Nikola Tesla "Lost" Manuscript? Not Verified as being authentic or not. Read it for yourself..

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Hi all,

The introduction below explains the rest of the article, and I have made some comments at the end of the post. Apologies, I know I mentioned this a few weeks ago and some people had expressed interest in reading it. The author's introduction and postscript are done in italics to differentiate from the manuscript. So here you are, without further ado:


This manuscript has been loaned to me by my acquaintance. During his stay in the USA he bought an old fire-helmet, which was on sale in the streets of New York. There was an old writing book inside this helmet, apparently used as a lining. The writing book had thin and partially burned covers producing the smell of mould. All its yellowing sheets were full of notes written in ink faded under the influence of time. In parts the ink has lost its color to such a degree that some of the letters can only be guessed at on the yellowed paper. In other places, large parts of the text have been completely spoiled by water, having been transformed into white ink stains. In addition, all the sheets have been burned on the edges and as a result some words are irretrievably lost.

I own a computer and therefore it was not difficult to translate this manuscript. Right after it was translated I understood that it belonged to famous inventor, Nikola Tesla, who lived and worked in the USA. There has been a lot of work done to put the translated text into final form. Those who have dealt with computer translation software will understand me entirely. I had many problems arising from the lost words and sentences. I could never understand many minor but probably very important details of the manuscript. I hope, however, this manuscript will open some mysteries of history and the universe.....

Part 1. You are wrong, Mr. Einstein – ether does exist!

They say much about the Einstein’s theory now. According to Einstein the ether does not exist and many people agree with him. But it is a mistake in my opinion. Ether’s opponents refer to the experiments of Maykelson – Morli (ed: Michelson-Morley) who made attempts to detect the Earth’s movement relative to the fixed-bed ether. These experiments failed, however it didn’t mean the ether’s non-existence. I always based as fact the existence of mechanical ether in my works and therefore I could achieve positive success.

What is the ether and why is it so difficult to detect it? I reflected on this matter for a seriously long time and here are the outcomes I have been led to: I think that all the contradictions about whether the ether exists or not are the result of wrong interpretation of ether’s properties. The ether has always been presented as an aeroform environment. That was the essential mistake. The ether has a very strong density. It is known that of more dense a substance, the higher is the speed of wave propagation within it. When comparing acoustic speed in the air and the light speed I have drawn a conclusion that ether density is several thousand times higher than air density. It is not the ether that is aeroform but the material world is an aeroform to the ether! But as the ether is electrically neutral it very poorly interacts with the material world. Notwithstanding that poor interaction we still can feel the ether’s existence.

A good example for such an interaction becomes apparent in gravitation, which should rather be named universal compression. I think the material bodies do not gravitate between each other but it is the ether that makes one material body to press to another. We wrongly call this phenomena gravitation. We can also feel ether’s reaction when sudden acceleration or braking. The stars, planets and all the universe appeared from the ether when some part of it, due to certain reasons, became less dense. It can be compared with formation of blebs in boiling water although such a comparison is only rough. The ether tries to return itself to its initial state by compressing our world, but intrinsic electric charge within material the world substance obstructs this. It is similar to that when the water compresses blebs filled with hot water steam. Until the steam does get cold the water is unable to compress the bleb. With time, having lost the intrinsic electric charge, our world will be compressed with the ether and is going to turn into ether. Having come out of the ether once - so it will go back into the ether.

Density of substance of material world strongly differs from the density and physical properties of the ether. Therefore, the ether cannot remain in a fixed-bed state around material bodies and under certain circumstances there will be an ether whirlwind appearing around material bodies. Hence, we can explain the reason for failure of the Maykelson – Morli (ed: Michelson-Morley) experiment.

In order to understand it let’s carry the experiment over to a water environment. Try to imagine that our boat is twirled within a huge whirlpool. We will try to detect water motion relatively to the boat. We will not find any movement as the speed of the boat will be equal to the rate of water movement. In our imagination let’s replace the boat with the Earth, and the whirlpool – by ether whirlwind, which revolves around the Sun. The example shows clearly that when on the Earth one can not detect the Earth’s movement relatively to the ether as the rate of Earth’s movement will be equal to the rate of ether movement. In my researches I always adhere the principle that all nature's phenomena show themselves equally whichever physical environment they would happen in. The waves exist in the water, air, ... and radio–waves and the light is the waves in the ether.

