Certain additives are mixed into the gasoline, which also hampers the effectiveness of vaporizing gas. These additives and random changes to the formulas have no other apparent purpose than to discourage vaporization. It is clear to many that the oil corporations, the car companies, and the government work together to insure that as much petroleum as possible be consumed in this country… Despite the false “Initiatives” and cynical do-nothing lip service given to “green technologies” by politicians of both mainstream Parties. And notice that the alternatives allowed to be studied and touted, like solar, wind, or electric membrane Hydrogen Cells are carefully chosen to always be less effective, less reliable, and more expensive than using oil.

Cheaply-produced HHO gas, or another great new technological leap, magnetic motor/generators producing electricity without fuel, would be a wondrous gift to us all: Especially to the poor who can hardly afford energy costs. When a high-energy, utterly clean fuel such as Brown’s Gas / HHO can be made by the consumer themselves safely and at low cost…. Either on-board a vehicle or at home…. The possibilities for improving our lives are nearly endless. HHO can be made cheaply from seawater… or any water. It can desalinate or purify water. It can be used to entirely fuel a vehicle, or as a booster to greatly increase efficiency and nearly eliminate pollutants from exhaust. Its flame can fuse metal and brick together, and change rock into semi-precious stones. It can even remove deadly radiation from nuclear waste and transmute elements. Magnet-based motors can charge batteries, run loads, and even entire households, without any traditional power input… By apparently tapping into “Zero-Point” or “Radiant” energy (a new and poorly understood form of “cold” energy that is all around us). These are only the things we know about from empirical data stumbled upon by inventors, and a handful of studies done outside of the mainstream: Imagine what could be learned if our great Universities gave them honest and open widespread study! But they refuse to… WHY?

There are several possibilities as to “Why”. The most obvious comes with “following the money”: Coal and oil cartels, who together secretly form illegal monopolies with tremendous political clout, would stand to lose untold trillions of Dollars; not to mention their very considerable power over the masses. Other reasons are less conspiratorial, but whether they are deliberate or not, the results are still the same. Chief of these is the unwillingness of the mainstream scientific community to accept anything that smacks of “energy over-unity” (meaning, something that extracts more energy than is observably put into it, “breaking” the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics). The laws of thermodynamics are over 140 years old. They do not take into account “curved space-time”, or even the existence of atoms.... Yet alone anything like “Zero-Point” or “Radiant” Energy. Yet the scientific mainstream is a slave to these outdated Laws, as if it were religious dogma. Well, that god has been proven false. There are literally hundreds of devices, dozens of easily reproduced lab experiments, and many new theorems in Physics and Chemistry, which prove that “over-unity” is both possible, and even engineer-able. For instance: Everyone has a refrigerator at home. This is, at heart, a “heat pump”. Heat pumps are by nature “over-unity” devices... At least 300% efficient or so in the average (..BTW, they could be much more efficient, up to 700%, if they were “allowed” to be). So the laws of thermodynamics are not quite so sure, or unassailable.... Every home has a device that breaks them every day. However, tell that to a scientist and head of a University faculty department who fears to be made a fool... Who worries he or she could be made to look like an evil ogre who helped work to deny Humanity a means to insure peace and prosperity for all; by their previous refusal to accept even the possibility of these new technologies and theorems being valid... Human nature would dictate that many persons would continue the denial as long as possible simply in self-interest. Scientists, and especially those in Academia, are after all, “humans”, too. The older generations, to a large extent, will not willingly accept new inventions that break the old laws. But what is of prime importance is that we educate the new generations so that they can overcome the barriers of old and rigid concepts... And to think freely: Free from “religious” dogma, and free from government and corporate pressures such as funding and the “interests of national security” (in reality, “energy cartel security”). These new scientists will be our hope for the future…. And America’s only hope to regain its momentum as the leader in scientific discovery.

