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Sometimes the natural world itself can inspire a forward-thinking scientist to push the boundaries of known scientific theories. Such was the case with Viktor Schauberger, an Austrian forester/visionary born in the late 19th century. Schauberger studied the properties of what he called, "life-enhancing energy," which manifests itself in water or air as vortices. Nearly 100 years ago, Schauberger warned, "Prevailing technology uses the wrong forms of motion. It is based on entropy - on motions which nature uses to break down and scatter materials. However, Nature uses a different type of motion for creating order and new growth. The prevailing explosion-based technology - fuel burning and atom splitting - fills the world with expanding, heat-generating centrifugal motion."

Wilhelm Reich

from "The Manual of Free Energy Devices and Systems" by D.A. Kelly

Wilhelm Reich (1897-1957) Austria
Wilhelm Reich was a psychoanalyst of the Austrian school who studied under Freud, and later became a teacher and investigator of natural scientific phenomena.

As his career developed, he began to study the interaction of space energy to human health and to formulate the various reactions of these key relationships. He was able to identify a form of energy which he named "Orgone" and build devices wich could collect and accumulate this energy.

Orgone energy is the name given him to a specific life energy within and around all living organisms. The existance of orgone energy outside of the living organism in the atmosphere was demonstrated in various test conducted by Reich. The inner life energy is stimulated from the outer orgone energy in the atmosphere. This concept is logical, since nothing can exist within the living organism that did not previously exist in the environment of the living organism.

The color blue is the specific color of orgone energy within and without the organism. Blue is the color seen in all functions which are related to the cosmic or atmospheric orgone energy. Protoplasm of any kind in every cell or bacterium is blue, and cells lose their blueness when they die. Orgone energy penetrates everything at different speeds.

Wilhelm Reich's orgone energy accumulators were in the form of squarish boxes which consisted of alternate layers of organic and metallic materials, such as cotton or cellulose and aluminum. Reich's continuing experiments in this field disclosed that organic materials attract and collect orgone energy from the atmosphere. The metallic material acts to both repel and contain the orgone, and thus the combination of both materials produces an ideal collector or accumulator of orgone energy.

An extraordinary occurance within the orgone accumulator box is the unexplained temperature rise that occurs which cannot be explained by the present Laws of Energy Conservation.

Reich further discovered a motorizing force (high or low potential) within orgone energy (1949) which could be harnessed to propel a special type of motor. He is said to have built a special motor with a rotating armature revolved by entrapped orgone energy, but there is no record available to validate this device.

According to Reich's findings, the so-called "heat waves" that we see shimmering above roads and mountains are not actually heat at all, but orgone energy that does not rise. They will move from west to east, at a speed faster than the earth's rotation. They cause the twinkling of the stars in our sight. Thunderstorms are formed by changes in the concentration of atmospheric orgone energy.

Wilhelm Reich began to get into trouble with the authorities when he attempted to translate the benefits of orgone energy into medical applications, and specifically orgonetic irradiation of the organism (patient). The Wilhelm Reich Foundation was formed for the purpose of promoting the healing effects of applied orgone energy, but started to draw the attention of the F.D.A., who were very skeptical of orgone energy and its application.

While some of Reich's teachings and methods may have been open to question as more information has evolved, the basics of orgone energy have been accepted by most non-establishment scientists who are free-energy activists. Wilhelm Reich was eventually arrested and placed in jail where he remained until his death.

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    What if Viktor Schauberger and Walter Russell had a chat, by combining what each wrote as a discussion?

    Viktor Schauberger: "Our work is the embodiment of our will. The spiritual manifestation of this work is its effect. When such work is properly done it brings happiness, and when carried out incorrectly it assuredly brings misery. Humanity! Your will is paramount! You can command Nature if you but obey her!"

    KeelyNet: John Draper: The Navajo and the Buddhist

    KeelyNet/Energy/The_Wave (October 19, 1992) THE NAVAJO AND THE BUDDHIST

    "There are worlds within worlds Christa. Everything in our world is connected by the delicate strands of the web of life, which is balanced between forces of destruction and the magic forces of creation". The Magi to Christa in the movie 'Ferngully'.


