September 11, 1986, Tom Brown - Introduction to "More Implosion than Explosion" booklet by BSRF

To begin this introduction I would like to thank the people who made this book possible. First, my wife Alison, who did an excellent review of LIVING WATER, which is probably the best book in english on Viktor Schauberger. Secondly, I wish to thank Borderland Sciences Research Associate Bodo Capeller for his great help in translating a series of articles on Schauberger from the German magazine "WELTE SPIRAL", or World Spiral. The readers of this book will be well served by their efforts.

This short book is issued in the interests of Borderland Researchers who are truth seeking in the wake of LIVING WATER and BSRF's IMPLOSION - Viktor Schauberger and the Path of Natural Energy. The promise of beneficial technology held out in those two books hits the brick wall of reality on these pages here.

For those unfamiliar with Schauberger or Implosion, the review of LIVING WATER will give a glimpse of an incredible man with an incredible vision - to give the world a proper technology in harmony with nature. The horoscope data gives us an insight of Schauberger that we have never been treated to before.

The series of articles from the German magazine "WELTE SPIRAL" is a most welcome reference for Schauberger's vision. When I first experienced Schauberger's vision, I could see how right the man was. I accepted the information without ever seeing any of the devices work. To me the photo of Schauberger's home power unit was enough. We were being gyped of our birth-right of natural energy.

This was easy enough to believe, as I could find tie-ins with other Borderland Researchers. Through Trevor James Constable's book THE COSMIC PULSE OF LIFE I was introduce to the ether physics of Rudolph Steiner. The ethers were understood as the four ancient elements -- EARTH, WATER, AIR & FIRE. The ether of water is implosive and is no doubt what Schauberger was working with. Trevor shows that the water ether (or chemical ether as it is called) is functionally equivalent to Wilhelm Reich's ORGONE ENERGY. The many comparisons between Reich and Schauberger cannot be covered in this short introduction, but can be found by anyone with the gumption to pursue knowledge and study it.

IMPLOSION and LIVING WATER both carry references to the use of implosion technology for anti-gravity propulsion and we are shown pictures of Schauberger's model saucers. Again I accepted this wholeheartedly. I still agree with the principle, but still would like to see some operational equipment before I pass judgement. The serious research of T. Townsend Brown presents hard evidence that the field around a capacitor in an electric oscillating circuit is electro-gravitic in nature. Eric P. Dollard, Borderland's resident "Wireless Engineer," has shown thorugh his researches with Tesla Technology that the capacitive field (which he terms the dielectric field) is implosive in nature and produces the same illumination effects as Reich's Orgone. So here we see a relationship between the implosive effects of water and the possibilities of anti-gravity; and the implosive effects of the dielectric field and the possibility of anti-gravity. Reich manipulated the Orgone streams around the earth to produce changes in the weather. Nikola Tesla was experimenting with weather engineering via his large Magnifying Transmitter at Colorado Springs. This manipulation was effected, not by ELF transmissions as is popular to believe (with no proof), but by the propagation of the dielectric field, which is the organic side of electricity and has been here shown to be in direct relationship with Orgone.

Herein reside the keys to a beneficial technology and the solution to the mechanics of anti-gravity. These matters have not really been suppressed -- the teeming masses of humanity on this planet are not responsible enough, or spiritually aware enough to deal with the ramification of universal energy and true freedom. Concerning this concept, Nikola Tesla had this to say, "I am unwilling to accord to some small-minded and jealous individuals the satisfaction of having thwarted my efforts. These men are to me nothing more than microbes of a nasty disease. My project was retarded by laws of nature. The world was not prepared for it. It was too far ahead of time. But the same laws will prevail in the end and make it a triumphal success."

This brings us to the stories of the suppression of Viktor Schauberger's technology, and the demise of his home power unit. These freshly translated articles show that the power unit never worked -- in fact it exploded rather than imploded. The author of the german articles, Leobrand, can be none other than Leopold Brandstatter, author of IMPLOSION STATT EXPLOSION. As an astute student should, Leobrand carries on beyond the work of the teacher and shows the problems with Schauberger's view on flow design and such.

I now believe more firmly than ever in Schauberger's work. It can be put into the proper perspective -- the balance of implosive and explosive forces, working in harmony and balance. This is the true path of natural energy, the Cosmic Pulse of Life. With this new perspective in English it is hoped that the small flame kindled here will help fan the fires of enlightened research and perhaps humanity can move in the direction of preservation of our fragile eco-sphere.

Tom Brown
Borderland Sciences Research Foundation
September 11, 1986