What is forthcoming in the Energy From The Vacuum Science DVD Series?

Since we here at MERLib are eagerly waiting for future installations of The Energy From The Vacuum Science DVD Series, it strikes us as worthwhile to point out these sneak previews of forthcoming Bedini material in the DVD-series:

Originally, when Energy From The Vacuum 1 was announced, the brief description listed this forthcoming content:
"And then, prompted by Oxford University mathematical physicist Dave Clements PhD, John shows us on the bench and on the blackboard where and how Tesla's “radiant energy” is hidden."

These pictures are linked DIRECTLY from the Energy From The Vacuum website. These are NOT saved on another server, and they are the COPYRIGHT of Cheniere, Craddock, Energetic Productions, Energy From The Vacuum, Dave Clements, John Bedini, Tom Bearden, anyone and everyone who has copyrights and contracts and agreements in their folders in regards this!!! this compilation of pictures is meant to SPUR THE INTEREST IN THE EFTV SERIES!!!

Also, Bedini mentions Tesla Impulse DC. This is a not-very often spoken item, which should be researched by many, starting with reading the Gerry Vassilatos book which features a chapter on Tesla's Impulse DC / Radiant Energy. That there are little pictures of John Bedini drawing and explaining his understanding of Tesla Impulse DC, such as this:

is extremely gratifying, and spurs at least our interest for seeing EFTV6 & EFTV7 and the many other DVD's yet to appear, before the Energy From The Vacuum Science series is finished.
It would appear, that the Dave Clements & John Bedini meeting took part in 2006, according to the path of this picture:
We sure hope that Dave Clements is asking something that will definitely get the electrical engineers' brains ticking:

Is this going to be an explanation of the Bloch Wall and the general functioning of the Bedini coil and magnet usage:
And what might be the object of this conceptual drawing?:

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