Paul Pantone: Replication: 25 hp twin engine with GEET reactor

This is a 25 hp twin engine with a GEET reactor. I have 4 cups of water and 1.5 cups of Coleman fuel labeled "White Gas". The engine would not run with the carby air intake open. It would not run with the reactor fresh air input open any more than about 5% max.. The bubbler air intake valve is open to let fresh air in but exhaust gas also goes to the same point. The exhaust back pressure valve is open for no restriction so exhaust is not blown out that bubbler fresh air valve. The 2nd vertical pipe in a pipe on the right is a percolator but I have the liquid line closed so the exhaust is juts coming up through it from the bottom and then going over to the bubbler. The bubbler output side valve is just barely open and adjusted so I get 10 inches vacuum at the jar I have inline between the bubbler and the reactor's intake input. If I add just 0 to 5% fresh air right at the reactor input it runs better but if I go just a little too much it kills it fast and even if I turn it back fast it stays killed until I restart the engine on the original carby and then shut off its petrol supply. I also have the engine's crank case ventilation going to the jar that reads 10 inches vacuum. I forgot to zoom in on that when I made the video.
I know it needs lots of work still. It is not very efficient. I still have a good amount of heat coming out the exhaust pipe. I don't know why I have so much problem trying to mix very much fresh air with the reactor output gases when others have no problem. Even on the input side of the reactor, if I add very much fresh air at all it kills it fast.