Tesla - Schauberger Vortex/Implosion connection


There must be a connection?


http://www.shout.net/~bigred/UnlimEng.html "...Tesla was sure he could devise an engine which was turned not through oil combustion nor through stored electricity, but by magnetic field actions alone. His "magnetic vortex motors" baffled electrical engineers. ..."

"...Tesla also pioneered "broadcast electricity," a way to send electricity through space without wires. He challenged prevailing notions of electricity, defining space as "that which conducts electricity" and claiming that "space flowing electricity" is the real electricity and that it is not made of electrons. Space-flowing electricity fills all of "space" ("that which conducts electricity") and is a vast reservoir of unsurpassed power. [1]..."


Tesla's life came into a new focus while walking in a park with some friends, the year 1881. It was late afternoon, and Tesla became entranced with the sight of a glorious sunset. Moved to indescribable emotions, he be­gan quoting a verse from Goethe's "Faust";

"The glow retreats, done is our day of toil; it yonder hastes, new fields of life exploring, ah, can no wing lift me from this soil... upon his track to follow, follow soaring?"

As he reached this last line of verse, Tesla was suddenly seized by an overwhelming vision. In it, he beheld a great vortex, whirling eternally in the sun and driving across the earth with its infinite power. Completely absorbed in this glory, he became catatonic and irresponsive ... to the great fear of his companions. His mind and body buzzing with the power of the vision, he suddenly blurted out, "see my motor here ... watch me reverse it". They shook him, believing he had lost his mind completely.

Rigid and resisting all of their efforts, he would not move until the vision subsided. When he was finally led to a bench, he seemed completely trans­formed. The remainder of the day was spent in a grand and joyous celebra­tion, Tesla's remaining funds supplying the feast. Throughout the long hours of that night he shared with his friends the great sight he had beheld. They spoke of the sure implications portended for the world's future, and departed with very great expectations.

Moving to Strassburg, he was employed as an engineer in a telephone subsidiary of the Continental Edison Company. It was in a small machine shop that he constructed the world's first brush less motors. He called them "magnetic vortex motors". Their whirling magnetic fields baffled electrical engineers. Now, Tesla's professors were studying his work. Goethe was ab­solute in his judgment of science and human nature: nature leads humanity to "follow, follow soaring".

Tesla's strange whirling devices worked on their very first trial. There were no connections between the rotors and stators, no sparking, lousy brushes. The motion was smooth and efficient. Numerous alternating current genera­tors, transformers, and "brush less" motors, all were developed by Tesla in quick succession. The vision in material form. Himself a professional drafts­man, he mapped out his entire Polyphase System. Tesla immigrated to America with a full portfolio of plans. America would be the place where his dreams would find fulfillment...."



"...Another man by the name of Victor Schauberger who had met with Mr. Tesla several times on fluid dynamic problems, begins his research on the “Repulsin”. It is my belief that Victor was designing the air vehicle Tesla had dreamed about. Although there is no hard evidence to link this assumption between them, I’ll let the history speak for itself. Victor was quoted once as saying “levitation devices will go six times faster than the Boeing 747 (3900 mph) at a fraction of the running costs without pollution or any noise, the possible size being unlimited.” The Repulsin used Tesla’s high-speed turbine design to get the air movement required to lift the vehicle into the air. Victor went one step further with his design of the wave plate to push the limits of air movements to its ultimate speed. Victor once said that the wave plate was a geometrical nightmare to build. I totally agree with his assumption...."