Wilhelm Reich Museum make "A Man's Right to Know (The Wilhelm Reich Story)" available on YouTube

The documentary "Man's Right to Know (The Wilhelm Reich Story)" has ben made available by the YouTube user account wilhelmreichtrust.
Man's Right to Know is a factually accurate introduction to the life and work of Wilhelm Reich, M.D. (1897-1957), an Austrian psychiatrist, research physician and scientist. This 28-minute introduction was produced by the Wilhelm Reich Infant Trust which was created by Reich himself in his Last Will & Testament in March 1957.
URL: Wilhelm Reich Trust: Man's Right To Know (The Wilhelm Reich Story) YouTube playlist

The Wilhelm Reich Infant Trust are right in the middle of publishing the final book of Wilhelm Reich's lectures, notes and letters, and it is the opinion of MERLib that any further published writings of Wilhelm Reich are of tantamount interest. Please do as some readers of MERLib already, do, i.e.: Become the Friend of Wilhelm Reich Museum.