Steve Windisch: Free Energy and the Open Source Energy Movement (Part 3)

This article, the two previous ones in this series, and those yet to come are dedicated to discussing the over one hundred year-old phenomena known as “Free Energy”; as well as the relatively new phenomena known as the Open Source Energy Movement. This world-wide loose association of experimenters, researchers, humanitarians, and inventors work to study, perfect, and promote devices that utilize new forms of energy that have been discovered or implied via empirical means alone: Where discoveries have been made in exciting and fascinating new areas that are often beyond the realm and understanding of mainstream scientific thought…. To places that would appear on a universal “map” of existing scientific theory labeled only by the equivalent of : “There Be Dragons Here”.

“Free Energy” is a buzz word for describing devices and technologies which often make use of “Open Systems”: Meaning that energy can freely enter the system via mainly unobserved means… Much as a sailboat merrily scuttling along uses the “open system” of unlimited energy from the wind as a “free” power source; yet the wind being mostly invisible to the eye of the observer. In this sense, devices that exhibit free energy characteristics are not in violation of the Laws of Thermodynamics (which actually relate to closed systems using traditional, observed energy sources): They are just perhaps “excused” from these Laws…. With or without a note from the Principal.

The anomalous events that sparked many of these research vectors in the world of free energy have often, and continue to be, found by serendipitous means while the inventors or experimenters were studying other phenomena (… A very surprising amount of important scientific discoveries throughout human history have been made this way). Usually, the discoverers did not seek to become “radicals” within the scientific community; but their startling discoveries made via empirical means soon put them into that category…. Simply because they uncovered a fault in mainstream scientific thinking.

There are now many well documented, researched, and carefully thought-out theories that could explain these “new” forms of energy (often called by such names as “Zero Point”, “Orgone”, “Aetheric”, “Negative” and/or “Cold” energy, “Energy from the Vacuum”; and others); but which are not yet accepted by mainstream science and physics. The over-awing complexity of these new and radical theories are daunting to many… It would seem a Post-Grad Degree in Physics and an I.Q. of 150+ are needed to even contemplate most of them properly. This is also true of most existing widely accepted theorems such as Relativity; and even those recently popular but not yet wholly accepted by the mainstream such as those relating to “Strings” or “Quarks”.

The important difference to note here is that the existing theories of electromagnetism or physics could not adequately explain many of the empirically-discovered and undeniable phenomena seen by the researchers of free energy; and thus new theories were required to model them…. Not because radicalism is the desired mode… But because the practices of proper Scientific Method clearly dictate the need. Therefore it is highly ironic that often in the mainstream scientific and academic communities; this fact seems to be often forgotten or deliberately ignored…. And so it is often unreasonable denial that triumphs the day; and not the sacred search for knowledge.

The articles of this series will only touch lightly on the many and complex theoretical aspects of free energy, and concentrate on the empirically- observed phenomena instead…. Leaving it up to the genius PhD’s to “fight it out” in the ring of scientific thought (…one that can often get rhetorically “bloody” as we shall soon see). Col. Tom Bearden’s excellent web site “” is a great source for exploring these new, “radical” theories… And is highly recommended reading for those interested in the fascinating and often mind-boggling theoretical aspects of free energy.

In 1989, two well respected scientists working within the mainstream made an empirical discovery while experimenting on the energy-releasing characteristics of Deuterium: Setting off a firestorm of controversy that changed their lives, and the life of another prominent scientist… Beyond human measure.

Tragedies of Science and Humanity: Dr. Eugene Mallove, and Cold Fusion (LENR)

In past installments of this series, we have looked at the work of Nikola Tesla and Dr. T. Henry Moray…. Men of incredible intellect far ahead of their times who developed working free energy systems that were suppressed and/or forgotten by history. In this article we look only a few years back in time to examine a fallen hero of the free energy movement, Dr. Eugene Mallove; while exploring the phenomena known as “Cold Fusion”: A subject so ill-reported that it is hard to believe that the modern mainstream media could “honestly” relate a subject with such complete ineptitude.

Dr. Eugene Mallove was an engineer, writer, and scientist who was much respected by many in the scientific community. He had worked at Harvard, M.I.T., and several other prestigious organizations; and authored several well-received books. Moving over time towards the “left” of mainstream science, he gradually became involved in alternative or so-called “fringe” scientific study; and eventually became a co-founder of the Infinite Energy magazine dedicated to new and “Alternate” scientific research.

In 1989 when Dr.’s Stanley Pons and Martin Fleischmann working at the University of Utah made their monumental announcement that they had discovered what appeared to nuclear fusion at room temperature (quickly dubbed “Cold Fusion” by others); Dr. Mallove became very interested in this phenomena… And soon became the most visible and vocal proponent of Cold Fusion besides Ponds and Fleischmann themselves. In 1991 Mallove wrote a well-received book on the subject “Fire from Ice: Searching for the Truth Behind the Cold Fusion Furor”. This quickly alienated Dr. Mallove from the mainstream scientific community; which was adamantly opposed to accepting the validity of the new data and theories proposed by Pons and Fleischmann. Because of a minor error in the calculations used by the two scientists’ first paper on the subject (which did not change the outcome), and the inability of many laboratories to easily or immediately reproduce the experiments done at University of Utah; there was soon a carnival of controversy and media frenzy over the apparent “fraudulent” announcement…. Some of the outcries stemming from false and apparently carefully planted claims that the two scientists were only trying to get funding for a new building (there was never any connection to a new University of Utah building; and this was found to be completely fabricated). But…. Despite the news reports and media rumors repeated over and over, and the loud denials and accusations of “bad science” by many in the mainstream scientific community, the much-maligned experiments later did prove to be indeed valid and reproducible. Unfortunately, this vindication of the technology came after the media frenzy had died out… And no retractions of the “fraud” calling have ever been made by the mainstream media. In fact, none of the subsequent successful reproductions of the experiment have been reported on by the major networks… And the vast majority of people who remember the events of 1989 still believe that Dr.’s Pons and Fleischmann, and the phenomena that was popularly called “Cold Fusion”, were fraudulent or at the very least poorly executed science.

