Doug Konzen

"Doug Konzen has experimented with various aspects of electronics for several years, including invention of a device he calls a 'JamPhone' which allows the user to input electric guitar or other analog audio directly into telephone lines. He holds an FCC license and has focused his talents building and testing novel motor designs. For the past 5 years, he has been experimenting with a low-voltage colliding-coil GRAY motor, but also with a permanent magnet version as a hybrid Gray/Adams motor.
These PM motors collect the induced currents (through 'flux bridges') from the rotor coils to provide additional power once the drive current is removed. Many pickup windings are mounted onto the stators of the motors to take advantage of the "push" as well as the backside "pull" of the electro-magnets as they pulse. The motors have, in some tests produced apparent overunity greater than the input current and are now being tested by various researchers.
Saturday Lecture:
History and Background of the Konzen Pulse Motor
Sunday Demonstration:
Konzen Pulse Motor test with measurements"
2000 - Doug Konzen - Konzen Electric Pulse Motor
2001 - Doug Konzen - Advanced Electric Pulse Motor Research
It is possible, that either of these two are being sold by vanguardsciences at . There is a workshop and a lecture, and they call it "The Konehead Pulse Motor" Lecture/Workshop
"Theory, experiments and discussion as well as demonstrations of the Konzen Pulse Motor which appears to produce overunity. Doug explains magnetic 'splatter' and how various coil configurations can be used to recover and add energy back into the circuit".
Doug Konzen - a review from an old cold electricity/radiant energy page:
The large back emf flows and above supply voltage suggest this device is also negative energy based. Essentially Doug has taken the old 'Gray motor,' and substantially improved it, with the placement of a permanent magnet which apparently triples speed. This improvement has greatly enhanced the effectiveness of the Gray motor as a switching platform, hence Doug only needs 24v to run his motor, a much lower figure than those claimed for Gray. Again, you have to assume a solid state capacitor step charge version could also be developed.