EDAV PROJECT - Electro Dynamic Air Vehicle [III/III]



Electro Dynamic Air Vehicle
January, 2005

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So our goal here is to design a new aircraft that does not run on the usual combustion technology. But on the energy of the wind, by producing a stable vortices that can produce lift from the centrifugal acceleration of air.

In the previous Part 1 and Part 2 we have addressed various forms of aircraft design’s using strictly repulsion design energy. But lets look at this again and address a another design much more acceptable to science standards and to the masses of our civilization.

During the Second World War the U.S. Government built many submarines. The submersibles ran on diesel engines while they were on the surface and charged up their batteries for underwater running. When necessary they then submerged and ran on electrical energy stored in elaborate battery systems and the diesels were turned off.

So suppose we design an aircraft that could use the same principal. Suppose this aircraft could use the usual combustion engine to get airborne then switch to repulsion energy to sustain flight. If a suitable design aircraft could be constructed using a high aspect ratio wing which is shaped like a bullet, and is so designed to envelope enough helium to offset the gross weight by up to 30%, then a vertical ducted thrust from a 100 H.P. Rotax engine could possible blow the small aircraft off the ground with about 445 lbs of thrust. Now once airborne the high aspect ratio wing develops about 2200 lbs of lift capacity at 15 mph. Now our repulsion system we know runs on water so the moisture content of the air is the fuel required for operation. So now once above 2000 feet the repulsion system starts to kick in gear. Now the repulsion system being a thermodynamic generator is capable of producing a huge amount of static electrical energy. Just maybe this energy is just what is required to produce electro-kinetic thrust as proven by the Townsend Brown effect.

The only problem with the Brown effect is being able to produce a sufficient enough static electrical energy to sustain flight. The repulsion system is (16) the key here. So here we have a new type of light aircraft, vertical takeoff and landing capability and can be capable of transcontinental flight using electrical energy supplied from the atmosphere. The simple dynamics of the wing allow for a high lift ratio and the electrical current from the repulsion is routed to the leading edges to deflect the approaching air stream. Whereas again decreasing a drag across the wing structure and increasing forward speed. This is well known as electrogravitic thrust. Because of the light weight of the aircraft and the associated high lifting profile of the wing only approximately 50 lbs of electro-kinetic thrust will be required to sustain flight after the combustion engine is switched off.

So the marriage of:

  1. A lighter weight aircraft more aerodynamically built (Light Sport Aircraft)
  2. The use of Helium to offset the gross weight of the aircraft.
  3. The Rotax 912 ducted thrust capacity to produce vertical takeoff and landing.
  4. A new wing design, Low aspect ratio type for better aerodynamic speeds.
  5. A repulsion system designed to produce enough electrical energy to create electrogravitic thrust thru the use of water transformation.

We now have the makings of a light aircraft for transcontinental flight. This aircraft shall be nicknamed “Proteus” Here are some other views. TOP VIEW END VIEW

Leonard G. Cramp version of the HOVERPLANE concept designed in 1971-84 was based on this same technology and a 6 foot long remote control model was built and flown Below is a picture from his book of his version. Notice the low aspect ratio wing on this aircraft.

What is a Repulsion system? It is a rare endothermic heat engine that has the capacity to absorb atmospheric heat and wind energy to build up fantastic power levels, WITHOUT A DROP OF FUEL

So let’s now refer back to Victor’s writings published in his book below. As we begin to analyze some more of this text as it is written. Victor Schauberger writes about the Paramagnetic Dynamo (Energy Evolution Pg. 115)

“The principal of the vacuum turbine consists in the fact that that an Artificial thunderstorm or high tension electrical charge develops in a capillary tube and a double spiral pipe in which electromagnets have been incorporated, which transforms the substance of the air into electrical energies. These discharge into the sidewalls and from there thru diffusion are ducted away downwards as heat. Thru the transmutation of aeriform matter into energies, a self intensifying physical vacuum is created in an upward direction and through the recurrent development of a heat gradient in a downward direction, a powerful up current of air evolves which after a few minutes intensifies to cyclonic force. Because the air pressure in an upward direction can be progressively reduced in this extremely simple way, the counter flow of air can be raised to over 124 mph producing about 10,000 brake H.P. on the inclined surfaces of the prop or turbine.”

From this paragraph several deductions can be drawn. We have already touched on some of the other points in Part 2.

So let’s concentrate on the high points of the production of electrical energy.