    The Macrobiotic Genius of Walter Russell

    By John David Mann

    Copyright 1989 John David Mann


    "The Times of July 21 [1930] contains an article stating
    that Walter Russell challenges the Newtonian theory of
    gravitation. This artist, who is admittedly not a scientist, goes
    on to say that the fundamentals of science are so hopelessly
    wrong and so contrary to nature, that nothing but a major

    Joseph Bender: The Stewardship of Water

    The Stewardship Of Water By Joseph Bender - MetaLabs Foundation Trust

    The Why Behind Stewardship

    There was a time in the history of our species when we lived in the awareness of our inseparability from all of nature- the mineral
    kingdom, plant kingdom, animal kingdom, and cosmic kingdom. In this harmonious relationship we freely exchanged energy within each
    kingdom. The proper exchange of energy between natural systems always creates a surplus of energy not a depletion. This was a time when

    PAX Scientific - Meet Viktor Schauberger

    this is a mashup of articles that detail PaxScientific, and its CEO, Harman's quotes. obviously i started doing this because it has deep connections to what Viktor Schauberger was saying all along. seems there is a huge movement of Biomimicry, that is blissfully unaware of one of its predecessors, Schauberger - with his Comprehend&Copy method. at least back in 2005, PAX Scientific had nothing to say when asked about Viktor Schauberger.

    enjoy! if you can.

    One Law - as above - so below (microcosm/macrocosm)

    Everything is governed by one law. A human being is a microcosmos, i.e. the laws prevailing in the cosmos also operate in the minutest space of the human being."

    If we throw mother nature out the window...

    "If we throw mother nature out the window, she comes back in the door with a pitchfork."

    Keskustelu Rouva Ingeborg Schaubergerin kanssa

    Rouva Schauberger on Walterin, Viktor Schaubergerin pojan, leski. Hän asuu yhä perheen kodissa Bad Ischlissä, pohjoisessa Itävallassa. Jokaisella tapaamiskerrallamme hänellä oli päällään perinteiset itävaltalaiset vaatteet, hyvin istuva räätälöity jakku ja dirndl-hame. Vaikka hän on alle 150 senttiä pitkä, hänellä on vaikuttava ilmestys ja hän on hyvin älykäs. Hän puhuu jonkin verran englantia, paremmin kuin minä saksaa, joten keskustelumme käytiin enimmäkseen englanniksi. Hänellä oli kuitenkin huolenaiheenaan se, ettei hän osaisi ilmaista itseään hyvin käyttämällä englantia, joten seurassamme oli tapaamisillamme myös tulkki. Keskustelumme aikaan hän oli 89-vuotias.

    Kiitos että suostuit puhumaan minulle muistikuvistasi Viktor Schaubergeristä.

    - Goethe puhui todellisuuden ja runouden erosta. Suuri runo voi kummuta todellisuuden pienestä siemenkodasta, ytimestä. Haluan kertoa todellisesta Viktor Schaubergeristä sellaisena kuin minä hänet tunsin. Nykyään ei ole enää monta ihmistä elossa jotka tunsivat oikean Viktor Schaubergerin.

    - Tunsin Viktorin vain lyhyen ajan, vuodesta 1952 siihen saakka kunnes hän kuoli vuonna 1958. En viettänyt paljoakaan aikaa Viktorin kanssa. Walter ja minä asuimme Bad Ischlissa, hän asui Linzissä.

    - Hän oli yksi merkittävimpiä 1900-luvulla eläneitä ihmisiä. Mutta siihen aikaan kun opin tuntemaan hänet, hän oli hyvin pettynyt moniin asioihin. Mikään ei muuttunut hänen elämänsä aikana;. hänen ideansa kiehtoivat monia, mutta harvat ihmiset pystyivät toteuttamaan ne käytännössä.

    Schauberger-perheellä on pitkä traditio työskentelystä metsissä. Tekeekö kukaan perheen jäsenistä enää työtä metsien parissa?

    - Viktor oli viimeinen. Hän oli varttunut Linzin pohjoisosassa, alueella joka on alkuperäistä metsää vielä nytkin. Tämä on harvinaista Itävallassa näinä päivinä. Hän oli sotilaana neljä vuotta ensimmäisessä maailmansodassa. Hän taisteli Venäjällä, Italiassa, Serbiassa ja Ranskassa, ja haavoittui. Sodan jälkeen hän työskenteli luonnonvaraisissa metsissä vuoteen 1924, sen jälkeen hänen uransa metsänhoitajana päättyi. Tämän jälkeen hän rakensi tukki-kouruja (log-flume) (hänen ensimmäinen keksintönsä, joka toi hänet laajemman yleisön tietoisuuteen), hänet kutsuttiin työskentelemään Wieniin. Hän oli viimeinen perheestään joka työskenteli metsissä. Nykyään kukaan ei tee sellaista työtä. Enää ei metsästetä ja kukaan ei myöskään työskentele enää luonnonvaraisissa metsissä.

