Energy From The Vacuum Part 06 Trailer - "Inside Radiant Energy"

"Radiant energy, to me, what do I consider radiant, OK, what I consider radiant is the capturing of a spike, I consider that radiant. anything that, say, i generate, the radiant energy. "

"I do that by my coils, my switching circuits. That's how I generate radiant energy. I'm only concerned with a sharp transient, in the spike, as far as the radiant goes. As far as the negative energy goes, the negative energy comes from the battery. Once i generate this sharp transient, and charge the battery, it's a negative effect to the battery, because there's no heat in the battery. "

"It seems to be like an ocean wave, or a gravitational wave. It seems to ride in on a some form of gravity wave. where it's up and down, up and down, sometimes it comes instronger and sometimes a lot lighter. "

"It does change, this wave does change, during say a full moon, some of these motors have been known, during the full moon, to speed up just a little bit, and go a little bit faster in the night and a little bit slower during the day."

"Prompted by Oxford University mathematical physicist Dave Clements PhD, John shows us on the bench and on the blackboard where and how Tesla's “radiant energy” is hidden."

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69 minutes long, ordered for the MERLib private library.