Quotes by Walter Russell

The Structure of the Atom is Based Upon the Gyroscopic Principle.

I [..] accepted and held the Presidency of The Society of Arts and Sciences in New York for seven years for the sole purpose of giving to the world this new cosmogony based upon a two-way continuous, balanced universe to replace the one-way discontinuous, unbalanced universe which is presumably expanding to a heat death.
During this period, I lectured upon the misconceived idea that hydrogen is the basic number one atom of the periodic table. I explained that there are twenty-one other elements which precede it and that hydrogen itself is not a single element but a whole complex octave. I also explained the impossibility of there being any element without an inert gas as its source. At that time I distributed my periodic charts to approximately 800 scientists and universities.
Further than inciting research which yielded so-called isotopes of hydrogen and heavy water, nothing came of my effort, nor did I receive the credit due me. Incidentally, those so-called isotopes are not isotopes but full-toned elements of an orderly octave group series. Isotopes do not occur in Nature until they reach the octaves following the silicon octave. The reasons for this are fully explained in our Study Course.
I wrote two books, gave many lectures and set up a demonstration laboratory in a university to prove that the elements are not different substances but are differently conditioned pressures of motion -- and that the structure of the atom is based upon the gyroscopic principle.

Periodicities of inhalations and exhalations, universal constant of energy

"The Universal One divides His time by the periodicities of His inhalations and exhalations, which together make one universal constant of energy, and subdivides it into four exactly equal unit constants of energy. These periodicities, and tonal and mid-tonal subdivisions, measure the dimensions of His idea in the illusion of form, space, time, sex, temperature and other periodicities."

Radioactivity is man's discovery of how the human race can die quickly.

“Radiation is the normal death principle. Every thing in Nature dies normally by slowly radiating its heat. Radioactivity is the explosively quick death principle. Radioactivity is man’s discovery of how the human race can die quickly, and not be able to propagate its kind for many long centuries. “The Curies procured a few grams of radium from many tons of earth. Those few grams of dead metals would spread their quick death to every cell of your body if you put them in your pocket, but they would not harm you in the slightest if you slept upon the ground above them. The radioactive metals are giving out their quick death to the rocks in which they are embedded for the purpose of expanding the rocks into soil and water which mothers life. It should not be dug up from the ground to expand human beings into quick death. If you would have a good example of their purpose in life, which is beneficial to humanity, witness the great bare rock mountains of the west which are only a few million years old. Compare them with the soil covered, tree covered, very much older eastern mountains, such as the Blue Ridge, white Mountains and Catskills where the soil is deep above them and waterfalls and brooks are abundant. “. . .the greatest danger from the use of radioactivity is defective births and leukemia. That danger will creep upon civilization without any way of detecting it. One cannot go about with instruments to measure genetic damage, as one can do to measure the amount of strontium and other radioactivity, which is still falling on the soil from year to year. We believe that sterility will be an accompanying effect, while abnormalities of living bodies will be secondary. It could not be otherwise, for genes are not basic in potency. There is something behind and underneath genes, and that is the seed. No human has ever attempted to explain the seed, therefore it is permissible for us to say that the principle of rebirth in bodies is not yet known on earth. We know it, however, and because of that we know the danger which has no meaning to those who do not know. The mystery has to do with knowledge of the purpose of inert gases in relation to the seed of things. . . “Another dangerous misconception is evidenced in the commonly used term ‘ . . . releases an extraordinary amount of energy.’ Energy is not released. What actually happens is that potential is released, not energy—and that means expansion. Atomic fission helps matter to explode instantly instead of decaying over long periods . . . the great simple basic fact is that all death is caused by expansion, and all life is caused by compression.”

Walter Russell's roadmap for humanity & transmutation

"The first stage to be transmutation of the atmosphere into free hydrogen, then, generations later, by transforming solar radiation into solar generation as man's ultimate fuel. This would not only free him from dependence upon earth's resources, but give him complete power to cause rains wherever he desires, on desert or meadow, and to dissipate cyclones while forming."