Fact 1.) The Repulsion system is capable of producing a high amount of electrical energy as stated above which is a natural static type current. (Not AC or DC)This electrical energy can be siphoned off using a different type of housing not made of copper as stated by Victor. Let’s come up to the 21st
Century and discover dielectric materials. A circular housing developed out of a Barium Titanate or Silicon Nitride would actually absorb the electrical current like a big capacitor. This would control the lighting bolts phenomenon associated with repulsion run-up. This would inevitably change some characteristics of the device but this is still just theory. Dielectric materials were very much experimented with in the late 50’s. By adding a little low grade powdered uranium material, the new material would have a higher density and develop a better energy capacitance. The electrical energies can be ducted away for other purposes such as electrogravitic propulsion.

Fact 2.) The heavy up current of air as noted is commonly referred to as a Vortex Thrust. Coanda discovered and talked about this in one of his patents and built a jet device capable of exploiting this energy. Below Coanda’s version of a Vortex Thruster:

Another individual by the name of Mikhail Goldshtik who was a faculty member with the University of Houston also experimented with the small Vortex Thruster and claimed of achieving 4 tons of thrust with 17 times less energy than conventional jets. Below is a comparison of his version to Coanda’s.

His old website was located and visible evidence of its construction has been validated. Mikhail met a tragic end and all his research material and models have disappeared.

Victor Schaubergers Repulsion energy device produces a large amount of static electricity which when charged up fires off large lighting bolts capable of setting everything around it on fire. Professor James L.P. Bailey wrote in his memoirs to Jnaudin in France (2001) when he started up his repulsion device, he had to concentrate from keeping it from setting the grass on fire.

In Victor Schaubergers book, “The Energy Evolution” by Callum Coats, page 125, is a story of a young gentleman in France who created a device that ran on what seamed to be perpetual motion.

This is the story: A French physicist, Gerard Renault in 1926, had occupied himself with the problem of obtaining electricity from the air. In his laboratory in Grenoble, he worked night and day on his invention and even the scant information that emerged publicly created a sensation in scientific circles. One day a machine stood in his workshop that was held to be a wonder. Day after day its wheels turned without any observer being able to determine whence the driving force originated. Neither steam, nor combustion gases, nor electrical motive forces could be detected. The machine stood on its base
completely insulated from the ground, and ran perpetuum mobile. For a while Renault enjoyed the general wonderment and then one day he said,
“ This machine is in fact driven by electricity from the air. I have solved the problem. With its practical application, within a few years we shall achieve a paradise on earth.”
Renault and his assistant later died in an explosion demonstrating the device and the secret went to the grave with him. Electricity from moisture latent air was discovered and proven by this story published in France. The subsequent explosion was probably a high accumulation of hydrogen gas. A by product of repulsion energy.

Another way to establish electrical energy from the Repulsion system is as follows:
Everybody has an electric stove in their house and it is common knowledge that the electricity is transformed into heat when flowing thru a metal. But let’s reverse this process. Suppose the repulsion housing thru natural air friction produces heat (300-500 degrees)then if we were to assemble a circular plate out of copper and lead and attach it into the inside of the repulsion housing, then a thermal conductor could be established to turn the high heat circulating in and around the housing into electrical energy also. So here we have established two good sources of electrical energies to power our aircraft.

Lets address the concerns of electro magnets incorporated into the waveplates.
Victor Schauberger built a repulsion version with the magnets built into the waves. So what was Schauberger after with this version of plates? The waveplates were a different design than other versions shown earlier.

  1. The attraction between molecules could be temporarily altered by a force field. It would in effect, introduce matter into another dimension. Such force fields comprise both the cause and effect of the transmutation and transference of matter.
  2. If we were to send electromagnetic pulses between magnets, the waves thus produced would create an ether different from that on earth. A variation in the distance between the plates would bring about a modification in the ether produced. This is another area of further research to be done.

Waters memory is also affected by the magnets and the frequencies which are pulsing from the core of the system.

The repulsion system when activated can also revitalize water. This is based chiefly on different magnetic forces meeting with the element of water. Every atom, every molecule, every substance has its own frequency oscillation that corresponds to that of sound and a color. Water possesses electromagnetic oscillations in certain wave lengths. If tap water flowing thru this device is put thru a spiraling motion that makes it possible to better absorb the high-frequency oscillations which are produced by the repulsion system thereby preparing the water for its transformation to a higher grade of ether. Water, is an element of coolness and can only maintain its own energy axis in correspondingly cool temperatures and meandering motion. As you will read below the energy associated with the wavy disk plates arrives from the expansion of pressure from the extreme cool state.

