E.E. Richards: Listen to the Drumbeat



You are a vibrant, living, dancing hologram of Light. Not the light which your eyes detect,--that is also a part of you--but the Light vibration of all the presently measurable electromagnetic spectrum. You radiate the ultra-violet and higher energies; streams of infrared waves flow between your bodies. The complexities of microwave information resonate and chat within the molecular and cellular structures which you call a body. The cellular chemical messengers circulate and form; dissipate to reform anew the delicate holographic instructions.

The radio waves of ancient galaxies, neighboring stars and solar family planets rain and dance upon the Earth's umbrella-like energy belts, altering the intensity, selectively protecting the delicate organic forms. Slower and ever more powerful rhythms of planetary turnings, solar sprinklings, starry pulses, galactic tides and universal songs sweep through and around you every instant. The holographic body reverberates with the wind of Light; every cell listens to the drumbeat, attunes its spiral DNA structure to the composition, and sings its unique chord; inducing resonant vibrations throughout the cellular molecules.

The functioning of cell membranes involves very great sensitivities both to vibrating electric fields and to molecular stimulation at extremely low energy levels. The cellular processes cooperate to bring about high amplification of these initial weak trigger frequencies.

Recent research has shown that electromagnetic fields in the ELF (extremely low frequency) spectrum can change the characteristics of hormone, antibody, neurotransmitter and cancer-promoting molecules at the cell sites. These modulating actions of electromagnetic fields show highly cooperative processes within the biologic systems. Studies of cell membrane structure reveal electrical field-sensitive receptor sites which form signal pathways by which external stimuli are sensed and transmitted to the cell interior.

The cells move visibly in response to electrical pulses which set the cellular surfaces moving like the wind across a mature wheat field. These effects have been observed from combined low frequency electromagnetic and electrostatic fields.

Pineal gland cells respond to changes in both polarity and intensity of the Earth's magnetic flows, where they powerfully influence bodily circadian rhythms. This magnetic sensitivity has been traced to nerve fiber pathways which show a mechanism for the detection and use of the information from these very weak environmental magnetic fields existing in the visual system.

The heart muscles have been shown to resonate at a fundamental node frequency within the spectrum associated with the planetary circumference. A high percentage of Earth-related naturally occurring vibrations offer harmonics within that same spectrum. Bone and muscle display piezoelectric properties which are also sensitive within these same Earth-related frequencies.

Interactions between the Earth's magnetic field and a weak, manmade, low frequency electromagnetic field produces measurable changes such as a major amplification at the cell receptor sites. This makes intercellular communication at the gap junctions very sensitive to weak, oscillating electromagnetic fields.

The human organism maintains its functioning balance by a dynamic information exchange between its various systems and the environment. Information exchange occurs at all levels within the organism, where there are sensitivities to very weak signal processes. Certain discrete bodily power windows allow specific wave-forms and frequencies of the electromagnetic spectrum to initiate informational transfer. The body water or blood acts as an important carrier of bio-information allowing paramagnetic substances in the blood to act like a magnetic tape carrying and delivering information throughout the body.

Electromagnetic radiation may be seen as electrical and magnetic waves of information moving through space and our atmospheric environment. These appear to create a resonant coupling between atoms in biological molecules that allows them to move together in response to very low amplitude music. The cells whisper and dance together as they listen to these faint vibrations within and outside the body.

Some of these resonant body structures exhibit a resonance matching the Earth's natural magnetic field, allowing certain rhythmic behavior as seen in human and other life forms. All life on Earth has developed under the influence of this geomagnetic field which varies in structure and dynamic properties via geomagnetic pulsations. These pulsations are due to the interaction of the plasma waves coming from throughout the Solar System and Cosmos and interacting with the Earth' magnetosphere.

When our brain and body rhythms are measured electromagnetically, they are found to occur prominently within what is termed the ELF (extremely low frequency) spectrum and lower. This brain-wave spectrum is also divided into band segments, called the alpha (greatest amplitude), beta, theta, delta, and zeta; ranging from 30 cycles per second and down below 1 cps.

The measurable presence of these different frequencies seems to indicate changes in individual consciousness. An example might be that a relaxed, attentive state develops strong alpha wave rhythms; these are also the prominent Earth resonant frequency ranges. The theta rhythms are found to occur during the dream period, and also while experiencing a spontaneous creative, intuitive state. The theta frequencies are seen to have strong lunar rhythm harmonics. The Moon has long been associated with our intuitive, creative capacity.

When calculations are performed related to the solar system and the planets, it is found that all of the planets and most of their moons have frequency aspects which fall within our brain-wave spectrum. All of the planetary systems have electromagnetic field structures and prominent magnetospheric frequencies. Our home solar system forms a complex, harmonically interrelating, multi-octave musical instrument composed of over forty octaves of vibrational interplay. Your brain/body structure resonates to those continually fluctuating field patterns as they beat against the Earth's, Moon's, and Sun's natural rhythms.

This vast array of solar system matrices is in constant flux as the various motion aspects phase in and out of resonance within the interplanetary magnetic field. Well known cyclical motions present harmonic relationships: the solar day cycle resonates with the alpha spectrum Earth frequency, the 11 year Sunspot cycle results from a Jupiter-Saturn frequency beating; Planetary-coupled Moon motions are harmonically resonating with the Earth's motions. The basic planetary time cycles form a mathematical pattern like the growth pattern of the sunflower blossom. All of these modulate the Earth's rhythms and by so doing send to us their music.

We in turn, by conscious attunement, may select coherent rhythms which align our biosystem, radiate and couple its energy field within the Earth field, and link our holographic biofields for common benefit.

Consciousness may be seen as a framework of electrical charges or vibrational standing-waves in motion.

Our personality becomes a reverberating input-output pattern of self-creation, seeking information from the total environment as well as from the past and future. Transformation becomes a self-directed energy pattern modification.

When we consciously experience a sunrise or sunset, a new moon or a full moon, the equinoxes and solstices, or visit special and unique spots on the planet, a calibrating effect results which involves the whole biological rhythmic systems. We thus become resynchronized and recalibrated by our own conscious effort.

Such a self-organized moving-system bio-hologram could achieve adequate coherence to extend existence as a field of radiant energy separate from a material substrate.