Pythagoras Kepler System

based on Viktor and Walter Schauberger
"Gesellschaft zur Förderung naturgemäßer Technik"



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Summary of seminars attended in Austria June 2002 (.doc file attached to this node) "
...After his father died, Walter Schauberger set up, in 1962, the Pythagoras Kepler School (PKS) at Engleithen in the Salzkammergut mountains of Upper Austria. He was a physicist and mathematician, and set out to validate mathematically his father's research. His particular interests were harmonic theories (the monochord) and conceptions of non-Euclidian geometry (plane sections of a hyperbolic cone). He never published his research; however, Callum Coats, who studied with Walter at the PKS, is currently writing up some of Walter's work. It was intended that Walter's eldest son, a physicist, Dr. Tilman Schauberger should succeed him at the PKS but, in the event, Tilman died shortly after his father's death in 1994.

As a result, Walter's younger son Jörg gave up his work in the Austrian media to help save his grandfather's work. Aided by his wife, he runs courses at the PKS for those who wish to learn more about the Eco-technology heritage. Every year, there are usually about six seminars in German, with participants from Austria, Germany, Switzerland, but also from Italy, Hungary, the Benelux Countries or from Scandinavia. Less frequently they now also run international seminars in English, bringing together people from all over the world who are engaged in Schauberger-inspired research, to share their findings. Speakers at these seminars are specialists or technicians in water or environmental issues who are willing to follow unorthodox ways of studying how Nature works. Members of the PKS now give lectures in many different countries round the world.

Water and the vortex are the present main topics of study at the PKS. However, they intend to test Viktor's ideas for river balancing with energy bodies and flow guides to help rivers flow naturally and to protect valuable land and property from flooding.

The Schauberger Archives are open for research by appointment - see the PKS website. The PKS copper gardening tools, books, cards and videos are on sale by mail order...."

Pythagoras Kepler System

Viktor Schauberger, forest warden, natural scientist and inventor, made many related discoveries in various fields including forestry , agriculture, hydraulic engineering, water refining and Free Energy on which he left a comprehensive collection of works. For decades, the VILLA ROTHSTEIN in Engleithen near Bad Ischl in the Salzkammergut region of Upper Austria has been the domain of all this continuing research (how to find us: look at the "PKS-Lageplan").

Viktor Schauberger’s archive had originally been maintained by his son Walter Schauberger, a mathematics and physics graduate, and is now administered by the immediate family. Walter Schauberger was deeply involved in the further teaching and researching of his father’s discoveries which were based on acute observations of nature; and he brought these perceptions into accord with harmonic theories of Pythagoras and Johannes Kepler.

In reverence for these great scientists, Walter Schauberger named the research centre in Engleithen the PYTHAGORAS KEPLER SCHOOL (PKS) and embraced their formulated research into the term the PYTHAGORAS KEPLER SYSTEM. After an interruption (Walter Schauberger died in 1994), regular PKS-seminars were re-established in summer 1996 in the VILLA ROTHSTEIN. A CD-ROM on Viktor Schauberger’s Water Motion Theory and a book on Walter Schauberger’s mathematical principles have since been published. Further writings based on original texts of Viktor and Walter Schauberger will follow. PKS also made possible the translation of original works into English by Callum Coats (see Literature).

kudu horn

Can you help me? I'm looking for the mathematical formula for the kudu horn hyperbolic vortex. I would like to do some experimenting with it.

Thank you in advance for any help you can give me.


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PKS is not an active school

PKS is not an active school anymore. PKS, as far as we know, never sent any "agents" around to foreign countries to force Viktor Schauberger's ideas on other people. What i recommend is that you get the 5 Callum Coats books on Viktor Schauberger, read them, and then trawl on the internet for further information.