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Kauko Nieminen selling his works on the street
Kauko Nieminen selling his works on the street
This page is about the self-taught physicist. There is also a motorcycle speedway racer named Kauko Nieminen.

Kauko Armas Nieminen (born February 15, 1929 in Kuopio, Finland) is a Finnish self-taught physicist. He is the son of Aino Korhonen and Paavali Nieminen.

Although Nieminen is most known for his works in physics, he does not have any academic training or degree in physics, but is entirely self-taught. He has a bachelor's degree in law from the University of Helsinki.

Nieminen's research and theories in physics are very unusual. The basis of his work is the theory of "ether vortices". In principle, the theory claims that the universe is filled with ether, and as the ends of the ether come close to each other vortices appear. The center of a vortex is an elementary particle.

Nieminen has published several books, and advertisements about them can be frequently seen on the streets of Helsinki. Nieminen does not use a commercial publisher or advertisement agency, but instead publishes and distributes his books and advertisements himself.