    Mistä Walter ja Viktor puhuivat?

    Walter sanoi "Auta luontoa, auta puita. Meillä on pakko olla paljon enemmän puita, enemmän metsiä. Metsien ensimmäisenä tehtävänä on tuottaa vettä. Mitä me voimme tehdä luonnon hyväksi, mitä me voimme tehdä puiden hyväksi, ja mitä voimme tehdä puustolle ja vedelle kokonaisuutena?" Tästä hän aina puhui.

    Tämä oli merkittävän teollisuuskasvunaikaa, niin kutsuttua saksalaisen sodanjälkeisen talousihmeen aikaa. Kaiken piti olla suurempaa ja parempaa. Viktor ja Walter olivat sitä mieltä, ettei suurempi ja parempi ole aina hyvästä. He sanoivat, että meidän pitää katsoa sinne, mihin asiat keskittyvät, mikä on olennaisinta, mikä on tärkeintä kaikelle elämälle. Viktorille ja Walterille tämä oli tärkein asia. Kuinka he pystyisivät saamaan tämän idean viestitettyä niin, että ihmiset pystyisivät ymmärtämään sen.

    Lainauksia Viktor Schaubergerilta

    "Nykyinen teknologiamme käyttää vääriä liikkeen muotoja. Koneemme ja prosessimme kanavoivat ilman, veden ja muut nesteet ja kaasut sellaiseen liikkeenmuotoon, jota luonto käyttää vain aineen hajoittamiseen ja tuhoamiseen. Luonto käyttää toista liikkeen muotoa uudelleenrakentamiseen. Kun teknologiamme käyttää ainoastaan hajottavaa liikettä, siitä tulee kuollut teknologia, tuhoisa, vaikuttaen vaarallisella tavalla koko luonnon kokonaisuuteen."

    Non-Free Energy is Obsolete. Scarcity is a Lie, and obsolete. War is obsolete. Get with the program.

    You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change things, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.

    An irresistible desire to imitate nature, to connect to the ether and the creative force

    There manifests itself in the fully developed being, Man, a desire mysterious, inscrutable and irresistible: to imitate nature, to create, to work himself the wonders he perceives.... Long ago he recognized that all perceptible matter comes from a primary substance, or tenuity beyond conception, filling all space, the Akasha or luminiferous ether, which is acted upon by the life giving Prana or creative force, calling into existence, in never ending cycles all things and phenomena.

    You may command Nature to the extent only in which you are willing to obey her.

    "I therefore say to you that tiredness and fatigue are effects caused by ignorance of Nature and disobedience to her inexorable law. You may command Nature to the extent only in which you are willing to obey her. You cannot intelligently obey that which you do not comprehend. Therefore I also say, ask of Nature that you may be one with her and she will whisper her secrets to you to the extent in which you are prepared to listen. Seek to be alone much to commune with Nature and be thus inspired by her mighty whisperings within your consciousness.

    Planting trees is the scientific solution to the environmental dilemma

    "Planting and growing increasing quantities of trees is the scientific solution to Earth's environmental dilemma."

    IET-Community: Alternative water treatment - Effects, mechanisms and perspectives on water quality - English Summary

    Alternative water treatment - Effects, mechanisms and perspectives on water quality

    Lasse Johansson
    Institute of Ecological Technology
    Forskningsrapporter - 2 (in Swedish), 2005

    English Summary

    This report surveys alternative water treatment, and different kinds of alternative water treatment devices, e.g. vortexers, indirect water treatment and magnetic water treatment. Reported physical, chemical, biological and more general ecological effects on treated drinking water and on plants watered with treated water is discussed extensively.

