"Revolutionary"Farmer Arrested for Driving Vegetable-powered Truck

Olivier Lain, a cereals farmer based near Rouen in Normandy was arrested for driving a vehicle powered by "unauthorised fuel," despite an EU directive passed last year which instructs member states to encourage the use of pure vegetable oil as a form of fuel for diesel-powered vehicles.

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Chip Waste Tony on Euro Eco Trip

A Scotsman is driving round the coast of Europe in an eco-friendly van that runs exclusively on waste vegetable oil.

Antony Berretti arrived in Gibraltar on Sunday as he completed the latest leg of his trip from the French port of Calais to Brindisi in southern Italy.
Mr Berretti has vowed not to spend a single Euro on fuel during his trek across Europe.
Instead he relies on the owners of restaurants and cafés to provide him with the contents of their pots and fryers at the end of a busy day in the kitchen.
He spent yesterday touring the Rock and persuading friendly local restaurateurs to hand over their used oil.
He is pictured above with Roy Walker, owner of Roy’s Cod Plaice in Casemates, collecting 30 litres of oil which will end up in the tanks of his converted Fiat Scudo 1.9 Turbo Diesel van.
Used oil is regarded under law as a waste product and restaurateurs normally have to pay to have it collected and properly disposed of.
“It’s not waste,” Mr Beretti said. “It’s a valuable resource.”
With this trip, Mr Beretti wants to generate awareness of practical, sustainable alternatives to fossil fuels.
Vegetable oil, he said, is ‘cleaner’ and cheaper than diesel, as some progressive countries have already discovered. In Germany, for example, drivers can even buy it from pumps in petrol stations.
And Mr Berretti insisted that such fuels are easy to use. He converted the van himself and built his own pressure filter – essential when using waste oils - using what he described as “garden shed technology”.
All the materials he used were re-cycled. Even the van itself was saved from a scrap yard.
So far, Mr Berretti has made good speed. He started his trip in Calais 13 days ago and expects to arrive in Italy in just a week’s time. Readers can follow his progress at
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