ItsRainMakingTime: Earth Generated Water (with Morad Eghbal)

Morad Eghbal has taught International Business Transactions, Comparative Law, International Management, and Legal, Ethical and Historical Studies for many years and has years of experience in international commercial transactions and international law. He is the former deputy director for the Center for International and Comparative Law at the University of Baltimore. He was a principal researcher at the Riess Institute in the area of natural resources and water development and collaborated and studied with the late Stephan Riess, for nearly a decade. In this capacity he consulted for a number of governments, commercial businesses, non-governmental organizations, and private individuals on a variety of projects which have also involved sustainable development, transfer pricing, foreign payment systems, and financing the development of natural resources, and the development of water resources.

There is so much the public needs to know about water that it is difficult to cover the subject in one segment in a way that conveys appropriate urgency and the proper frame of reference that the subject really deserves. This conversation is meant to move listeners and to awaken those who are unaware of the facts surrounding this precious resource. It is meant to reveal the fact that access and supply of water does not need to be dependent on rainfall, or the hydrological cycle anymore.

Guest Morad Eghbal discusses the most pressing concerns about water and its access, delivery, business and politics. In this particular conversation, I throw off my hat as a show host and jump into the conversation from my stewardship post. Together we call in specific action that must occur in order to ensure that everyone on earth has access to water.