Ringorgone the movie 01-20 (Google Video)

Ringo has filmed every stage from cell assembly, installation, orgone accumulato jacket, figure eight, sea salt scum, alkaline water, press fit cone, blind plug and much more.




Ringo's site: http://ringorgone.bravehost.com/movies.html

1- Assembly
2 - Installation
3 - Testing Magnetism of Stainless
4 - Magnetism of Press Fit Cone
5 - Press Fit Cone Outlet
6 - Press Fit Cone Outlet 2
7 - First Charge Rain Water
8 - Blind Plug location
9 - Install Blind Plug
10 - Conduit Template
11 - Bush to Fire Wall
12 - In Situ
13 - Orgone Accumulator Jacket 1
14 - Orgone Accumulator Jacket 2
15 - Orgone Accumulator Jacket 3
16 - Figure Eight
17 - Sea Salt Scum
18 - Strong Figure Eight
19 - Bang
20 - Alkaline Charged Water

See this full node for all these videos embedded.

Full length Ringorgone the movie single file

I have available on my website Ringorgone the movie. Small files as available in most places or the large single file download of all videos strung together. DIVX format.



Aah yes... every stage is

Aah yes... every stage is filmed except the one where he gets the car to run on the stuff. Whoops. Must have run out of film. Just feel sorry for the guy spending whatever he did on stainless...just to get a few bubbles floating around. Maybe he could use it for a coffee machine or something

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