The Institute of Ecological Technology

The Institute of Ecological Technology is a distributed self-organizing research institute, with a focus on non-conventional ideas and solutions within ecological technology. Our focus is on practical applications and on becoming aware of our interconnectedness with nature. It was formed in the late 70s, inspired a lot by some ideas by the Austrian Viktor Schauberger and has undergone a series of metamorphoses, but can be seen as a focus point for groups interested in non-conventional ecological ideas and solutions. Our purpose is to be a place for discussion and co-operation for those interested in actively helping to bring about a change and making ecological alternatives real.

Hi There!

I am Curt Hallberg (QRT) from IET Sweden! I recently joined this group but I have been of for holliday for a week. I did not know that the action on this list was som high, 56 emails for a week, amazing!

Now, I will comment some this regarding the spiral tubes but i must read all email first... Nice to get in touch with Frank Germano again. Regarding the Repulsin I have built a small unit (dia=80 mm). It show some promising effects but I must rotate it ove 80 000 rpm in order to reach the speed of sound at the periferi. However, it works very fine to make an aerosol out of water...

During the coming months I will study the PVT (Plane Vortex Turbine) which is (my) interpretation of the Schauberger Repulsin "twin disk system". The intention is to use the PVT as a propulsion for high speed catamarans.

Now, if someone want to get some interesting ideas of the Repulsin I recomend Prof Evert's writings on: His writings are not complete but gives a good understanding on the vortex flow and also some other useful ideas.

The last two years I have been working with water purifyers utilising V. S. theories. Mostly it is Dan Reeses Vortex System I have tested and been trying to develop further. This has also lead to other vortex treaters for water.

See you soon! //QRT