Via the Infinite Energy magazine which he founded and edited, his book Fire and Ice, and many media interviews; Mallove became the main spokesman for telling the truth about “Low Energy Nuclear Reaction” (LENR, what physicists prefer to call the “cold fusion” phenomena). What he quickly found was that although in 1989 there were thousands willing to repeat the “fraud” or “bad science” claims… Few were willing to retract them: Despite many Universities throughout the world later being able to reproduce the original experiment successfully (…over 100 to date).

What the LENR experiment of Pons and Fleischmann did was show that by using Deuterium as a fuel and with Palladium as a catalyst; the element “Helium-4” could be created. Deuterium is an isotope of Hydrogen having one neutron, while the “normal” H atom has no neutrons… “4He” being also the basis of what is popularly known as “Heavy Water”. In this “fusing” process, significant heat was released, and the Hydrogen isotope Tritium could also be sometimes produced. This was Earth-shaking news in the scientific community… Where since 1951 high-profile nuclear physicists in several countries had unsuccessfully used “hot” fusion reactors operating at extremely high pressures and temperatures to create a fusion reaction in an attempt to release amounts of energy greater than what was used to create the very energy-expensive reactions in the first place. Even today in 2008 ; no successes in “hot fusion” have ever been reported to be made despite many billions being fruitlessly spent on it over these many years.

Dr. Mallove soon became convinced, and with good evidence to back him, that the “dis’ing” of LENR was not about science, but was really about the politics of science. He stated that the reason LENR was being “killed” via a poisonous public relations campaign was because it would seriously jeopardize the many millions in funding that went to the prestigious institutions housing “hot fusion” reactor “tokamak” projects. He believed that this new LENR technology, if properly studied, could be of extreme significance to the planet… Producing clean and abundant energy without the dangers of nuclear fission, or the pollution of fossil fuels. Besides the Byzantine politics of scientific funding, LENR was fighting the inertia of existing thought patterns of the mainstream. Dr. Mallove liked to relate a story where he called his old Physics Professor at Harvard and presented him the case for LENR / cold fusion. The Professor’s reply was:

“I have had fifty years of experience in nuclear physics and I know what’s possible and what’s not!…I will not look at any more evidence! It’s all junk!”

Dr. Mallove likened this often-seen attitude to that of the Inquisition Priests who sat in judgment of Galileo… Who refused to look into the telescope, because they “knew” they would not see anything.

The oceans of the world contain one Deuterium atom for every 6,500 Hydrogen atoms. This means that one cubic mile of ocean water could have more energy from Deuterium contained in it than was ever expended by humans to date. The LENR reaction can happen when two Deuterium atoms are in close proximity: The two atoms “fuse” into one under certain conditions; producing great quantities of heat and the Helium-4 isotope in the process. The same reaction may happen with several other isotopes and atoms as well; as has been seen in several labs around the world, but so far the Deuterium method seems best to pursue for energy production as the isotope does exist naturally in large quantities. Besides configuring the LENR reaction to generate the most amount of heat, it could be optimized to transmute elements. But perhaps the most unique aspect of the technology is that under certain carefully controlled conditions, the reaction can happen at room temperature: Thus the “cold fusion” nick-name, which although has “stuck”, is considered not fully accurate by many studying the phenomena who, following proper Scientific Method, cautiously believe there is not yet enough evidence to positively term it nuclear “fusion” at this time… As there is still a small possibility it could be somehow “chemical” in nature (although new theories in chemistry would need to be written if this was the case). Besides the observed phenomena at laboratories all over the world, there is also much evidence that these same principles at work with LENR are also going on inside of living cells… A whole new and fascinating study area for microbiologists… Although cold fusion in the biological process was first proposed over 60 years ago, Pons and Fleischmann’s laboratory results would seem to bolster this theory and provide basis for further research. LENR technology is considered very safe: Although there can be small amounts of Gamma radiation released in the reaction, proper shielding would easily stop it. Coal mines already exhibit a much greater radioactive danger than a large Deuterium LENR reactor would.

For over a decade, Dr. Mallove championed the cause of LENR, writing scathing criticisms of the mainstream scientific community; and attempting to set the record straight… With little success. It seemed that the die was cast, and the jury “in” on Cold Fusion…. And the verdict; “Guilty”. This attitude persists even today, despite more and more University laboratories all over the world successfully reproducing the effects every year. This is important to note: These hundreds of scientists who have successfully replicated the concepts put forth by Pons and Fleischmann are not the usual free energy inventors, sitting out in the scientific cold… They are highly respected members of the scientific community with impeccable credentials and proven records for maintaining scientific discipline and unimpeachable results. It must be extremely frustrating for the proponents of LENR… With the general population unaware of the true situation and considering it all a fraud or “junk science” because of the 1989-1990 attack campaign… And the mainstream media and scientific community having no interest in correcting the erroneous opinions they had falsely placed in the publics’ mind to begin with. Funding for further research has never been easy to find for LENR technology… And after these nearly 20 years and much evidence as to the viability, is still not forthcoming. Meanwhile, “hot” fusion research projects are still funded in abundance despite over 56 years of continual failure, the extreme expense and difficulty of operating such reactors, and the sad fact that there is little hope on the horizon for these hot fusion devices to ever reach success. But despite these setbacks and the continued ignorance of the public at large, LENR has had many successes… And at least one commercial venture for selling reactor vessels has now been established.