Special note: It is a known fact our normal tap water found in most cities are “Raped”. This is an additional negative effect that causes the loss of natural energy. A theory that goes even further, says that “When water suffers an extremely high loss of energy, it takes the missing energy back from the organism of a human being and that serious damage to health can be caused by this.” Remember, water gets its energy supplies from stones and minerals which also have different resonating frequencies. The element water, has functions to perform that are necessary to life. Living water seeks out its sources of energy itself.

Fundamentally, one has to know that freshwater naturally has a positive charge and saltwater a negative charge. When freshwater flows into saltwater, gigantic energy’s are freed.

Left handed rotation is called (Lavorotatory) and right hand (Dextrorotatory). In the repulsion system counterclockwise rotation or lavorotatory is used. Usually it is assumed that clockwise rotation is positive and that left-handed is negative. This is important to remember later.

As you can see, the study and understanding of water is very important to the process of obtaining the best repulsion results. There is more to write concerning “Revitalized Water” but this is where I stop and your research continues.

More on The Thermal dynamics of Repulsion Mechanics:

Suppose we consider another design of repulsion plates that actually clap together when the implosion effect happens.

If we generate a "COLD" vortex inside the Repulsine. We alter its "INTERNAL" density. This vortex is very "HEAVY" in the center of the Repulsine, above the upper wavy disc compressor plate. If this "AIR MASS" is heavy enough it will "CLOSE" the plates together! The resulting heat from the wind ramming beneath the wavy disc compressor plate will then heat the cold air vortex and it will be "BLOWN OUT" of the exhaust turbine. If you want to "DESTROY" a vortex you "HEAT IT AT THE CENTER"! The wind will now be blown out of the Repulsine exhaust turbine. This generates a strong vacuum inside the Repulsine and the wavy disc plates will spring open. This cycle repeats over and over again. The Hilsch/Rankin tube has a mass of cold falling air at the center of its compressed air vortex. THIS IS NOT AN UN-PROVEN IDEA.

What I am saying is that we not only have the "PRESSURE" of the internal vortex to "SQUASH" the wavy disc plates together. We also have the "WEIGHT" of the cold air.
It would be like an elephant sitting on a car! Then the thermo-dynamic cycle changes and the weight is lost as the air mass goes up the exhaust turbine.

We "KNOW" a pulse jet uses the explosion of fuel and air to "CLOSE" its intake vanes. They often look like a flower pedal opening and closing on small models.

The Repulsine is discharging its exhaust gas "VERTICALLY".

The Repulsine actually does use the weight of its compressed air to open and close its wavy disc plates! The exhaust turbine is run off of expanding cold air.
So what we would have is a vertical pulse jet valve plate assembly with an exhaust turbine like a standard turbo jet. This combination is unique and not to be found on any standard jet engine. So the Repulsine therefore becomes a testable aircraft engine.

The internal weight of the cold air vortex may act as a natural valve closer.
Once the vortex collapses and heats up, the Repulsine chamber is emptied and the plates open over and over again.

Suppose we experiment with the idea that the plates do open and close together during operation of the Repulsine. They may actually "SEAL" at the outer rim of the two Repulsine plates. This would form a hot air pocket between the two wavy disc plates that would heat the internal cold air above the closed wavy disc plates. We would "ONLY" press the rims of the wavy disc compressor together. This forms a "BUBBLE" of heated air inside the Repulsine. The air from the base plate hole would ram into the wavy disc plates, thus heating them once the wavy disc plate rims are closed together. Then at a critical moment the suction between the plates will "SNAP" the rims closed and the wavy disc compressor plates will ram a bubble of hot air from the intake hole at the bottom of the Repulsine. The cold air above the wavy disc plates will then be super heated and the exhaust turbine will be spun up.

I will mention one final variation. The turbine shaft could be made "HOLLOW" and have holes covered by the wavy disc plates. That way the intake air would go through the hollow Turbine shaft and have a perfect seal during the ramming of the air trapped between the wavy disc plates as they close together. The wavy disc compressor has no "DEFINED" internal structure. It is entirely possible that they close together in this manner! So the question is are the wavy disk compressor plates fixed or free to move relative to one another? It is the difference between a Repulsine that will slowly spin down after its electric motor is shut off or one that will spin indefinitely.

