Questions to Klaus Rauber

Submitted by esaruoho on

From: Klaus Rauber
Date: Mar 17, 2006 10:42 PM 
Subject: Re: implosion magazine question + movie question
To: Esa Ruoho 
Cc: Schauberger-PKS

Hello esa,

please find my answers below.


Good day. 

I write from MERLib, Modern Energy Research Library.

We have a question for you.
Could we have Implosion issue #114, #115, #145, #146, #148 publicly available on our website, please?

No, because I have no copyright except for a printed version as magazine "Implosion".

You can purchase the german magazine, but not for publication.

Could we put them onto our website, so that people could read such 5 magazines for free online forever, please? 

No, see above.

We have a way to click on the website,  that translates   german, to english, by a computer, it is not perfect, but at least that way one could maybe see some of the content of the 5 magazines.

It is not possible to translate Victor Schauberger by computer.

The result cannot be anything but bullshit.

Please let us know :)
Also, we have a question, you have been interviewed for this "Flugscheiben nach Schauberger - Ein interview mit Klaus Rauber vom Verein fur Implosionsforschnung"   i have a question, would you be interested in helping in translating the video to english, please? there are many english-speaking people who are unable to speak german, who would dearly benefit from this interview (or so i hope!!)  

No. I did not agree to this video publication. But the publishing company ignored my denial. There is a lot of own interpretation by the interviewer which I do not agree with and which is not our concern. So please forget this video and any effort based on it.

If you want to do something for Victor Schauberger's publicity please refer to Callum Coats books.