Dr. Mallove’s fervor for the technology, and stalwart defense of it against attack may have left him nearly friendless in his former research homes of Harvard and M.I.T. In a very comprehensive article printed in Infinite Energy, seen here (, Dr. Mallove gave a scathing and well-documented expose of how M.I.T. skewed data and deliberately misrepresented LENR research in order to provide cover for a wholly-negative verdict from the scientific review panel that was convened to assess the validity of the Pons and Fleischmann experiments. In the article he stated:

“What it boils down to is this: By studying the history MIT and cold fusion, one learns that paradigm-paralyzed and unethical scientists have the motive and means to wreck massive damage against an emerging science and technology, especially when an aging and well-financed program is threatened. An MIT President who has access to the highest power levels of the Federal government should not be contributing to the distortion of government spending by feathering MIT’s nest and ignoring facts. MIT alumni/ae, students, staff, and President Charles M. Vest need to consider this - E. Mallove “

It is interesting to note that the negative disinformation campaign against LENR did not completely stop after the 1989 –1990 media blitz: In August, 2004 “Popular Mechanics” magazine had a cover story “Home-Built A-Bombs” that made the unbelievably ridiculous claim that “cold fusion” would allow terrorists to make their own nuclear weapons in their basements. This article was totally without any scientific merit; and the possibilities for using LENR technology for weaponry are minute. It is hard to imagine what the sensational article was meant to accomplish; other than creating fear and distrust of a technology that is thousands of times safer than existing fission nuclear reactors. In fact if one studies LENR ; the article would be absurd to the point of humorous except that the intent was so obviously poisonous. Popular Mechanics has been a known disseminator of planted government-generated propaganda and disinformation over the years: Providing fake cover stories for secret cold-war programs and activities (such as the Howard Hughes’ “Glomar Explorer” ship which was built specifically to retrieve sunken Soviet submarines, but was reported on in several planted articles to be a “ocean floor magnesium mining vessel”); as well as drumming-up popular support for proposed new weapons programs faltering in Congress by grossly overstating their usefulness and capabilities. Other less obviously stilted reports, and even popular media movies, have given the implied impression that cold fusion is not safe or “trustworthy’…These “science-fiction stories” are without any basis in fact. And again, there have been no retractions of the fraud claims made over and over by the media; and the more than 100 University laboratory replications of the Pons and Fleischmann experiments have not been reported on by the mainstream.

Through his association with Infinite Energy, and a non-profit organization he helped create called the New Energy Foundation, Dr. Mallove soon began studying many other “free energy” concepts and technologies; the more he learned of them the more interested he became. As a proponent for increased research in several of these new alternative fields of science (such as the “PAGD” Pulsed Abnormal Glow Discharge experiments of Dr.’s Paulo and Alexandra Correa which use interaction between inert gasses and plasma to generate large amounts of “free energy” electricity), his credibility with his peers in the mainstream may have suffered from the association. But during this time when he was exploring several free energy technologies besides cold fusion, Dr. Mallove did not lose his skeptical and questioning scientific principles; and would often criticize inventors’ claims and lack of scientific methodology in the “Infinite Energy” magazine if they were dubious and without merit. Dr. Mallove also gave several interviews on the popular radio show “Coast to Coast” where he described the many new energy technologies in layman’s terms and took calls from listeners. He was also sometimes called upon to be a “talking head expert’ for technology-related issues on TV news broadcasts. As Dr, Mallove progressively moved towards supporting other more “non-traditional” devices, theories, and concepts beyond LENR; he began publicly questioning the political reasons for lack of study of these many varied and important technologies; and became even more outspoken regarding the great need for universities to embrace and freely study them. Eventually, this culminated in a major event.

Dr. Mallove did an extraordinary thing: He wrote a letter to the world... That he titled: “Universal Appeal for Support for New Energy Science and Technology” . This open letter sent in email form to several friends (perhaps to garner their opinions and suggestions for improvement before it was eventually published), was a call (quoted from the Letter’s preamble)…

“TO ALL PEOPLE OF THE WORLD who have open-minded curiosity, good will, good judgment, and imagination. To Scientists and Engineers, Philanthropists, Environmentalists, Energy Developers, High Technology Investors, Healthcare Professionals, Journalists, Artists, Writers, Business People, Entertainers, and Political Leaders. Whether you are Conservative, Liberal, Democrat, Republican, Libertarian, or Anarchist, and whether you may be Agnostic, Buddhist, Christian, Jewish, Hindu, Muslim, Atheist, or some other category of spirituality, this message is directed to all people of good will like you …”

In this extraordinary document, Dr. Mallove called for vastly increased research and interest in three main fields of alternative energy study. Because of unavoidable space requirements, the entire document cannot be shown here; please read it here at:

But here are the three categories of new energy technologies which he stated must be studied and embraced by the scientific community (excerpted unedited from the Letter, along with his brief summation of the three):

Category 1. New hydrogen physics (a.k.a. “cold fusion,” more generally Low-Energy Nuclear Reactions or LENR, “hydrino” physics, and other water-based energy sources. Copious technical and other information about this research may be found on these two diverse websites: and as well as our own site, The upshot of this energy-from-water field is that within ordinary water there is a heretofore unimaginably large energy reservoir that may be as great as 300 gallons of gasoline energy equivalent within each gallon of plain water! This energy would be non-polluting, would have no hazardous radiation, and would, in effect, have a zero fuel cost. Only one cubic kilometer of ocean water would provide energy equivalent to all the known oil reserves on Earth. In responding to a special plea by Sir Arthur C. Clarke, the White House requested from me a technically-based Memorandum on this topic in February 2000. This 8,500-word Memorandum, “The Strange Birth of the Water Fuel Age,” was submitted to the Clinton Administration and later to the Bush Administration. It is now posted on It asks for a review of the substantial evidence¯in particular the copious evidence developed over the past 14 years in U.S. Federal laboratories¯for this category of anomalous new physics energy. Unfortunately, apart from polite “Thank You” notes, no discernable action has been taken by either administration. The 10th International Conference on Cold Fusion (ICCF10) was held near and at MIT in August 2003. Actual public demonstrations of excess energy production in electrolytic cells occurred at MIT’s Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. Wall Street Journal science journalist Sharon Begley attended ICCF10 and wrote a fine column in the September 5, 2003 issue of WSJ, “Cold Fusion Isn’t Dead, It’s Withering From Scientific Neglect.” Among other surprising technical developments at ICCF10 was the presentation by a well-funded Israeli corporation, Energetics Technologies, which appears to have made enormous strides in overcoming some of the problems with the low-energy nuclear reactions phenomenon. Isn’t it time that the experimental data from this significant field of scientific work is reviewed by an unbiased panel, unlike the rush-to-judgment hostile group in 1989, which inexcusably botched that investigation? Why aren’t the many politicians who have been informed about this taking action? Are they perhaps fearful of the all-to-common “sneer review” from the Scientific Establishment?