Einstein’s assertion of non-existence of the ether is erroneous. It is difficult to imagine radio-wave and light transmission without ether. Einstein says that there is no ether and at the same time, practically he proves its existence. For example, let’s consider the speed of the passage of light. Einstein states that the velocity of light does not depend on the rate of movement of the light source. It’s correct. But this principle can exist only when the light source is in a certain physical environment (ether), which cuts down velocity of light due to its properties. Ether’s substance cuts down the velocity of light in the same way as air substance cuts down the acoustic speed. If the ether did not exist then velocity of light would strongly depend on the rate of movement of the light source.

Having clarified what is the ether is I began to compare phenomena occurring in the water, air and ether. And here an opportunity occurred to help me in my researches. Once I saw to a sailor who was smoking a pipe. He was exhaling smoke in the form of little rings. Smoke rings flew pretty far away before they got broken. Then I investigated this phenomena in the water. I took a metal jar and carved out a small vent on one side and pulled on thin leather on another side. I poured some ink into the jar and lowered it onto a pool. When harshly hit the leather ink-rings flew out of the jar crossing over the pool and got broken having bumped into its wall, producing substantial motions of water at the pool’s wall. At the same time, the water in the pool kept being quiet. - “This method can be used to transfer energy”, …-
I understand what is ball lightning and how to transfer energy long range without using wires. Einstein tries to explain light movement when no ether environment by Plank quantum hypothesis. Will Einstein be able to explain ball lightning phenomena when without the existence of ether? There is no possibility of explaining ball lightning phenomena without ether!

Based on these investigations I have constructed a generator, which could generate ether vortical [vortice? G-fs] rings, which I called ether vortical objects. It was my achievement. I was in euphoria. It seemed to me like I could do everything. I promised the world not having completely studied this phenomena and took severe punishment for that. I was not financed any more but what the most unpleasant thing was that I was not trusted anymore. TheeEuphoria has changed to deep depression. And I dared to start my crazy experiment then.

Part 2. I will keep the secret of my invention until I die

After my failures I became more self-restrained in making promises… During my work with ether vortical objects I understood that they behave not in the manner I thought before. It turned out that when vortical objects passed near metal objects they lost their energy and collapsed, sometimes exploding. Deep Earth layers have absorbed their energy as strongly as the metal did. So, I could transmit energy only within small distances. I paid attention to the Moon then. If ether vortical objects are sent to the Moon, they will return back to the Earth very far from the transmitter, having been reflected from electrostatic field. As the hade[?] is equal to the angle of reflection, then energy could be transmitted over very long distances, even to other parts of the Earth.

I carried out several experiments transmitting energy towards the Moon. Through these experiments I discovered that the Earth is surrounded by an electric field. This field kept destroying faint ether vortical objects. Ether vortical objects possessing big energy, burst through electric field of the Earth and extended into interplanetary space. And right here, the idea came to my mind that if I can create a resonance system between the Earth and the Moon, then power of the transmitter may be very small while the energy derived out of this system could be considerable. Having made the calculations on how much energy can be derived I was surprised at it. The calculations showed that the energy derived from this system is enough to fully destroy a big city. For the first time at that moment I realized that my system could represent a danger for the mankind. However, I still greatly wanted to carry out my experiment.

Secretly, from everyone, I began to thoroughly prepare my crazy experiment. First of all, I needed to select the place for my experiment. The Arctic Zone did the best location for it. There were no people there and I would injure no-one. But the calculation showed that with the Moon being at its present position, the ether vortical object could strike Siberia, but people live there. I went to the library and began to study the information concerning Siberia. The information was very small but, however, I saw that there are almost no people in Siberia. I should keep my experiment a deep secret, otherwise the consequences could prove to be very unpleasant for me and for all mankind. I always worry about one question: 'Will my discoveries be for the good of the people?' Because it had been known for a long time that the people used all inventions to extirpate the similar ones. The fact that much of my equipment in my laboratory has been dismantled to that moment considerably contributed to keeping my secret. However, I could save the equipment I required for my experiment.

I alone assembled a new transmitter out of this equipment and connected it up to the emitter. The experiment with such a big quantity of energy could be very dangerous. If I made a mistake in my calculations the energy of ether vortical object would strike astern. That’s why I was not in the laboratory but two miles outside it. The work of my installation had been operating by clockwork. The principle of the experiment was rather simple. In order to better understand its principle it is necessary to grasp first what are the ether vortical object and ball lightning. Basically, they are the same. The only difference is that the ball lightning is a visible ether object. Visibility of ball lightning is provided by fluorescence of charged air particles. It could be compared with ink coloring of water vortical particles in my experiment in the pool.

