Joe Cell: Alex Schiffer: Update#22: Thought and fine tuning the cell via control of bubble action

Alex Schiffer JoeCell Update 22, 01-04-2007
"Thought and fine tuning the cell via control of bubble action."

It is very easy to become entranced by the effects that a Joe cell can produce. The pursuit of the effects rather than an understanding of the energy are the end results.

I am guilty of the above, and it took me a long time to realise that unless I tackled the problem at its source (the energy) I would continue chasing my tail and never get anywhere.

Sure, I can make a stage three cell, only to lose the ‘breeding’ effect countless times, why? Why did the cell decide to ‘die’ when it did, more to the point, why did it decide to spring to life in the first place?
Why do all similar devices also exhibit this same npredictability, to work or not to work as if under the control of some mysterious and invisible force?

In this post I would like to put in print some ‘outside the square’ thinking that may help a non regimented mind. With this in mind a caution is in order.

This topic is classified as ‘pseudo science’.
It will only bring some snickers and much thigh slapping form the ‘educated’ fraternity.
To prevent any time wasting I advise that what follows in not suitable for Science, Nature or similar illustrious publications.


It has been reported many times that a hostile environment or audience will prevent the functioning of some of these esoteric and little understood devices. At present conventional science does not offer any explanations, thus either the effect does not exist or it is not definable in standard academic terms.
Let me set the scene with some quotes.

“A thought is a being. It has a system, though only a rudimentary one. The system is made up of Light of the Intelligence, which represents some of the faculties of the Intelligence of projection from the doer, thinker and knower; and of the units from the four elements of nature.

A thought has no size in the physical sense but is vast as compared to the physical acts and objects into which it is later precipitated.

The power of a thought is expressed in the acts, objects and events in which it is made manifest.” - Harold W. Percival -

What you think eventually or instantly 'is', a concentrated thought is enough to form the latent image that can instantly (or over time) solidify into ‘reality’.
Can Joe charge water by merely thinking about it? Of course he can, and so can you.
How is that possible and what is the method?
First we have to define this illusion we call reality.

“This plane is the density of matter because thought has been expanded into a vibratory frequency called light, which then has been slowed in vibratory frequency to become electrum, and from electrum to become gross matter, and from gross matter to become the solidity of this plane.

If you take light and lower or slow its vibratory frequency, it becomes gross matter.

If you slow the movement of particles of light and condense it, you will create electrum - an electromagnetic field that has positive and negatives poles, which you call electricity. If you slow and condense the thought still further, beyond the electromagnetic fields, the electrum coagulates into gross matter. Gross matter then coagulates into the molecular and cellular structures called form. And the form is held together by the thought that the soul envisioned as an ideal of creation.”

Thus the prime energy is thought. By slowing and condensing thought we pass through definite stages, that is, thought, light, electrum (this comes in several forms, a lower frequency one being what we call electricity), matter and finally the forms.

Reality can be defined as ‘coagulated thought’.
At this point note that we (the physical part) are all a ‘form’, including the Joe cell.
Relating to this note also that:

1. “Thought is a penetrating frequency, an essence that passes through matter.”
It follows that you cannot shield a Joe cell from thoughts. It further follows that a cell can be influenced by constructive and/or destructive thinking.

2. “Thought resonance means that one or more centres in the brain resonate with the specific vibrations of materia objects.” - H. Philippi, D.Sc. -
It is thus possible to selectively ‘tune’ into a desired object and that the object will react accordingly.
Using the above logic it is also possible to cure another by the focused desire to do so.

3. “ ... the cell, essential organic unit in all living beings, in nothing but an electromagnetic resonator capable of emitting and absorbing radiations of very high frequency.” - Georges Lakhovsky -
The body is a very complex device, capable of operating in the electromagnetic spectrum.

“... space is full of forces which are unknown to us, and that living beings emit radiations or effluvia of which we are not aware, ... ” - D’Arsonval -
These forces act and react in a complex manner. Not only are we all part of each other, we all also part of all that is. So we should not be surprised in the fact that a cell can be influenced by many invisible external forces, the thoughts of humans being only one of many.

These emitted radiations can be either under the control of the sender, or can be transmitted involuntarily, without the sender being aware of the ‘transmission’.

A dog picking up the fear signal from a frightened individual or a Joe cell failing in the presence of sceptical individuals are a couple of examples.

4. “Man’s body cells are electrically aware of their mechanistic purposes and respond to electric messages sent to them. They have electrical cell memory of their individual and group purposes.

This principle of electric awareness, through sensation in not limited to animal life alone. It is equally characteristic of the mineral and vegetable kingdom. It extends to the veriest electronic particle and to the mightiest galaxy.” - Walter Russell -
The point being that is that all forms have awareness, be it human, animal, vegetable or mineral, this includes the Joe cell.

Like everything, it is thought that holds the cell together. “Everything has a light field surrounding it. There is nothing that exists that is not surrounded by a corona of light, for light holds the image of thought and creates the ideal into the form called matter. Through that light field each thing emanates the thought of its being back into what is termed “consciousness flow,” or the “river of thought,” which is the Mind of God.