Category 2. Vacuum energy, Zero Point Energy or “ZPE” for short, aether energy, or space energy. These are descriptions of vast energy sources from the vacuum state. Information about this most radical and paradigm-shattering physics and technology research can be found on websites:,, and In the mid-1990s, Dr. Paulo and Alexandra Correa in the Toronto area obtained three US patents on an astonishing technological device, the so-called Pulsed Abnormal Glow Discharge (PAGDTM) reactor. In its several embodiments, it already produces kilowatt-level electrical, thermal, and mechanical output power. A Quicktime video of one such device, working in 2003, may be viewed at . Successful testing of the PAGD by outside parties, including Israel Aircraft Industries (IAI) and Ontario Hydro, regrettably did not lead to commercial arrangements to further the development of this scientific wonder, which has been meticulously documented in the three United States-granted Correa patents. (Uri Soudak, former Chief Technology Officer of IAI, is still involved with the project here in the U.S.) The Correas and Dr. Harold Aspden, IBM’s former chief of patent operations in Europe (from 1963 to 1983), have provided convincing theoretical explanations, based on concrete experiments with a variety of fundamental phenomena, all of which illuminate how this unsuspected vacuum state energy can be extracted by the PAGD reactor. The advent (possibly in only 2-3 years) of self-sustaining electrical power-generating units in the multi-kilowatt power range appears to be only a matter of gathering a relatively small amount of engineering/scientific development funding, in the low several tens of million dollars range.

Category 3. Environmental energy, i.e. energy from sensible thermal energy (in particular, energy of molecular motion), through significant extensions to the Second Law of Thermodynamics. The Proceedings of an important scientific conference dealing with this subject gives great insight into this work: Quantum Limits to the Second Law: First International Conference on Quantum Limits to the Second Law (San Diego, CA, July 28-31, 2002), Professor Daniel P. Sheehan, Editor, American Institute of Physics, Conference Proceedings, #643, 2002. A strong consensus of a significant number of the scientist attendees, as reported by the author, is that it will be possible to make utilitarian machines that convert the thermal energy in the environment to useful work, without a lower temperature reservoir to dump waste heat. This would be in direct contravention of the supposedly sacrosanct Second Law of Thermodynamics. These devices would be nearly perfect “free energy” machines. Accurate simulations of such devices have been carried out and the results published in peer-reviewed journals. Some of the authors predict that such prototype devices could be reduced to small prototype units within five years.

The foregoing brief descriptions of the three categories of New Energy identified so far is only the tip of the iceberg of the verifiable and testable information that is available on these energy sources. It is amenable to critical and precise scientific review. Of course, if the Scientific Establishment trusts only in its textbook theories and if disbelieving people of good will who have the means to move this work forward choose “not to look through the telescope,” the consequences will be that these wondrous technologies will not be developed as rapidly as they could have been otherwise¯or they may not be developed at all! This has been and will be a monumental tragedy for virtually every category of human experience, all of which would be transformed by these now apparently “unwanted” discoveries.

The deeply disturbing human tragedy here, is that several weeks after first writing and sending out this extraordinary document, Dr. Mallove was brutally murdered. On May 14th, 2004 ; while cleaning a vacant rental property belonging to his parents in Norwich, CT…. Dr. Eugene Mallove was beaten to death by unknown assailants. Shortly after the terrible event, the Connecticut authorities announced that a suspect in the murder was apprehended, and a short time later, a second; and the crime was widely reported as being apparently “solved”. However, four years later in 2008… The suspects have not yet stood trial for this crime, and only in June 2008 have the Connecticut prosecutors requested DNA material from the suspects. This can be verified from the below linked “Norwich Bulletin” article dated June 4 2008: .

When this investigation is examined at face value with only the facts available to the media, it could appear to look much like a case of the “Usual Suspects”… The two being already incarcerated for unrelated burglaries, and according to the defense lawyer for one of the suspects, the Police have little to accuse the men on but jail-house hearsay and a report from a non-credible witness. Whether there is more evidence unknown to us and being kept from the media by the prosecutors can only be conjectured on (as is often the case with murder investigations). But one thing is certain: In over 4 years there has not been enough evidence collected against these two suspects to bring them to trial. Whether this is in itself evidence of something or someone else being behind it, can only be termed speculation. Nevertheless, despite the lack of any strong evidence either way, there are many in the free energy community who do believe, or at least strongly suspect, that this was the case. However there also many who knew Dr. Mallove personally who do not believe it to be more than a tragic and horrible example of what could be described as being in the “wrong place at the wrong time”… And perhaps another terrible proof of the most hideous aspects of our modern society becoming ever-more apparent.

The author never had the honor to meet Dr. Mallove, but he has spoken with those who did. This was an extraordinary man; one who stood for honesty and accuracy in science, and for creating a better world for all mankind. He is sorely missed by the free energy and LENR communities, by hundreds of his peers and thousands more all over the world. Yet his legacy, and his dream will eventually someday be seen and experienced by all… When the world is finally freed from the chains of fossil fuel. Or, to put in into Dr. Mallove’s own words in the Letter:

“…A world of abundant, clean, and safe energy from sources that have no centralized geopolitical control.”

Please read the entire Letter linked above; and consider for yourselves if there is a connection: Between his forthright and fearless stance for his convictions; his call for honest scientific study of important world-changing energy technologies…. And the void and silence created by this great man’s tragic death.

But let us all please note that in the end, it is not the controversy or circumstance surrounding his murder that is of prime importance: It is rather the deep loss that his beloved family and friends… And a world he was dedicated to helping… Have endured. A memorial website for Dr. Mallove has been established to celebrate his life: .

Dr. Eugene Mallove left us a legacy that is being built on by many good people of social conscience all over the planet.

The Panacea Concept: Building Our Children A [better] Future

The Open Source Energy movement has a world-wide base that freely encompasses and embraces many views and opinions. Yet all who work within this movement have a common theme: The promotion, development, and the dissemination of information regarding highly important “new” technologies that could change our world for the better. One of the largest and most successful of the groups within the movement is Panacea-BOCAF, a non-profit organization that was prominently mentioned in the second article in this series as a champion and main developer of the Open Source Rotoverter technology. “RV”, and many other devices / technologies, could save us untold amounts of fossil-fuel produced energy today if widely implemented.