Universe as a harp of nine strings

The universe might very appropriately be likened to a harp of nine strings, with nine tones in each string. In our diagram the strings are all indicated as of the same length for simplicity. In nature the lower string is the longest. They grow gradually shorter up to the 9th. Likewise, the tonal positions and frequencies change in each string. In every case each note on each string is one octave higher than its next lower string. You will note that each string begins with a zero and ends with a zero. These are the key notes of each octave. They are the cathodes of every electric anode. They are called inert gases, such as helium, neon, argon, krypton, etc. They are the seed of all matter and the supreme mystery of matter. In them is the answer to the great mystery of life and death, which shall be deferred for full explanation in Chapter 11 of this book, after preparation for its comprehension in the pages which intervene.
Perhaps you may better understand our meaning by a study of your piano keyboard. There are only seven tones there. Each eighth tone is the same as the beginning note, except it is one octave higher. The reason for that change is due entirely to pressure mathematics. Compression pressure has reached a position where the vibration frequencies have multiplied in cube ratio. I fyou put a book upon the top of an organ pipe you will find that its tone will jump to just one octave higher.
Like the low tones of a harp the low spectrum tones on the Cosmic harp are of so few frequencies that they cannot even be perceived by human senses until the third string is reached. Up to 1926 only one of these tones had been perceived, but at that time the Russell Charts numbered 1 and 2 in the Introduction, were published, which completed all of the octave tones of that third octave. Also, up to the issuance of the Russell Charts in 1926, the chart then in use was known as The Mendeleef Table of the elements. In that chart hydrogen was the only element shown in that otherwise empty third octave, an impossibility in Nature which creates all units in pairs, and all octaves in four pairs. The Russell Charts complete this deficiency.. Also, hydrogen, and its octave, were shown without an inert gas preceding it. This is as impossible in Nature as the growing of a tree without a seed is impossible. Also hydrogen was placed in the first column instead of the fourth column under carbon. Hydrogen has never been suspected as being carbon, one octave lower, as silicon is also carbon, one octave higher.

Outlaw atomic power RIGHT NOW. Radioactivity is fast decay

We must understand that all bodies beyond carbon are dying bodies and that living bodies cannot live by consuming dead ones. There is a point of decay in all bodies, whether they are carrots, meat, fruit, oxygen or nitrogen. You do not have to be convinced that you cannot live if you consume decaying bodies of vegetables or animals which are composed of nitrogen, oxygen and carbon. Why should it be necessary to convince you that you cannot live if you consume decaying oxygen, nitrogen or carbon in their natural forms? Decay and radioactivity are one, except that radioactivity is fast decay.

Nine stages - eight octave waves plus matured centering amplitude wave of the whole nine-octave cycle

"Every completed idea in Nature is expressed in nine efforts - or stages - which are eight octave waves plus the matured centering amplitude wave of the whole nine-octave cycle."

Negative discharge repels both negative discharge and positive charge

“Positive charge attracts positive charge and expels negative discharge. Negative discharge repels both negative discharge and positive charge.”

Spiraling light rays passing through curved planes concentrate to a point when projected through light lenses of space

"Concentrated spheres, such as Earth and Sun, are surrounded by layers of light of equal pressures. Clouds float around the Earth in them. The reason they float in curves parallel to the Earth is because of these spherical equipotential planes of pressures which curve as the Earth curves. Curved pressures of light act as lenses to multiply and divide light radially. (Spiraling) Light rays which pass through curved planes concentrate to a point when projected through light lenses of space in the convex direction and decentrate when they pass through the concave direction."

Euclidian straight lines not possible in this universe.

"An Euclidian indefinite straight line reaching out to infinity is not possible in this Universe of varying pressures. The varying pressures of Space are curved. They represent expressions of the energy of motion. All energy expresses itself in waves. All waves are opposed spirals and limited in dimensions. All opposed spiral waves accumulate mass and simultaneously redistribute that accumulation. All accumulating mass is aiming toward gyroscopic perfection of motion and toward perfection of cubic crystallization. All diffusing mass is aiming away from gyroscopic stability and away from the simple cubic crystallization toward amorphous complexity of crystallization. All direction is the direction of opposing pressures. The direction of all pressures is spiral. All direction is therefore curved. All curves are spiral. All orbits are spiral. They are all conic sections. ...An object freely moving in space must move in a curved spiral line, whether that object be a planet, a corpuscle, a 'ray' of light or any other expression of energy."

Error of science in regards of the vacuum/void

The greatest error of science is in relation to space. Science thinks of space either as a void or as an ether through which solids of matter travel. The fact is that space travels with its solids, for each solid is surrounded by a minus zero equal-and-opposite vacuity of the plus zero which we call matter. Matter floats in these insulating spatial counterparts. Positive electricity is accountable for the solids and negative electricity is accountable for the space. All matter comes out of space by the action of positive electricity and is returned to space by the action of negative electricity. White-hot suns come from the blackness of cold space and cold space radiates from hot suns. The matter of space consists of holes surrounded by corpuscular solids, while the matter of solids consists of small dense cores surrounded by vast tenuous holes of space. The very purpose of the hot suns is to act as crucibles for melting the raw materials which the Creator needs for expressing the idea of the universe. Contrarily, the very purpose of space is to cool the melted matter set out in order that it may become conditioned for the complex expressions of Creation. The two-way interchange between spatial holes and material solids is continuous.

A universe of appearances and illusions

Man seems to forget that this is a universe of appearances, a universe of illusions, and appearances easily deceive unless one makes allowances for them in every effect of motion.

Intuition from within = source of knowledge for all mankind

"I have found out that the real essentials of greatness in men are not written in books, nor can they be found in the schools, They are written into the inner consciousness of everyone who intensely searches for perfection in creative achievement and are understandable to such men only."