In order to create a resonant Earth – Moon system it was necessary to create a concentration of charged particles between the Earth and the Moon. For that, I used a property of ether vortical objects to capture and transfer charged particles. The generator has emanated the ether vortical objects towards the Moon. When passing through the electric field of the Earth, ether vortical objects have captured charged particles within it. As an electrostatic field of the Moon has the same polarity as an electric field of the Earth, the ether vortical objects have been reflected from it and this time, again returned to the Earth at another angle. After returning to the Earth the ether vortical objects have been reflected again by electric field of the Earth back to the Moon… That was the way, by which the Earth – Moon resonant system has been occupied by charged particles. When the required concentration of charge particles in resonant Earth – Moon system was achieved it has been energized itself at its own resonant frequency. The energy million times assisted by resonance properties of the system was being changed into ether vortical object of a huge power within the electric field of the Earth. However, it was only my guesswork, and I didn’t know how it would be in reality.

I remember very well the day of experiment. The estimated time came near. Minutes dragged on so slowly and seemed as if they were years. I thought I would go crazy of this waiting. At last, the estimated time came and … nothing happened! Another five minutes passed but nothing unusual took place. Various theories came into my head: maybe the clockwork hasn’t worked, or the system hasn’t snapped into action, and maybe nothing must happen at all. I was on the verge of insanity. And suddenly … It seemed to me that the light has grown dark for a moment and a strange feeling was being sensed throughout all my body - as if thousands of needles were piercing my body. Soon everything was over but there was an unpleasant metallic after-taste left in my mouth. All my muscles had become relaxed and there was a buzzing in my head. I felt totally worn out.

When I returned to my laboratory I found that it was practically intact, just there was a strong smell of burning in the air... And again, agonizing suspense had seized me, as I didn't know the results of my experiment. And only later on, having read about unusual phenomena in the newspapers, did I realize what a dreadful arm I have created. Of course, I expected that it would be a very heavy explosion. But, it has not been even an explosion - it has been a catastrophe!

After that experiment I determined that I would keep the secret of my invention until I die. Of course, I knew that someone else could easily repeat this crazy experiment. But this would require the acknowledgement that the ether exists but our scientific world moves further and further away from the truth. I am even grateful to Einstein and others because through their erroneous theories they lead mankind away from that dangerous path I followed. And, probably, this is their only merit. Perhaps, in about one hundred years, when reason prevails over the brute, my invention will serve for welfare of people.

Part 3. Flying machine

My hypothesis that gravitation is a compression of material bodies by ether has recently been confirmed experimentally. When working with the generator of ether vortical objects I observed one very odd phenomena. When it's turned on I could feel a wind blowing towards the generator. I decided to investigate this phenomena. I rolled up several newspapers before igniting and immediately extinguishing them. There was a thick smoke coming from newspapers. With these reeky newspapers I went around the generator. The smoke came to the generator from any spot of the laboratory. And the smoke disappeared near to the generator. At first, I thought the reason relates to electrostatics. But having considered this phenomena I concluded: electrostatics could not be able to cause these phenomena at such a long distance from the generator. Then I supposed: - the Generator lessens the compression of ether through impact to the ether (gravity) !

I constructed big scales to make sure of it. One side of the scales was positioned over the generator. In order to exclude any electromagnetic influence of the generator the scales were made out of highly dried wood. In order to protect against electrostatic field of the generator the scales were worked up by graphite powder. After I accurately balanced the scales I turned on the generator. The side of scales that was over the generator began rapidly to go up. I turned on the generator. The scales went down. I turned off the generator. The scales went down and began to swing until it was fully balanced out. I loaded the scales with the ballast and changed its capacity and operating mode striving for its balance. After these experiments I planned to build a flying machine, which could fly not only in the air but within interplanetary space.

The principle of operation of the flying machine is as follows: towards the flight direction, compression of the ether is to become weaker by the generator installed in the flying machine. As the ether keeps pressing with prior intensity from all other sides, then the flying machine began moving. Being within this flying machine you will not feel its speeding-up as the ether is not to hamper your movement. I had to abandon my plans to create the flying machine. There were two reasons for it: first, I have no money to work in secret. But the main reason is that the great war began in Europe and I wouldn’t like my inventions used to kill! When on earth will these madmen stop?