1. “Which thought becomes known to you is determined by your thought processes, for the electromagnetic portion of your aura draws thoughts to you according to your thinking.”
(“The aura extends from the density of electricity (the blue corona that surrounds the body) into the infiniteness of thought.”)

2. “As you allow these thoughts to feed you, you put the feeling of them back out to regenerate and perpetuate the limited thinking of man.”

3. “Each thought value attracts like values from everywhere.

The thought in the form of light, enters your brain and is transmitted into an electrical light propellant of a given frequency, according to the value of the thought being received.”

Note. The following is important for your understanding of the charging of the cell.

“The brain is a grand receiver of electrical thought frequencies, with different parts designed to receive, house, and amplify the different frequencies of thought. The different parts have different potentials to house and electrify thought, depending upon the density of water in its cellular walls.”

“Water is a conductor of electrical current. The denser the water, the greater the amplification of the electrical current put through it. In the dormant portion of the brain, the fluid is denser for the purpose of amplifying the higher thought frequencies into greater electrical currents and sending them throughout the body at a greater rate of speed.”

Notice that the ability to receive a specific frequency is dependent on the tuning of the receive circuit, very similar to the tuning of a radio.
In this case the tuning is done by changing the density of the water; I would suggest that this alters the capacitance by changing the dielectric constant of the liquid.
The denser the water is the higher is the received frequency.
This is valuable information, as the ultimate fine tuning of the cell would follow (in part) the same principles.
So let us have a quick look at water density.

Water density.

“The weight density of a material is the weight of a given volume unit of the material divided by that volume unit. An example is that a 1 cubic foot volume of water weighs 62.4 pounds. The density of water is then 62.4 pounds per cubic foot.”
All well and good but,
1. The density of water varies with temperature. The maximum density occurs slightly above freezing. The density of water then goes down for temperatures greater than or lower than 4 degrees C. 2. The density of water also varies with the amount of material that is dissolved in it. Since the weight of water with material dissolved in it weighs more that pure water then the density of the solution also increases from that of pure water.
You should be able to see how filtering the water, adding electrolyte, evaporation and the type of the water is so important in the final fine tuning of the cell. All these things change the water density and so the tuning.

3. As a result of electrolysis bubbles are formed, these occupy space and a change in density occurs.
The aerated water has less density and a lower resonance frequency than water without the bubbles.
Pure water sound speed is around 1500 m/s, in aerated water the velocity is considerably lower.
I have always maintained the importance of bubbles, no, not the bubbles on the surface, for these are very good test tool only.

The important bubbles are the ones that are located in the water that acts as the dielectric between the stainless steel capacitor plates. These bubbles have a very fine tuning ability by changing the dielectric constant in a controlled manner, depending on bubble size and quantity.

It should be clear to you that the bubbles vary the water density, this varies the dielectric constant, this changes the capacity of the tuned circuit, and the result is the ‘capture’ of a different frequency range.
The bandwidth depends on the ‘Q’ of the circuit and it is reasonably broad, yet still having a ‘peak’ for maximum performance.

The end result is a weak or strong stage 3 cell. Unfortunately due to many inputs, the tuning of the cell is constantly changing.
This is the area of research that I have spent the last decade on, that is, seeking an answer as how to stabilise the cell and so attain a stage 4.
I am personally still unable to so, but I will continue with the quest.

4. The water level in the cell varies the frequency and thus the tuning. The higher the level the lower the frequency. This is due to having to move more mass and nothing to do with (in this case) the speed of sound in water.
This water level is important during the first charging and stage 3 attempts.
Once the cell is at stage 3, the water level can be raised to allow for correct operation with the varying levels that result with mobile car operation.


To quote,
“Water can be split into its constituent elements, hydrogen and oxygen, by passing a current through it. This process is called electrolysis. Water molecules naturally dissociate into H+ and OH- ions, which are pulled toward the cathode and anode, respectively.
At the cathode, two H+ ions pick up electrons and form H2 gas. At the anode, four OH- ions combine and release O2 gas, molecular water, and four electrons. The gases produced bubble to the surface, where they can be collected.”

The bubble size and quantity is a function of many variables, some being current and votage magnitudes, duty cycle, waveform shape, surface finish of cylinders, temperature, pressure, aeration, vibration and water flow, to name a few.

Regarding the continually misunderstood topic of electrolyte, let me again say that in the cell applications, all water can be considered to contain electrolyte.
“Pure water containing no ions is an excellent Insulator, however not even ‘deionized’ water, is completely free of ions. It is known that the theoretical maximum electrical resistivity for water is approximately 182 kilohm-m2/m (or 18.2 MOHM*cm2/cm) at 25 degrees C.”

