JoeCell MySpace page The Joe Cell is an open-source alternative energy cell that has proven to successfully run car engines using water as the medium. Most of the research has been conducted in Australia, however, there has been a very recient success with the cell in the USA (Bill Williams) . There are many aspects of the cell's energy that do not fit into conventional physics models. NOTICE: Due to the overwhelming interest in the Joe Cell technology following the posting of Bill Williams success video (below) and suppression story, I am no longer able to answer all emails related to the cell. I will, however, automatically approve all friend requests posted sometime that day. JUST ADDED 4/18/06: Cell Blueprints & Detail Photos (Please copy and distribute!) Below are several links to prominent Joe Cell sites that should provide answers to any Cell questions you may have on this facinating technology. IMPORTANT REQUEST: Please take the time to browse the various websites to learn as much as you can about the Cell before posting questions to the Yahoo groups. The is so much sudden (and unexpected) new interest in the technology at the moment that the groups may be easily overwhelmed by the sudden interest. Thank you for understanding. JOE CELL LINKS: Original Joe Cell Yahoo! Group (General theory,plans, discussion, etc.): New Joe Cell Yahoo! Group (for more serious builders): Bill William's Cell Replication Project: Byron New Energy Site (Austrailian site with successful car conversions): Joe Cell Downunder (Austrailian Joe Cell site): 

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