One such technology that is being pursued by Panacea and many others is known as “GEET”. Based on the work of inventor Paul Pantone, a GEET system uses a special “reactor” vessel heated by a modified Diesel or Internal Combustion Engine’s exhaust (and electrically and magnetically “boosted” to create a plasma effect) that allows virtually any organic waste to be broken down and converted in usable fuel. This is then mixed with small-percentage amounts of petroleum-based oils of any type (including waste motor oil) to efficiently fuel Diesel or internal combustion engines… The result is very high “mileage” and very low emissions from the engine (because the special Reactor captures and reuses unspent fuel; with amazingly efficient results).… All by using existing-design engines without too much modification needed. Fun anecdotal stories about using banana peels, orange rinds, catsup and mustard… Nearly anything organic to fuel an engine abound when talking about GEET. This technology has taken some criticism over the last few years, and the inventor was even once imprisoned for problems associated with his investors. Yet there is clear proof that the GEET concept works and would be an excellent alternative to fossil fuels alone; especially for the agricultural sector which has large amounts of organic waste cheaply available. Greatly helped through the efforts of Panacea-BOCAF, there have been over 100 successful reproductions of GEET ; many of them done in France which seems to have embraced the technology more than other countries.

Also mentioned in the below interview is “Hydroxy”: This is the use of “water gas” or “HHO” / Brown’s Gas as fuel created by the disassociation of water into its hydrogen and oxygen components. Hydroxy is now used as a mileage “booster” for conventional fuel; and possibly in the future it will be used alone to power an internal combustion engine on nothing but water. For more on this, see the Panacea site or the author’s previous articles on the subject: .

One more technology being explored and developed by Panacea (among many others) is that called “Magnetic Resonant Amplification” (MRA); which is the study of using “Resonance” in AC electrical circuits to greatly increase efficiency; and even create free energy. This promising technology hopes to someday harness the huge amounts of “unwanted” current that can destroy large electrical components when resonance is “too well tuned”… Meaning that if the impedance of the circuit is balanced and exactly in phase, large transformers and motors will often burn-up from the tremendously increased energy that flows through them… Changing a serious existing problem for electrical engineers into a great solution for free energy. This resonance technology is as old as Tesla’s discoveries… Yet seriously under-studied and up until now, only considered a dangerous nuisance. The MRA device being developed uses ultra-sonic piezoelectric transducers to create a resonant condition that can amplify power in an AC circuit. For more info: Magnetic Resonant Amplifier - Joel McClain & Norman Wootan (PDF accessible at ) .

With us for this installment of the series is Mr. Ashtweth Palise ; a co-founder of Panacea BOCAF and one of the most visible and vocal people of the Open Source Energy movement. He has worked diligently for years, tirelessly bringing us well-produced videos, presentations, and comprehensive documentation regarding free energy technology and energy-saving devices. Mr. Palise (known and beloved throughout the world and on many free energy forums simply as “Ash”), is a resident of Australia, and was interviewed for this article 7-2008 .

jibbguy: Tell us about how Panacea-BOCAF got started.. What was the goal; and how do you think it is coming along? What is needed to get it and the open Source Energy movement where you would like it to be?

Ashtweth Palise: Before we get started let me say to you on behalf of the open source free energy community that we solemnly appreciate your enthusiasm, curiosity and support towards our goals and research. We do wish that others in the media would be as diligent, supportive, and vigorous as you. We are very lucky to have you looking in our direction and have been looking forward to this interview. Thanks a lot for having us.

Panacea BOCAF is primarily working for our children's future. We can be summed up in the following sentence: “The power of the community consolidating world-wide against subjugation though particular applied education”.

How did it get started? Well basically you have a whole world-wide community of open source engineers which; is largely unknown to consensus reality. They work with no budget, no security, no accepted or supporting faculty or political support on technologies which are suppressed and skewed from the general public. Add to this the open source energy communities also improving existing technologies which not only can do practical use now, but are critically needed to save energy, stop pollution and advance education. Some of the important ones to date include hydroxy boosters, GEET, Bedini, and Rotoverter technology (there are many others), which otherwise would not of surfaced to present capacity due to the current political and economic conditions… Plus due to the mainstream faculties institutionalized dogma (ignorance) and unwillingness to investigate and provide resources towards this technology. Add also as a result of corporate sponsored political legislation which currently applies more resources towards so-called "clean " coal energy rather then renewable or our suppressed and alternative forms of “free” energy. These open source engineers perform a valuable public service, and have advanced the education levels… Even on technologies that are already established, but are yet relatively unknown to the public. Some also get interference in the form of intimidation in order to keep their results from surfacing publicly.

The guys and girls being the open source engineers who work with this suppressed and unknown alternative energy technology altruistically inspired the Trustees of Panacea to love and support them till the very end. I guess what got us started is human nature, to over come subjugation. The Trustees were inspired by the communities work, and saw how currently their research efforts are neglected and under funded; and how we can all work more effectively together each doing our tiny little bit to advance and apply education.

What is the goal? To build our children a future which currently the government bodies and corporations cannot… Help those in third world countries, save the corrupted corporate people from harming us and from their own self-harm. Altruism is our energy. Freedom and truth to advance education and through educational alternatives can regulate the energy and pharmaceutical cartels from subjugating us and stopping our children from having a secure future. I stress this is done by consolidating the world community with applied education. Education that normally would not be collected in one place, be freely accessible, or usually wouldn't have been developed other then directly as a result of the communities and the organizations’ efforts… Due to the communities joining in, and doing the research.

One example can be found in the dissemination of the GEET technology in France. This could of ONLY happened as result of open source engineers. This has also happened due to the fact that the open source community works daily on improving what we have, and improvements certainly have resulted in the case of the GEET technology in France.

Over 100 replications of this technology now: In helicopters, cars , tractors, small engines, agriculture technology, boats…. Pretty much anywhere you have an internal combustion engine. If western countries had widespread implementation of the GEET technology, not only could you save millions of liters of fuel and much money, but you would cut pollution and green house emissions by 80% . Combine New Zealand, Australia, and America who are killing the planet and the answers to "global warming" are solved. I haven't even included the addition of hydroxy boosters in that equation yet.