Water undergoes autoinonisation at temperatures above absolute zero. Further, because water is such a good solvent, it almost always has some solute dissolved in it, most frequently a salt. If water has even a tiny amount of such an impurity, then it can conduct electricity readily, as impurities such as salt separate into free ions in aqueous solution by which an electric current can flow.”

Yes, Joe had electrolyte in his water, natural electrolyte. By adding Go-juice and similar we are adding additional electrolyte. By adding a known electrolyte we have a greater control of the resultant action, this then allows for the exchange of information between experimneters and is called science, as anybody can replicate Go-juice, acetic acid, phosphoric acid and similar ‘off the shelf’ chemicals.
The chances of somebody exactly replicating the concotion in Joe’s steam water (that is fed in part from heavily fertilized fields) is next to zero, this is knows as waste of time.

Cell related.

1. To state the obvious, you have more chance of success if you faithfully copy a known working cell. When I built mine, the only known working cell was Joe’s.

2. There is a lot to be said for the construction of cells that follow other well known natural laws.
As an example, to enhance the effect of the ‘music of the spheres’ or in this case the harmonic resonance of the cylinders, a ‘musical’ progression may help.
Thus we could use the theories of Barbra Hero in “The Mathematical Laws of Sound”, Energy Unlimited no.12.

Thus assuming a cell built to Bb (448cps), (C=256 cps., miles in air, intervals =12 root of 2. 6/30/85.), we would have the progression of 250, 500, 1,000, 2,000 and 4,000.
The above could be the diameters of the 5 cylinders in any suitable metric or imperial progression.

There are many possibilities for cell designs, with the spherical ones showing a marked advantage.
To state another obvious point, if you decide to do your own thing then you have to ‘know’ what you are doing as you will be on your own.

3. I cannot stress too strongly the advantage of building your own cell as compared to having a tailor made cell plonked on your doorstep.
A very shabby cell built from intuition will usually outperform a cell that is made from unobtanium and machined by virgins in the Black Forrest.

“The quality of man’s product depends upon the degree of awareness of his knowledge and not upon the quality, quantity or intensity of his thinking. - A man may have vast information and skill but have very little knowledge - ... information is not knowledge.” - Walter Russell -


1. A cell that is close to breeding can be influenced by many external influences including thinking, be it by an individual mindset or deliberate and focused thought intent.

2. A fine tuning of the cell may be attempted by controlling the duration and type of bubble action.
This can be accomplished by holding all other parameters constant and only varying the duration of the charging process.

3. Both 1. & 2. above are enhanced if the cell owner is directly involved in all stages of their cell construction and operation.

Alex Schiffer.


stage 4

Hello Mr. Schiffer,

I love reading your work about the Joe Cell and your theories. I have discovered the joe cell info on the internet and it consumes my mind all day long even when i am at work, sleeping, watching television... I still have a lot to read. I am half way through your 90 page joe cell book. I have also watched 2 home movies of Joe talking to Sol Millin and I can't help but think that Joe is holding something back from you guys.

You talk about the Joe cell as if it were a technology that would be available to somebody who possesed the mind of someone who was at one with the universe or at least the brother of the "vestal virgins of the black forest."

This does not discribe Joe. Joe is verry rough around the edges and I would say that he is borderline abraisive in character.

To listen to you talk, it would seem that Joe could be lumped in with Luke Skywalker or Neo from the Matrix movie as being ones with the mindset to have a stable stage 4 joe cell by using there knowledge of the "force". After watching Joe on 3 diferent videos he seems more akin to Gangis Kahn.

There is something that Joe is not telling us and I think that you are very close to figuring it out.

You mention that water is a good conductor and that its density plays an important role in the frequency that it produces. It sounds to me that another liquid might be involved that Joe isnt telling you about. Liquid Mucury is dense and is a good conductor.

In the home video that Sol Millin took of Joe, Sol asked, "What happened to that 4.37 second drag strip car? Joe got a little nervous and said, "I burried it."

Now I don't think that he actually burried the car. I think that what he actually did was burry the Joe cell that was still full of liquid murcury. I bet that somewhere on Joes property is a burried JOe cell full of liquid murcury.

Go get a mettal detecter and go through Joes back yard with it and I bet you'll find what your looking for.

Just think about, Joe is a fucking redneck who thiks he is gods gift to planet earth. There is no way that he would have completely destroyed the holy grail of Orgone accumulation.

Water in your Joe cell will get you to stage 3 no problem but it is so unstable that just by having a negative thought can disupt the energy flow. There is no fucking way that Joe could have gotten his car all the way to the race track and set a world record with out having some nervous negative thoughts that day.

If we don't get to stage 4 we are all going to die broke and young because of the international banking cartell greed.

Hurry up Allex,

Joe Cell water

I was wondering if you have tested the super-ionized water with three extra electrons in it from perfect science yet. If so, what are your findings? I was reading up on it and there was an article I found that states they used that water in Sydney to clean the Harbor and I wonder if that was the water Joe stumbled on? I know you were curious about it but you never posted on it. If you are still alive I would like a response. I'm going to buy some to test for myself.

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