    This includes effects on water appearance, turbidity, dissolved gases, washing effect, concrete strength, lime scale and effect on crystallisation processes in general, effects on absorption and on some redox related ions. There are extensive reports on effects on growth, resistance and durability of vegetables and fruit (and flowers) from commercial farmers. Other reported effects include decrease of bacterial count and algae and decreased chlorine dosage needs. There are also some more ecological effects, such as en effect on ponds, liquid manure and compost.

    First follow Nature, and your judgement frame by Her just standard, which is still the same

    First follow Nature, and your judgement frame By her just standard, which is still the same:
    Unerring Nature, still divinely bright,
    One clear, unchang 'd and universal light.

    The most remarkable and inexplicable aberration of scientific mind ever in history.

    "The hertz wave theory of wireless transmission may be kept up for a while, but i do not hesitate to say that in a short time it will be recognized as one of the most remarkable and inexplicable aberrations of the scientific mind which has ever been recorded in history."

    Kompendier av eller om Schauberger

    Denna sida är till för alla de som är verkligt intresserade av Viktor Schauberger och vill ha mer material. Eftersom materialet är ganska omfattande och det blir dyrt och besvärligt att kopiera och skicka allt per papper (dvs. det gamla goda sättet.), så har jag beslutat att försöka få upp så mycket av det material jag kan komma över upp på denna sida.


    Tack vare Morgan Persson kan jag erbjuda sex mycket bra kompendier. Jag hoppas att själv kunna bidra med mer material i framtiden.

    Viktor Schauberger - possibly the most forward-thinking scientist of this century?

    (this seems to be a "lost" website)


    Viktor Schauberger -
    possibly the most forward-thinking scientist
    of this century?

    Viktor Schauberger was the inventor of the first
    man-made vortex powered "flying saucer"!
    He also realised by observation what Cartesian Reductionist
    deduction couldn't... that moving fluids can generate energy
    by reducing entropy.
    His motto was "understand nature, and then copy nature" He was known as the 'Water Wizard'.
    Alongside Nicola Tesla and Wilhelm Reich,
    Schauberger is one of that distingushed company of pioneers whose
    work is so unprofitable, so contrary to the perceived norm of
    'profit at any cost', that their major works are bought up
    and shelved indefinately.

    Here is his story...
    Born towards the end of the nineteenth century in Austria, Schauberger's
    teacher was the natural world itself. In forests, alongside rivers, he studied
    the life-enhancing energy, which manifests in water or air as vortices.

    "Prevailing technology uses the wrong forms of motion. It is based on
    entropy - on motions which nature uses to break down and scatter
    materials. However, Nature uses a different type of motion for creating
    order and new growth. The prevailing explosion-based technology -
    fuel burning and atom splitting - fills the world with expanding,
    heat-generating centrifugal motion," he warned.

    Energy production, he believed, could instead use inward-moving,
    cold-generating centripetal motion, the same that nature employs to build
    and enliven substances. Even hydro-electric power plants, Schauberger
    said, use a destructive motion - they pressure water and chop it through
    turbines. The result is 'dead water'. He built suction turbines which
    enliven and invigorate, resulting in clean, life-giving water downstream.

    Schauberger produced electrical power from a unique suction turbine by
    implosion principles, and later was pressured into developing a
    propulsion system using the same principles applied to air.

    of flying saucers and nazi imprisonment...

    Hitler came to power and Schauberger's experiments had 
    started to attract attention. After hearing about Schauberger's
    discoveries, Hitler threatened to hang Schauberger and
    his entire family if he did not co-operate with Nazi plans.
    Hitler wanted Schauberger to supervise the building of a
    new flying craft which levitated without burning any fuel.
    Because of the war, the Third Reich was desperate for
    new technological aid, but Schauberger did not want to give
    the Third Reich any technological advantages!
    He went to work as ordered, but deliberately took a great
    deal of time over everything, hoping to foil Hitler that way...

    The idea of a new type of flying craft was based on Schauberger's
    discovery, made a few years earlier, of how to develop a low-pressure
    zone at the atomic level. He had actually achieved this in a laboratory,
    when his prototype whirled air or water 'radically and axially' at a falling
    temperature. Schauberger referred to the resulting force as 'diamagnetic
    levitation power'. He emphasised that nature already successfully used
    this direct, or 'reactionary', suction force, within weather
    generation, solar fusion stability etc.