If you didn't have open source engineers working on hydroxy boosters, GEET technology, Bedini technology, the Rotoverter and many others; where would you get this information and technology from? Can you study it at universities? NO. Will the oil companies endorse it? NO. Will corporations endorse it? NO. So in reality the open source engineer is social reform that is VITAL to the planet at this present time. They have no current budget , let me remind our readers.

The Panacea non-profit organization has many goals as a collective entity, sustainable development is primarily the ultimate goal, decentralizing and making people more self sufficient (again through applied education), which can done NOW but is not mainstream. Also with the education and research we gather legal petitions to enforce and support the subject matter and get public signatures. Our goals are important as they are the only way to release and improve technologies which remain suppressed; plus keep them in the public domain. This is intended to be done through a voluntary, worldwide infrastructure improvement service. Justification for this can be seen in our propose granted Research and Development Center page ( ).

This physical landmark I described is intended be a conduit and interface to advance education (help mainstream faculties), acquire resources, security (stop suppression), and create social reform. Also it is intended to validate and promote certain devices which without the Research Center (due to corporate interference) would remain largely unknown.

Currently we are in the process of pilot-scaling certain devices, some are completed already which can make a NEEDED impact NOW, more are intended to be done in order to provide demonstrations to the public. This is being done in order help receive donations from private individuals or from philanthropic organizations (…they are a 200 billion dollar a year industry), and government to be channeled towards the creation of a world-first: A public alternative energy Research and Development Center.

In the mean time our goals also include ongoing efforts to provide concise researched articles and educational courses that can be seen on our on line university site ( ). We can produce more with grants and the goals are to get them and put them into needed circulation. Also we are currently involved in the goals of essential grass roots activism into other issues which remain a hindrance to humanity.

How I think it is coming along? Well I can say that despite the LACK of resources that we have at this time the education and R & D is coming along very FAST. Still we need more public awareness of our actions and financial support. Despite this, engineers are working together and are giving a “dangerous” indication of what can be possible if we had a centralized hub where inventors work in unity and could produce their devices with resources, faculty participation, and without suppression.

What we really need is consumer demand and awareness of these devices: The general public doesn't realize what has been going on in the energy world (or even the amount of medical suppression), since the time of Nikola Tesla. I know from history and by being involved with the open source movement for years that the potential and capacity to advance education must come from a public face. A public Research and Development Center to stop energy suppression is needed to validate, promote and secure what is out there (even proprietary devices). So I feel that despite the whole movement not being able to work at capacity we have something which can grow and more and more engineers are coming together and working in line with the Panacea concept. That's what the open source free energy community is, we collaborate together and become strength through our numbers. We are all suddenly realizing that a centralized university site gives our research more momentum. Also of the 10,000+ under funded engineers out there, we are all realizing that working together with the R&D, doing write-ups, producing kits, and information gathering; that we are winning quicker. This is the Panacea goal, so without being unrealistic or pessimistic, I think it is coming along at nowhere near capacity… But very effectively.

jibbguy: What free energy or highly efficient devices or specific technologies do you think have the best chance to “break out” into the mainstream in the next year or two?

Ashtweth Palise: Every technology listed on our R & D principles pages can solve the energy crisis.

( ). However you cannot breakout by simply having a working device. We have compiled an extensive up-to-date example of how proprietary inventors with "free energy" technology went wrong ( ). You can see from this page how inventors who have free energy devices, including 100% water powered engines and many more have simply become a victim to political and economic conditions, business incompetence, paranoia, and their own self interests. Without a certain validation process they will always fail. Currently they are fighting their own greed, ignorance of the device by the mainstream faculties (due to the inventors method of disclosure) and a multi-trillion dollar oil industry. If that wasn't enough there is no legal security for them. For example: A company can simply buy the technology and shelve it (this has already happened) from the public forcing them to pay for fossil fuels. There is no law preventing any corporation from doing this.

There is also the unregulated military industrial complex who can simply use the legal secrecy act, re possess their patent and technology and further legally prevent the inventor from talking about the invention. Again no legal defense in this regard. I could mention hydroxy, cold fusion, I could mention magnetic motors, I could mention radiant energy devices…. In fact I can state now that John Bedini has a 10KW home power radiant energy system. This was featured in the “Energy From The Vacuum” series. This like many technologies, could "break out now". The technology is already here but the avenue to disseminate it is not. John Bedini produced a 10 Kw radiant energy system to power a house, yet when they asked him on public record in the documentary, “would you sell this?”, he stated “No”. John has already stated publicly that he has been threatened. His hands are tied. Why did he answer “No”?

We must not give the impression that free energy devices conventionally have a chance to "breakout" or the majority of which need to still be developed for a chance to break out. These devices are here, they have been here since the time of Nikola Tesla. (1800's).Over 400 Former High Level Government and Military Officials, Pilots, NORAD, and NASA employees can also testify to the military industrial complex being part of concealing “zero point” energy -related technology from the public. They did not think of the electro –gravitic, anti gravity propulsion systems by themselves: They had to conceal recovered UFO craft and hide it all from the public.

If the over 400, yes that's over 400 Former High Level Government and Military Officials and Pilots evidence of this is not enough, Ben Rich the former head of Lockheed’s “Skunk Works” which developed the B-2 Stealth Bomber stated, and I quote:

"We already have the means to traverse the stars but these technologies are locked up in black projects and it would take an act of god to ever get them out to benefit humanity.. Any thing you can imagine we already know how to do.”

– End quote, Ben Rich the former head of Lockheed “Skunk Works”. We have legal petitions to address this issue at .

So my friend its not a technology race, its a WAR on you the people by corporate interests to dumb you down and suppress the truth. if we left out the open source engineers, the independent efforts of documentary makers and the Panacea concept of having a secure Research and Development Center in the public eye, our needed signed petitions to counter all this, the public would have grim skewed perceptions of what is here and continues to be suppressed. Governments have failed to deliver enough supportive and secure infrastructure to harbor this technology and secure it. The media is no better.

