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Two videos on Chas Campbell, an Australian invertor hailing from Brisbane. First one is from the Australian national TV.
TV video description: The machine consists of a series of weighted wheels of various size which are all driven by an 800Watt electric motor which in turn drives a 3,500Watt alternator. From this, the machine produces enough energy to drive a 2,500Watts circular saw, a drill, a variety of lights and a fan.
Mr. Campbell says, "I can make one of these machines that will produce up to 1,000KVA, which is 1MW of electricity and probably use 50HP to do it." (50HP X 760 = 38,000Watts).

The second one was sent to Panacea-BOCAF and they promptly put it online. The description of the CD that Mr. Campbell sent to a Brisbane representative of Panacea-BOCAF follows:
"...This is a copy of the CD Chas sent to Government and certain members of the community Chas respected. This Video Proves that a Perpetual motion is possible, and that Chas has Harnessed the principle into a clean free energy device. This CD has not be recognized by the government bodies or by Chas's respected peers. Chas is seeking Grants from philanthropic foundations and still wishes to give his device away. for more information and an opportunity to help Chas please visit and and
What can be said about the Chas Campbell generator is this: It has relations to a Gravity Flywheel. Whether or not this will affect the rotation of the Earth is yet to be seen. Some claim that it would have drastic effects!
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Pls read these links before

Pls read these links before you decide.

On this links, looking at "Video Still Shots" pictures right below the Ten News / YouTube; 4th June 2007. I notice something and ask, just to confirm I see it right.

Just call the wheel at far right # 1, next to its left is wheel # 2, then wheel # 3, then red flywheel and the generator. The input motor right under whell # 2.

1- Wheel # 1 blue color, is double wheel, mounting on base by 2 bearings & a pulley,
this pulley cover by big O ring or something, and it rotate by touching (not pulling) wheel # 2 right pulley. Am I right?. And why this wheel is double & what is purpose of it? ( Why is it double & what the wheel does in the system )

2- Wheel # 2 , green/yellow collor, mounting on base by 2 bearings, left big pulley is pulled by input motor via V-belt. The smaller right pulley rotate the # 1 wheel by touching its pulley and pull the # 3 wheel by V-belt & belt adjuster ( can see belt & belt tention right on front )

3- Wheel # 3 green/yellow color, offcourse is pulling by wheel # 2. Does wheel # 3 pull the flywheel? NO, I DON'T THINK SO.

4- The center of red color flywheel is at about 2/3 of wheel # 3, it couldn't connect directly to wheel # 3 by shaft or by gear. WHICH TURN THE FLYWHEEL so its left pulley can pull the generator & produce power? Am I right?

Pls correct me if I am wrong.,,2487.1035.html

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