All possible solutions as to the "EXACT" purpose of those wavy disc plates must be considered. If this plate clapping effect was what Viktor was hiding, then it is time to bring it into the light. There is a lot of evidence to support this.

Developing a Better Understanding of the Vortex.

The velocity of a fluid at any point in a vortex is equal to a physical constant divided by the radius of the suction center. That is to say that velocity increases as the radius gets smaller. In a perfect vortex, as the radius approaches zero its fluid velocity will approach infinity. As infinity velocity is impossible in the physical universe, something has to give. In the case of water the molecules begin to dissociate into a vapor. This dissociation is accompanied by the generation of high voltage electricity. Measured charges as high as 12,000 volts have been obtained in the exact center of a liquid vortex. The pressure in the center of the vortex is theoretically infinitely negative.

The exact shape of a vortex is a hyperboloid or hyperbola of rotation. From elementary geometry we may recall the formula of a Hyperbola.

The vortex spiral when viewed from above is a harmonic spiral. As it approaches the center from the outside it decreases in size with each turn from unity on the outside to ½, 1/3, ¼, 1/5, etc. Using this perfect vortex curve is exactly what the waveplates design are based on.

But to this date nobody has successfully developed the right configuration of waves or the amount of waves required to produce the energy results. There are a million representations of waves to speculate, and only one that will work. Below is an example of one type.

The wave plates have proven very hard and expensive to fabricate. An also very time consuming to draw. I have drawn several sets of waveplates already to consider.


The Edav Project continues and grows each year. Here I have touched on a new aircraft design “Proteus” capable of transcontinental flight without refueling. By bringing together sound aerodynamic principals and a Repulsion process, sustained flight by Electrogravitics is closer than we think. The Repulsion System is the key to this form of flight. Helium, being the lightest molecule is difficult to contain. Special high grade Mylar material has to be obtained to contain the helium so the loss factor is minimal. (3% loss over 12 months recommended)
Low Aspect ratio wing structures are another form of wing never addressed by our current aviation society, but millions has been spent to show its worth while consideration. Most designers in aviation follow in others footsteps by plagiarizing efforts somebody else has already achieved. That’s why the combustion fixed wing aircraft has stayed the same for 100 years.

Much more information has been obtained this year regarding implosion and its amount of information is far greater than what I can write at this time. As you see, implosion technology is touched in several areas. And each area has concerns to address regarding the overall concept. So I touched on several issues and hope the person interested will follow my footsteps.

Magnetics associated with hot and cold endothermic reactions is a huge field of experimentation and holds a vast wealth of knowledge still untouched by mankind.

An EXPERIMENTAL PYROMAGNETIC AIRCRAFT ENGINE CONCEPT is also being evaluated for insert into this website and works along with implosion type forces.

Dielectric materials induced with static electrical current can become huge capacitors. This is another area of vast knowledge to pursue.

Mr. Golsshtik of the University of Houston was experimenting with a “Vortex Thruster” that touched on the very essence of a straight forward Coanda Effect Patent. Possibly a mix between Schauberger’s new vacuum blades and Coanda’s air effects.

Achieving the results of extracting electricity from the natural movement of the air has been shown to exist. Follow up on the research of “Flame Jet Generators” and find a whole new world of information.

Simple water holds the key’s to the universe. Everything flows from water including the human form. Since water is the fuel for a Repulsion system, understanding the essence of water becomes another road of study. This avenue has taken me thru many books for information. Saltwater, freshwater, distilled water, polluted water, healing water, all are different aspects and each come with surprising results obtained in the last 10 years of our scientific community. Especially the effects of healing waters obtained from Lourdes, France and other places of the world. Victor Schauberger revealed in his writings the preparation of healing waters. Johann Grander produced simple healing waters with magnetism and high frequencies. Natural combinations of Mother Nature brought together to heal the body, to heal the water. This information highway is extremely vast and is worth researching. I ask the question, “Is chlorinated water actually creating our cancers?” If the answers are there to find then the public works dept’s across our country will be responsible for millions of deaths of our own citizens. If proven correct, are they liable for their actions? What will it take to create change in this vast bureaucracy of pipes and government? Victor Schauberger built an implosion device that developed waters so pure it actually healed the people that consumed the miracle liquid. Since the town doctors started losing their profits, they band together and had it smashed. Victor never built another because of this repercussion. So what would happen today if someone redeveloped this technology? Mankind is in need of good water.