For example, the “Myth Busters” TV show have given the impression that the Bedini and hydroxy technologies do not work. There is evidence of deliberate suppression not only from oil cartels, the military industrial complex (For example the, banks (for example Lindsey Williams evidence), but also the mainstream media. I can speak personally on his issues as I have experienced it from them. We asked some very pertinent questions on the “Myth Busters” forums, why they had left out key replication information on the Bedini technology, and also if they wished to test our replication themselves. There was no answer. As soon as we stated that we were going to get an accredited third party faculty to validate our replication, our thread was pulled from public view. We have this thread saved for the public record.

As for the hydroxy research, they have also done a similar (what we construe as deliberate) "take" on hydroxy boosters. They not only produced a poor replication to give you the impression this technology is flawed (like they did with the Bedini technology), they also neglected to mention the numerous scientific tests by faculties and patents showing the clear and concise benefits of using hydroxy technology with an internal combustion engine. The average Joe sees only this skew, and gets manipulated. This cannot happen to such a capacity if Panacea received enough grants to erect a physical Center in the public eye. We have compiled an extensive example of how we could perform a public service by doing this and how we could benefit the already active organizations and individuals working on similar goals ( ) .

jibbguy: Tell us what you would like to see done ultimately with the Rotoverter, where you would like to see this technology go in the future?

Ashtweth Palise: Grants for the open source RV engineers. But first the implementation of the RV into peoples lives who can use the energy saving capacity. Solar work shops using the prime mover concept. Solar water pumps, any application where typically you could not run a solar application feasibly and economically with out using the energy saving Rotoverter principle. Also further R & D done. Currently Dr. Peter Lindemann has suggested we consult Eric Dollard and ask him to apply his “4 Quadrant” theory towards the RV's overunity research. Peter Lindemann is a largely unknown free energy researcher by the mainstream faculties but a very respected scientist in the free energy communities. He has stated that Eric could have the answers to extract 95% of reactive power through complex RLC systems.

Currently we know that the RV produces excess reactive power compared to the input watts needed to create it. However extraction of this is still needed to be perfected at this time. Since the RV produces a COP of 18 in reactive power, or basically for 340 watts you can create over a 1000VARS in circulating current, if Eric's proprietary system could extract 95% of that as claimed, it would give you a self powering system off the shelf free energy device. I would like to see Eric help.

Mean time our open source engineers are working around the clock to crack the code. What I would like to see now is farmers and others using the energy saving capacity of the RV. This is something we have gone to great length to prove. Water pumps, drill and generators can all be optimized. This research is listed in our on line university.

jibbguy: How would you advise new inventors of free energy devices.. What should they do to get their product into the marketplace successfully?

Ashtweth Palise: I would advise them that whenever they disclose they have something working and whenever they intend to do a scientific test of OU, that the Panacea organization has it presented… Loaded and doing REAL work. Then have some one who is qualified to do an independent validation under the exact same load test. License out their device and get it independently validated, build consumer awareness and demand this way. That will make it difficult to suppress. Contact our non-profit org, let our 400 engineers replicate it, and you can still protect your intellectual property under an NDA.

ALL, that is EVERY SINGLE PERSON TO DATE, have proven that trying to do this conventionally you WILL go wrong. Please read our research and remedy offered for this problem. We have significant TV appearances this year, we will have the GEET, Hydroxy boosters, and Bedini technology which will have scientific validated tests for credibility. We also have a Cold Fusion replication, Bob Boyce and RAVI water fuel cells, and an MRA under construction. Once we acquire credibility on the GEET, RV, Hydroxy boosters, and Bedini technology (…these cannot be denied for practical usage and output); then we have the center stage to INTRODUCE the COP+1 technology. Our Demos will also be in participation with 2 Universities. We also have invited government and philanthropic foundations and sponsors. This is A SURE way to get it validated and taken seriously. I must stress again what we need for introducing ANY claimed free energy device: OPERATION UNDER LOAD IN A REAL LIFE CONDITION. We must not show a device working with lights and meters. We need better work being done. Plus we need independent validation and replication. Or have a centralized hub like the intended proposed granted Panacea Research and Development Center which is tailored to validate and research these technologies, promote them and educate the mainstream faculties.

jibbguy: What is stopping free energy technologies from being taken seriously by mainstream science; and reported on in the mainstream media?

Ashtweth Palise: Beside the energy cartels, as you can see we have done over 4 years of energy suppression research ( ). It is the inventors!! Yes believe it or not, not the corporate structure or the mainstream faculties irrational skepticism from their institutionalized dogmatic conditioning. Its the inventors method of disclosure. This was explained in detail in previous questions and on our web site. The remedies are there. We not only need a research center tailored specifically to DISCLOSURE AND VALIDATION (under a specific criteria) of alternative and suppressed energy but also for SUPPRESSED medicine. Without it the inventors will continue to not provide an accredited third party faculty with an independent replication. They want to keep it to themselves, no one knows how to reproduce it, and no one gets a validation. Then the faculties and public get left with no access and a big question mark as to whether it works. Then we ALL get nowhere. Or in some cases the inventors get erased! They do not have the facilities for security or public awareness to advance education. This is what is required to advance to capacity.

jibbguy: What is the current status of the hydroxy project at Panacea-BOCAF?

Ashtweth Palise: I am so glad you asked this question. We have the capacity now to save up to 50% mileage on MOST if not all vehicles. I must stress that currently the hydrogen boost systems need some minor experimentation to reach full potential. In the mean time depending on your engine size and driving habits the mileage gains will be varied. HOWEVER anyone using this are still assured of cutting pollution SIGNIFICANTLY. The answers to pollution lie in both the GEET and hydroxy technology. The open source community have produced a comprehensive course on hydroxy technology design. We are all collaborating to get the best understanding and designs into public knowledge. Currently we have since discovered the best compact, reliable and efficient booster. This is the cylindrical design, popularized by open source engineers Wouter and Praveen. Depending on your driving habits, if you drive under 2 hours you can also use the cheaper Smacks booster. If you can manage the space and construction time you can go for a larger plate cell. All these designs and understanding are included in the panacea university hydroxy document. I would state that the current status of hydroxy technology from the open source engineers is critically needed to counter the criminal fuel prices. Not only have they ensured that a low cost design can be produced, which stops us being at the mercy of greedy retailers, they have also shown why the science is the way it is and what to avoid from others selling inferior designs. This is going to be the short-term answer to the high fuel prices, and all this information is listed on our hydroxy page.

