Energy From The Vacuum Part 05 Trailer - Hidden Electrodynamics and The Final Secret of Free Energy

HIDDEN ELECTRODYNAMICS and THE FINAL SECRET OF FREE ENERGY featuring Tom Bearden with appearances by David Clements Ph.D. and Lt.Col. Ken Moore (ret.)

Running Time: 1 hr. 15 minutes

This is the lecture on electricity that you never got in school or College.

In it Tom gets right to the heart of where the real electrodynamics is hidden in plain sight—but it is over in the particle physics department! And the physicists never communicated this fact to the Electrical Engineers!

Even after the award of two Nobel Prizes in 1957 validating the extraction mechanism of energy from the vacuum, none of the electrical engineering textbooks were changed.

And who in the electrical engineering department knows, for example, that the Casimir Effect proves that energy can be extracted from the vacuum?

After an illustrated tour through a host of the errors and omissions in today's electrical theory, Tom discusses in detail the method of producing free energy from the vacuum as outlined in his book “Final Secrets of Free Energy.”

Co-researcher Lt. Col. Ken Moore (ret.) and mathematical physicist Dave Clements Ph.D. then join in for additional discussions of this process and the electrical circuit involved.

Tom concludes the lecture with the revolutionary concept of burning time as fuel.

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