We touched on another version of waveplate technology. The clapping plate effect which develops an internal pressure by the endothermic process. I am overwhelmed by the recent discovery of information in this field but am not at liberty to publish a lot of this on the internet.

Read closely the information given on the Vortex. Developing the electrical energy thru the vortex is reality and based on facts. The vortex spiral has a lot to do with the design of the waveplates. The resulting math formulas given were published in 1986 and are a good start toward developing the waves of a waveplate. I am not going to give you the formula structures. If you’re smart enough to understand the formulas, than let your work begin. The drive to know more has no limits.

John Worley Keely was a researcher of ancient technology and stumbled into an unknown realm of science. The science of Frequencies and Oscillations. It is another category to be explored regarding the research of implosion. Another angle of this technology can be explained by reviewing Keely’s work and I have found much to help in understanding implosion. This is another wide avenue of the information highway to explore. No wonder it took Victor 30 years to develop repulsion.

So these are the issues I have touch on at this time. I will write much more next year and hope that pictures will be available of my first set of repulsion plates. An associate has assembled an experiment using vacuum to create resonating plates. But it is not available yet for pictures.

Much consideration is still developing in the throttling issues of the waveplates. Like a gasoline engine, learning how to contain the energy is a key issue here. Once the repulsion system kicks in gear, it is a must to be able to control the RPM’S. This can be done mechanically by controlling the air intake, or using electro-magnetic energy to control the waveplate velocity. Both are complicated and will take some time to develop.

Disclaimer note:

Understand that if you undertake the task of building a repulsion system and it might actually work, you are putting yourself and anybody close by at risk of being injured. This is still an unknown area of energy and should not be addressed by someone with backyard intelligence. If you act irresponsibly, then the forces of our or any government will come in an take it all away. Use good common sense and surround yourself with intelligent well schooled individuals who are interested in what you’re trying to achieve, and can give you good advise and expertise in its development. I have found much help from people with PhD’s and Engineering backgrounds willing to assist me. But I have exhibited good practices and knowledge in my building of aircraft and because I understand and value human life.

“Nature, always reluctant to yield her secrets, is listening to the demands made upon her by her master, necessity”

A beginning walk in Theology and Science; By Kim Zorzi

The Bible, particularly Genesis, the first three chapters is a description of the formation of the Universe. Remember that Genesis was written by Mose’s when he met God on Mt. Horab. Mose’s was with God for 40 days. That was a lot of time, what all do you think they talked about. A lot is written in other books. Moses wrote many other books concerning conversations with God which might be interesting to scholars of Science.

When Genesis is studied with care and an eye for the significant meanings behind the descriptions of manifested intervals of which there are six. In music development there are six intervals, and seven notes in an inclusive octave. The eighth note is the first note of the next octave. Whereas the Monday starts the next week after the day God rested. All counted there are three octaves described in Genesis. By Keely

It has been pointed out in the literature that Victor Schauberger, John Keely, DaVinci and many others also studied the ancient writings which led them thru their works. The Bible both the New Testament and the Old share many one line comments that when researched will lead you to territories of knowledge ministers forbid. But will uncover a wealth of knowledge unknown to those who never ask. This information may bring to your eyes a new awareness of the way the world has gotten to this point. And also the political structure designed to suppress knowledge even in the Christian world. In schools, our eyes are given blinders and we are taught the way society wants us to learn. Lord help us if we cut a different track.
Just to give you some food for thought, consider the following which still mystify the vast knowledge of science:

  1. “Enoch walked with God” as it is written in Genesis second chapter, ever bother to find out why. What connection did Enoch have with the angels of Heaven? Enoch described Gods heavenly appearance whereas Moses never was allowed to look directly upon God.
  2. Why did they pour the perfume on Jesus at the last supper? How is perfume made?
    The transformation of Jesus in the Garden in front of the Apostles, a transformation from matter to spirit or does a portal to God’s Temple exists in the Garden. Jesus did not have to die on the cross. The bible says, “The wages of Sin is Death” so did Jesus actually commit a sin before his revelation into the Holy Spirit? If Jesus had been allowed to continue living, would the beings of Genesis have been created all over again had he been wed to Mary Magdeline. Jews were to be married at that time at the age of 13, so why did Jesus not marry? His brothers and sisters did.
  3. How about Writings of King Solomon which are found in the Old Testament. But exactly how did God give the wealth of knowledge to King Solomon. Was his connection to the Angels or the Spirits, both good and evil something kept away from today’s Christians?
  4. The great star of Bethlehem that shown brightly, where did its light originate. We have the capability of turning back the world and the vast star complexity to the point of where the earth was at that exact time thru our use of computer technology. It may surprise some interested mathematicians where it might point. Light does travel in a straight line. What other Galaxy’s might line up with Bethlehem at that time period?
  5. Is Gods Temple located in the heavens; or does it actually reside on another planet in our vast Galaxy? Does this planet have a name?
  6. In the second chapter of Genesis, “The angels cohabitated with earthly woman” Angels have no genitals. So was this secret of reproduction which became known to earthly woman the ultimate sin against mankind? Was this the main reason mankind had to be destroyed by the flood? Was Mary seduced for conception using the same method? In our current scientific society studies the DNA chain and as it reaches the end surly the researchers have come up with answers, but are they telling all?
  7. The direct descendent of Joseph and Mary, which would have been James now sits at the top of the biggest bank in the world. Since a well tracked descendents were kept from Adam up thru Jesus, has the Jews kept a record of the first born descendents to date? It might surprise you that the Rothschild family who is of direct descendants and is one of the richest families on the earth, comes from the descendent of Mary and Joseph. So who is controlling the financial orders of the world? So is Gods descendents in control of the ultimate financial disasters to come?
  8. The Golden Ark of the Covenant was located and found in Jan. 1982. Jesus’s blood was scraped from the Mercy Seat but what happened to it. The Ark will never be brought out, why? Who controls the Temple Mount now? A new Temple would have to be constructed for the Ark. So the existing Muslim Temple would have to be destroyed. This is the ultimate clash between the Jews and the Muslim’s. The Temple mount is the Navel of the world. Read the United Nations resolution to give the Land of the Temple Mount to the Palestinians or to the Muslims. The Jewish people took
    control of that land because the Muslims wanted to plow it all down and destroy any connection to Jesus Christ existence. This is the heart of the conflict between the two nations.

And finally, how did the Bible actually come to be? Who wrote all the text? What languages did they originate? Mathew, Mark and Luke was not written by them
But was written two hundred years later long after there death. John and Thomas were the only schooled Apostles that wrote their own book. Why was Paul knocked off his horse by Jesus? What had he done to get Jesus upset at him? Roman history holds a lot more if you research. Generals and the such were ordered to keep records and these writings were recorded and sent to Rome. There is a lot more of Roman history which is written after the resurrection. More wisdom and knowledge that could quench the thirsty soul.

So what is the connection here? Victor Schauberger, John Keely and the likes of some very smart men belong to the same Rosicrucian Societies. Secret societies that used the connection to the angels thru Solomon’s keys to get important answers from the angels. To cross that forbidden line of matter and spirit for answers. Reading the books of “Isis Unveiled” and “The Secret Doctrine” starts you down this never ending path. This path has more fingers to explore than all the pages of the Bible. Repulsion implosion methods was discovered in the caves of Samaria. This information can date back thousands of years. This is fact my friends.

Edgar Cayce, considered the “Sleeping Prophet” for told much but many don’t embrace this knowledge. But yet his conjoining spirit gave cures for thousands of people still used by medicine manufacturers today. So lets believe one thing and not another, right.

I know I am in a forbidden area of knowledge, and wherever I speak of these things I spark large fires in the mist of men’s conversations. Most of the time it is asked “Where did you hear that, that isn’t written in the Bible”. Remember that the main context of the Bible is to “Save Souls”. Other sources need to be examined to find answers to other questions.

I will conclude on this note. The path of research may open your mind to many things, but as a human being, God gave you a brain to assimilate all information and put it in its respective place. Good or bad, or what we term as evil. You may learn many things, but stay out of knowledge you don’t understand. I have truly this last year come to understand the powers of God and the Devil and it has strengthened my belief in God whole heartedly. The human mind is capable of opening itself to a higher existence thru proper meditation. Those who do not believe there is a Supreme Being in our existence will meet their ultimate end.

Good Luck on your research my friend……KAZ


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“The Energy Evolution” by Callum Coats

Electrogravitics Systems by Thomas Valone, PhD

On the Track of Water’s Secrets by Hans Kronberger & Siegbert Lattacher

“Vortex Notes” by Patricia and Gael Crystal Flanagen 1986

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