You read a brief version of the manuscript of Nicola Tesla. This manuscript version is aimed at a broad audience, therefore there are no details in it understandable only to the specialists. You shouldn’t search for any style similarity of Tesla’s entry with his other known documents in this manuscript version. You shouldn’t forget that this manuscript has been translated by computer, and besides that the condition of the notebook was very bad. However, I tried to convey the main point of Tesla’s notes with the utmost accuracy. Unfortunately, there was a great deal of damage through water effect of that manuscript passage where the generator of ether vortical objects was described. But, nevertheless, from these scraps of data I could understand the principle of work of this generator. However, there is a shortage of several details to have an entire representation.

In Tesla’s manuscript there is information about the biological impact of metal rings to animate nature. There is a way of processing metal wire by alternative current provided in this part of the manuscript. After such processing the metal wire is stranded into a circle designed to kill microbes and protect people against diseases. I tried this method myself. As a result, I didn’t get ill with flu during the last two winters, although I had a flu very often before.

In the unknown manuscript of Nicola Tesla there is the following phrase: - The light moves in straight lines, the ether – around the circle so the leaps arise hereby. – Apparently, by using this phrase, Tesla tried to explain why the light moves by leaps. In modern physics this phenomena is called a quantum leap. Further in the manuscript there is an explanation of this phenomena but it is a little fuzzy. So I will present my reconstruction of the explanation of this phenomena out of conserved words and sentences.

In order to better understand the reason of leap light movement let’s imagine the boat spinning within a huge whirlpool. We will install the generator in this boat. As the rate of movement of external and internal areas of the whirlpool is different then the waves from the generator will move by leaps when passing these areas. The same phenomena we can observe with the light when it passes ether whirlwind. There is a description of the principle of getting energy using ether vortical objects in the manuscript. But it also was greatly damaged by the water. That’s why I will present my own reconstruction of the text. This reconstruction is based on separate words and phrases of the unknown manuscript, as well as in other publications of Nicola Tesla. Therefore, I cannot guarantee exact coincidence of the manuscript text reconstruction to the original.

To understand the method of receiving energy with use of ether vortical objects let’s imagine a huge bleb swimming in the water. This bleb is very stable as it is squeezed by the water from every quarter and it is influenced by the force of radial compression. How can we extract the energy out of this bleb? For this we have to break its stability. It can be done by water whirlwind or if the bleb’s side will be hit by water vortical ring. If using ether vortical object we carry out the same thing with any material body and the result is we will get huge surge of energy. I will present an example: when ball lightning touches any object the result is a huge energy liberation and sometimes an explosion.


I read this off the webpage of the guy who posted this information. It's secondhand information at best, but I would like to know what all you physics guys think about the theories presented in this supposed manuscript. Regardless of its validity, I enjoyed reading this enough to copy it to a Word document more than two years ago for the opportunity to show it to someone(s) smarter than me and who possibly could test this type of stuff out.

this ties in schauberger and tesla completely.

air, ether, water, magnetism  is based on vortexes. there is nothing more to be thought about except  how to compile all this information. please help.


Why is the writer hiding behind a supposed "manuscript"?

What strikes me about this article is not so much the theory it proposes, but the fact that the writer apparently does not have the guts to say "this is my theory" and take the heat for what he is saying, but instead hides behind Tesla and a supposed manuscript that was fortiutously used as a lining of an old fire helmet.

This is journalism of the worst sort - unless the writer is willing to let us see the manuscript - put copies up for others to look at it as well. So I am reluctant to say whether the theory proposed has any merit, because even if it does, other information in the article may be completely misleading.

I would say put up or shut up, i.e. reveal the original writing and let others travel the same route of analysis you have apparently travelled, or live with the heavy doubts that the nebulous origin of the theory engenders.

Tesla manuscript

A lot of oompf, what i like the most, are the parts which are missing, it seems that the manuscript deteriorated in places crucial for any discussion. There are some Einstein errors known, but not spoken of in the wider community, (a little dirty secret), and MM experiment has certain inherent error, thus the person sounds to me like a phisicist who didn't make it. Now he uses some gen. knowledge, but he is nowhere. Keep on searching friend.


This is awsome..Did he have anymore infromation?Is there any way for me to see a copy of the originals?Please E-mail...

i would recommend you get

i would recommend you get Tesla's patents, articles and lectures -- or consult


Tesla demonstrated "the transmission of electrical energy without wires" that depends upon electrical conductivity as early as 1891. The Tesla effect (named in honor of Tesla) is the archaic term for an application of this type of electrical conduction (that is, the movement of energy through space and matter; not just the production of voltage across a conductor)

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