BNE (Byron New Energy)


Welcome to the Byron New Energy wiki website.

This website has been set up to encourage and create not for profit international humanitarian design, development, and construction and distribution of clean renewable energy sources and machines for the Golden Age of Humanity.




BNE Mission Statement

Here is our BNE (Byron New Energy) Mission Statement:

We have started a New Energy Group in Byron Bay, Australia called Byron New Energy Group, or BNE for short. BNE Mission Statement

To establish a not for profit humanitarian group.

The group has a goal of love and selfless service to humanity at large, of researching, developing, publishing freely in the public domain for the good of humanity at large, and manufacturing, devices that use clean renewable energy sources that supply viable alternatives to those devices that use non-environmently friendly non-renewable fuels such as nuclear and fossil fuels.

Hopefully, a number of these BNE devices will be over unity (develop more power than apparently is consumed) by using generally renewable cosmic energy sources. In this way 'free' or very low cost renewable clean energy may be made available to humanity at large. This mission may thus fulfill a major requirement to enable humanity to move towards the Golden Age.

These devices will include but not be limited to making use of gravity, anti-gravity, electromagnetic, electronic, magnetic, water, hydrogen, oxygen, zero point or vacuum or radiant energy and/or cold fusion and may also include other potential sources of cosmic energy. The group will be formed by a core of active participating members who will be responsible for all group decisions.

The group will be positive and supportive and no coercion will be used and will encourage 'out of the box' thinking.

Each person will bring constructive complimentary resources to the group including enthusiasm, expertise, their time, technical skills and materials and machines, money, premises etc. etc. The group in general will interact freely and share information and resources with all and any persons and organizations that have similar aims to the group.


I once ran a car on nothing

I once ran a car on nothing for a time, utilising that fine line of energy between form and space, where one can see all of time and all of interelationships, of those times. where you could simply fix anything through being in the moment of that time even when others were making it worse. I have done other things simply by being in the center of things and thinking of say circles and water next it would rain out of a blue sky.Or to quiet a storm or even create it. However to harness this energy is quite a feat in some ways although one can do much in other ways, just by asking. Where we are all heading and know deep inside, yet are at times afraid of the power of it all. It is finding the center where it all streams in and then using this energy to benefit all around. Good work.

Great to see that this is

Great to see that this is occuring here. I am looking to get a totally sustainable development on my biodynamic property off the ground. there is a great deal happening on this level and am interested in finding what is occuring in this area in this country and who has the expertise and knowledge to do so. Love what you are doing would like to hear from you. I know about the Joe Cell it began in the seventies and he took it to the states and germany where of course the interest of the now shall we say old power base stopped it. All coming to the fore now great.
Kind regards
Leslie Patten
[email protected]


I saw your video on youtube. very interesting stuff, stuff so interesting infact that it has the potential to change not only the world but also the way we understand it. next time you come to brisbane on a cup and a half of water, come up to the University of Queensland i'm sure there are number of chemists, physicists and investors who would love to see this up close :)

i recommend going to

i recommend going to since you are australian, and they are australian also. godspeed!

joe cell

I ran my daihatsu charade on water for a week (electrolysis) until it seized due to carbon clogging oil pickup filter.the rust inside the engine was amazing. I would like to make a joe cell,would there be any chance I could see one in operation? I live in Adelaide but could soon drive over, sincerely,Bill.