    Schauberger was given a team of scientists to help him with his work, and
    he insisted that these be treated not as prisoners but as free men - even
    though they were all technically prisoners of the Nazis. After their research
    headquarters were bombed, they were all transferred to Leonstein and
    there they perfected the "flying disc", powered by Schauberger's turbine
    which rotated air into a twisting type of oscillation resulting in a build-up of
    immense power causing levitation! Schauberger's prototype was
    developed into a vehicle that could speed 15000m in 3 minutes and
    fly in any direction at mach 3!

    In what is now eerily reminiscent of current reportage of alien
    spacecraft, the flying disc prototype, which rose and crashed
    against the laboratory ceiling, glowed blue-green as it rose,
    and left a silvery glow! (was this possibly ionised water vapour?)

    At the end of the war, American military officers seized
    everything in the laboratory and, seeing Schauberger as
    a Nazi collaborator, put him into 'protective custody' for
    six months.

    The Munich publication, Da Neue Zeitalter, wrote in 1956 that "Viktor
    Schauberger was the inventor and discoverer of the new motive
    power, implosion, which, with the use of only air and water, generated light,
    heat and motion". The publication noted that the first unmanned flying disc
    was tested in 1945 near Prague, that it could hover motionless in the air
    and could fly as fast backwards as forwards. This flying disc was reported
    to have a diameter of 50 metres.

    There is no doubt that Viktor Schauberger knew how to build a disc that
    levitated. However, he had not, at the time of his imprisonment,
    worked out how to 'apply the brakes', as all his test flying discs
    eventually crashed.

    on environmental concerns and selling one's soul...

    After his imprisonment, Schauberger took up his research again.  He had 
    lost his financial assets but he still thought he could help the world by turning
    his inventive genius and insights to good use.

    He felt bitter about the effects of chemicals and deforestation upon
    agriculture. He noted that "the farmers work hand-in-hand with our
    foresters. The blood of the earth constantly weakens and the productivity
    of the soil decreases". When forests can no longer nurture water sources
    which supply vitality, farmlands downstream cannot build up voltage
    in the ground for keeping parasitic bacteria in balance, he observed.
    Noticing that the soil dried out after being ploughed with iron ploughs,
    he built copper plated ploughs. He continued to work on his agricultural
    ideas for some time.

    Then Schauberger was called to America, where, still thinking he could
    do some good for the world, he was persuaded to provide a
    team of scientists, military and government officials with
    a record of everything he knew and to sign some contracts.
    But eventually he became worried that his projects seemed
    to have been left sitting on the shelf, and that no further
    research was being done. He then discovered that in actual
    fact he had signed the rights to his work away to an
    industrial concern, and that this concern now retained power
    over the use and development of his work. And clearly their
    position was to do nothing to further Schauberger's research.
    (One wonders if they are perhaps now working on some of
    the ideas, particularly the levitating disc, in secret...)

    By this stage, Viktor Schauberger was an old man, and
    he died a despairing death, reportedly crying in the last
    days of his life that he had lost everything and that he no
    longer even owned himself.

    Schauberger's legacy...our view

    Now, 38 years after Schauberger's death, our planet is still in crisis.
    Will humanity turn, as it no doubt should, to Viktor Schauberger's insights?

    There are several aspects of Schauberger's work which encourage further
    thought. Spinning objects, such as Tops, exhibit well known tendencies to
    resist axial rotation, but neverthless, as energy is lost from the system,
    chaotic impulses lead to precession, which occurs in a way reminiscent of
    the decay of a musical note in a stretched string. From the Top's point of
    view, its axis is unique and fixed - it is the universe that wobbles!
    What happens if you entrain particles at near light speed in a closed loop,
    and then rotate the whole structure? What happens if you then rotate that
    system? and so on.

    This problem has baffled me for ages, but by contemplating
    Schauberger's insights (if I may call them that) I have realised the obvious,
    that a vortex is a type of fluid gyroscope, and that a collapsing vortex's
    axis does oscillate with increasing frequency until the liquid reverts to a
    turbulent state, thereby losing as much energy as possible as fast as it
    can. Coincidentally, chaos theory got a good break by considering
    the stages of transition from laminar, ordered flow, to turbulence, in
    liquids. Water is at maximum density at 4 degrees celcius, and
    Schauberger's research indicates that at this same temperature
    water has its best 'carrying, life giving' properties. At maximum
    density, water obviously can carry the most, but what of the life
    force? Since water should be a gas at room temperature (20 degrees
    celcius) according to its molecular weight, it has long been
    assumed that water 'polymerises', which assumption, unverifiable as
    yet by direct obsevation, may account for many of its peculiar properties.