The brilliant theorist and writer Sir Arthur Clarke once wrote of the sequence of events in mainstream sciences’ acceptance of new ideas. He expressed them as having four stages:

1. It's crazy!

2. It may be possible -- so what?

3. I said it was a good idea all along.

4. I thought of it first.

For a new age of energy is upon us: Somehow, someday it will break through eventually. It is imperative that we be on top of that curve! The huge boon to our economy to gear-up and manufacture the new energy devices would more than outweigh the losses to the oil, coal, and traditional power industries. Those people have had a very good 80 years or so… At our expense. It’s time, far past time, that they step aside for the good of the planet, and the planet’s inhabitants. And think of what we could do with all the money we now spend on energy (which is actually a “tax” far higher than any other): Put our kids through college, for one...

Many of us are tired of the suppression, of the lies… Of the refusal of the mainstream to embrace or even study any serious challenger to oil. And we are doing something about it: Working underground, via the Internet, we are collaborating together to build, study, and perfect these new and exciting technologies and inventions ourselves... Not just HHO but magnetic motors and a whole host of other suppressed technologies as well. Not for the “quick buck”, but for the good of Humanity as well as our own enlightened self-interests. The Open Source Energy movement is growing quickly world-wide, and will eventually force the mainstream media, science, and our governments to admit there are cheap, clean, and viable alternatives to oil. The more of us that join this endeavor, the faster it will happen… And the sooner our children and grandchildren will have a safe, ecologically sound, and prosperous future assured.

More links...

For those inteested in the physics of "zero point energy" (or "energy from the vacuum" as prefers), the best site I have seen is Col. (Dr.) Tom Bearden's. There are also many examples of "over-unity" devices listed and explained there. I am not promoing his videos, but they really are excellent! Besides, there is tons of useful info there for free ;)

Info about using HHO as a welding/cutting torch gas:

This site sells pulsers for making HHO cheaply (kits or pre-built), and has other usefull info like schematics ad parts lists for doing t yourself. Pulsers are not required (you can just use DC power off the alternator for the electrolyzer), but it makes the power efficiency at least 10 times better (...allowing much higher HHO production without heating the water too much). Again, I am not affilliated. with them or any commercial enterprise in the HHO or "free energy"/ ZPE field. If anyone has other or better suppliers please post ;) :

Interesting site on Cold Fusion, which has been proven to NOT be a fraud, and has been reproduced at several Universities and commercial labs around the world now (why havn't we heard THAT?! ):


Regarding the power efficiency of an HHO electrolyzer: if the circuit has a properly tuned square wave oscillator ("pulser") to power the unit verses straight "DC", the power usage is vastly lower, perhaps 10 times so.... With an energy efficiency certainly greater than 100%. Since when mounted on-board a vehicle, the alternator can handle the drain of making the needed current without access additional drag in horsepower, the HHO is created at overunity, "for free" ;)

This is the most commonly help misnomer about HHO electrolyzers, that they are not energy efficient. But the incorporation of highly efficient pulsing oscillator circuits (pulsed and gated square waves, carefully tuned and timed specifically to the electrode plates' distance from one another to match their unique "capacitance" underwater) has ended that question decisivly.

This is not really an issue for the commonly used "Boosters" even when using straight DC, because large amounts of HHO are not needed, the fuel mix can be as small as 3% HHO and still get beneficial results. But the issue becomes much more important for trying to fuel the entire vehicle on HHO (...perhaps 3 Liters of HHO per minute in volume). Some who have done this successfully using a pulser and choked transformer to raise the pulses to over 100 V have been able to create enough HHO using less than 15 Amps (15A x 12 Volts = 180 Watts).

Perhaps what is more important than power for the simple DC boosters is heat: They get can very hot, much hotter/faster than pulsed units generally do. Because there is an odd synergy, that when the pulsers are properly tuned and running at best efficiency, that the generated heat goes down to next to nothing (and the power usage drops significantly, too). This is because ideally the system works on voltage, not current ;)