Also the engineers endorsed by the non profit organization have produced the LOWEST cost boosters for sale for those not able to construct them. These engineers are using the funds to do research into 100% hydroxy designs. Something that is not only critically needed by also something the current over priced corporate community are not doing. One of our engineers using a RAVI design, has proven by a gas flow meter test that hydroxy technology can advance far beyond the typical faraday electrolysis. Ravi did get interference. Paul Zigouras produce a 100% hydroxy test engine, this has not surfaced, Bob Boyce has reported that hydroxy technology can advance far beyond the typical faraday electrolysis. We ALL are working currently to perfect Bob's and RAVI's results and keep them in public knowledge. We have created a public watch dog on our engineers, so far our newsletter subscribers are keeping watch on RAVI and the organization; please subscribe to our news letter so we can bring you this technology without interference ( ).

These projects need to be managed efficiently and not on a shoe string budget. If every one contributes a tiny bit in one place we can help humanity repair the current climate and political arena. So far this research has no due faculty study, grants or security to ensure environmental and social reform which should be achieved with the disclosure of these devices. We must stress that the public granting a Center to harbor its security and study will create the critically needed social reform and quell the conditions presently keeping devices of this nature from surfacing.

Lastly let me state that you, Jib, are doing a great job in throwing a tiny ripple on the pond and your articles are very informative and critically needed. I want to end here on some introspection and what could be conceived as a spiritual note. Part of this was inspired by David Sereda. A majority of the population does not meditate for various religious and or social conformances. If one is to do this irregardless of ones religious or social creed, one can "slow" and "quiet" the mind, and as a result one can then feel and focus on every aspect of their life force. Listen carefully, and you will acquire an awareness of every aspect of your body and mind. After practice you will become sentient to what has been called "the cosmic pulse of life". This at first may be perceived as vibrational energy within, this is sacred unto yourself. It is your instinct to survive and protect. It is also as sacred in all living things as much as it is sacred to you. Therefore all are and must be in unity with one another. The Essence of all are as sacred to the essence of one. This must be understood and respected. All are of equal.

One way or another we have all been subjected to harsh conditions in life and daily need to endure subjugation. However if you devote your life to doing tiny bits of good in the world, you will never become a victim.

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to speak. I assure you that without compromise the organization will work for the public and our children’s’ future. Be well my friend, and may all your readers be also.

Ashtweth Palise proudly speaking on behalf of the volunteers, trustee's and contributors of Panacea-BOCAF.

jibbguy: Thank you for your great comprehensive answers… And for all the work that you do for the Open Source Energy community! May Panacea get this important funding for the Research Center soon!… This would truly be a world-first as you said… And would be a physical beacon to many researchers, inventors, and engineers of the movement, as well as a symbol of hope for the millions of people all over the planet who are desperately waiting to one day have abundant, cheap, and clean energy.


As we close the third installment of this series, may the reader reflect on the life of Dr. Eugene Mallove and the work he stood for: Bringing sanity to our energy policies… Via the free and open study of important new technologies. This is also what Panacea-BOCAF, Mr. Ashtweth Palise, and the thousands of people all over the world within the Open Source Energy movement are working for. The goals are clear: Cheap, clean, and abundant energy for all. The method is to work via free collaboration and open cooperation without limits, borders, or fears. And the result will be…. A world without poverty, war, hunger, or oppression: Where our children truly will have a better future.

There are many ways to accomplish these wonderful goals. But perhaps none can do so as quickly as the acceptance and widespread implementation of new energy principles and devices that provide free energy for all. If Dr. Mallove’s life , and even his death, have any meaning: It is that his example must be examined, his words must be read and understood, and the work he started must be finished if Mankind is to ever approach its full potential.

Recommended Links:

Infinite Energy Magazine: Co-founded by Dr. Eugene Mallove, continuing to publish vital and important information regarding alternative technologies and theories:

The Panacea-BOCAF site… Dedicated to the Open Source Energy movement. A great resource with tons of useful info, Please sign the petition here! :

New Energy Times. Great site for understanding LENR better known as “Cold Fusion”:

The very extensive Overunity forums; where internet inventors and experimenters share their projects using the Open Source model. Fascinating reading! :

The Energetic Ministries / Energetic Forum: Wonderful forum with many Open Source free energy topics:

Dr. Peter Lindemann’s site, great source of information and the place to buy his excellent DVD’s, they are a requirement to truly understanding this subject:

Col. Tom Bearden’s excellent site; the most comprehensive available for the new physics theories explaining free energy principals, as well as listings of many inventions:

Practical Guide to Free Energy U.K. site: A great source of info on many different technologies; with easy-to-read comprehensive guides:

The Pure Energy Systems main page; great source of general information and news:

Inventor John Bedini’s website, a major source for understanding magnetic motors, and his pulsing, de-sulfating battery chargers:

Rex Research. A top resource for free energy devices:

Keelynet.. Interesting font of info for news and hundreds of inventions:

ZPEnergy. News and forum dedicated to researching and discussing news forms of energy:

Air Car Access, a great site for exploring the wonders of compressed air and the many inventions that have utilized it.. An often over-looked subject with great promise for free energy:


Open Source Projects do not work without collaboration

Many thanks to all the people who have helped in this project, and who continue to . I would especially thank staff members at "Infinite Energy" who cleared up some common misinformation ;) . it's a great magazine and continues the tradition for excellence in science that Dr. Mallove started (but i fear much of what is written there is over my head ;) . Another great publication is "New Energy Times" which will provide you the REAL skinny on LENR ; for which i am also ill-suited brain-pan wise to provide (...too much fluoride as a child perhaps ;) .

There is much to rail and complain about in this world we find ourselves in. However, let us occasionally remember there is much good, and many dedicated people who care about making a better future for us all. Panacea-BOCAF needs that R&D Center for alternative energy technologies: We ALL need it; just as we need technologies like "Rotoverter" to make a difference in out energy usage and pollution levels (see article #2 for RV info). Please consider helping this tax-deductible cause.

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