    At 4 degrees, water is in its longest chain state, and thus ionic charges
    have a chance to build up macroscopically as the long molecles entrain,
    if the flow remains ordered or 'laminar'. On a sub-atomic level, this same
    spin may have entrainment effects. What if the whole system became
    aligned? Is it possible that all the kinetic energy present in a fluid might
    be released as motion in a region? This might be analogous to the way light
    behaves in a laser, but in this case the output would be thrust and suction at
    opposite ends of the vortex.

    I mentioned W Reich earlier, as his forbidden experiments into nuclear
    radiation and life energy (for which he was indirectly gaoled) seem to point
    to the startling conclusion that entopic energy in the cosmos is balanced
    by an absorbing, patternmaking force, which can been seen as
    information, or as life in the most general sense. If this were
    to be so (and the idea is appearing more and more frequently
    in current scientific literature), then not only would life be
    inevitable throughout the universe, but our short term and
    disastrous manipulation of the atom might find a long term solution
    in the creation of 'nuclear neutralisation plants', which
    would increase growth rates, precipitation and flowering around them.

    A utopian fantasy? Perhaps... we will have to see.

    This page was created by

    Harry and Liz
    in the interests of spreading the word!

    Who are we? Musicians actually, but Harry's also a physics graduate....
    to find out more, visit Curt Hallberg's brilliant Viktor Schauberger Site - this site has all the information that our site doesn't!
    PKS was founded by Schauberger's son, the late Walter Schauberger and is the most direct information source about their work.
    Professor Evert has developed Schauberger's technology further. This is his web site.
    At Gateway Books They publish books about free energy and alternative science and health, about cosmic questions, conspiracies, spirituality and self empowerment.

    link to a US bookshop where books on Schauberger can be ordered on-line
    a new Schauberger's Water Vortex World site
    Science Hobbyist site featuring sections on weird science, Vortex-L and more
    an interesting page on vortexes and thermal dynamics etc
    Australian Environmental Directory
    Green Net Australia
    Australia's Down to Earth site
    ...or visit the Environmental Search Engine!

    Some information for this page was obtained from the following texts:

    Eiser, Jonathon (Editor) 
    - a very informative chapter on Schauberger, written by
    Jeane Manning. Her 1996 book, The Coming Energy
    , also deals with Schauberger, as well as other
    20th century inventors.

    Auckland Institute of Technology Press, New Zealand

    Alexandersson, Olaf
    Turnstone Press Ltd, Wellington, Northamptonshire UK 1982

    Baumgartiner, William
    Proceedings of the International Symposium on New Energy,
    Denver, USA, 1993


    Nature always accomplishes the most with the least

    "Nature always seeks the way to accomplish the most with the least. The tightest fit, the shortest path, the least energy expended."

    Off-Grid mention of the Dymaxion House

    The Dymaxion House

    Section: HOMESTEADING — by Juliette Smith, 22 Jul 2004

    It looks like a big metallic mushroom, a futuristic tent or a spaceship.

    And the Earthian passengers who know about it, are doing nothing about it.

    A vast overabundance of this Earthian cosmic energy income is now technically impoundable and distributable to humanity by presently proven technology. We are not allowed to enjoy this primarily because taxhungry government bureaucracies and moneydrunk big business can't figure a way of putting meters between these cosmic energy sources and the Earthian passengers, so nothing is done about it.

    You must choose between making money and making sense

    "You must choose between making money and making sense. The two are mutually exclusive."
    in 1983

    Man is designed to be a success just like the hydrogen atom is designed to be a success

    "What are the resources? What are the tasks necessary to make 100% of humanity a success? How can we ever do so without ever advantaging one human at the expense of another? How may we render all the world and all its treasures enjoyable available to all men without having one interfering with or trespassing upon the other? How may we reform the environment so that the integrity of all society is not violated by the free initiatives of the individual nor the integrity of the individual violated by the developing welfaring advantage and happiness of the many?
    NASA Speech

    Opt for integrity

    "If humanity does not opt for integrity we are through completely. It is absolutely touch and go. Each one of us could make the difference."
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