Converting Cosmic Radiant Energy Into Electrical Energy

by Bruce A. Perreault


The Earth is bathed in a sea of cosmic and solar energies. Can a device be built that can transform this high frequency energy into usable power? I believe that T. H. Moray did build such a device. This has inspired me to conduct my research and to build my own prototypes. How the radiant energy device really worked might shock a few people once the facts become known.

Present day alternative energy researchers find hope in that, one day, power will be obtained from the energy that runs the Cosmos. In reality, this dream proves to be a lure to its followers, beyond the limits of credibility. A quagmire of unsubstantiated hypotheses exists, so bottomless and unreal. The facts of many newly conceived energy concepts are wholly inadequate, lacking justification, and incapable of throwing any light on the promise of inexpensive, abundant sources of energy.

Nature is my best teacher. Within one of her classrooms there are mineral samples that give out pure electrical energy. They are the radioactive rocks. Did the cosmic rays create this storehouse of energy by reacting with the two densest materials on Earth, thorium and uranium? It is quite possible that these two elements found in nature derived their energy from the cosmic rays. A small percentage of these rays are capable of penetrating, without loss, hundreds of feet of solid rock.

Nikola Tesla’s investigations brought him to the conclusion that the Earth was being showered with "tiny particles, each carrying so small a charge that we are justified in calling them neutrons." He stated that "they move with great velocity, exceeding that of light."

Moray's Radiant Energy Detector

The success of Moray's radiant energy converter relied on a detector that looked like a white, powdery, stone-like mineral that he found in a railroad car, located in Abisko, Sweden. From military records we know for certain that this white mineral was "fused silica." Silica is the chemical name for the simple oxide of silicon, silicon dioxide (SiO4). Mineralogists call this compound quartz. This is normally found in nature in its crystalline form. Finding this mineral in a fused state can only mean one thing. That, what Moray found was metamict quartz. A metamict is a crystalline mineral that loses its crystal structure due to radioactive destruction. For this to occur the quartz had to have contained trace amounts of uranium and/or thorium, which is why it was found in a "fused" state, in a more or less amorphous state, the so-called metamict state, owing to radiation damage from a -decay of these impurities. "Over the course of hundreds of millions of years, a -decay doses as high as 1019 decays/g can occur, which may lead to the complete amorphization"(1) of the quartz structure.

Contact Details

If you would like all of the fine details on how Moray's device converted what he loosely called "radiant energy" you will need to purchase my book, Radiant Energy Power Generation. I only brought a limited supply with me today because of weight restrictions at the airport. It was much more important to bring more hardware. If you can not buy a copy today you can buy one online at my website. The web address is You can also find details here about my own private inventor's weekend that will take place in October and will be held in Houston, Texas. You will see more of my hardware at this upcoming event. Don Smith will be presenting his latest research. Calvin Bahlmann is demonstrating his completed Power Wheel for the very first time. His energy wheel is a combination of many different types of alternative energy motors and goes well beyond the Testatika device. You won't want to miss this event. Only pre-registrations will be taken. This is a private event. Product distribution will be discussed at our nightly social gatherings. While at my website you will find all kinds of excellent information that you can not find anywhere else. You can also write to me by snail mail, at: Nu Energy Horizons, PO Box 22, Rumney, NH 03266.


For almost fifteen years now I have carried out many experiments. The fruits of this research are now ripening. Many fruits are within grasp but they are not yet quite ripe for the picking. The intent of revealing my progress to the World is to insure that this work is not done in vain. Through my writings I have attempted to explain the many facets of "radiant energy" and how it is possible to draw useable power from it. If radiant energy can be given to the World then humankind will have the potential to reach heights not yet dreamed or conceived. Today, I freely give to you the results of my life's work. Together we can reclaim our independence!

Tesla's Electric Car

Before I move onto my public tests I would like to clear up the myth that has been going around about Tesla's electric car. The details of this car was revealed to me by Tesla's last known living assistant Arthur H. Matthews, E.E., and B.Sc. in 1986. In his audio tape sent to me he states that special primary batteries with replaceable zinc electrodes powered Tesla's electric car. This car had a "fluid transmission" and could travel at 90 miles per hour. The electric motor could run on the batteries for three hundred miles before you had to pull over and attend to the batteries and then you were on your way for another three hundred miles. Matthews claimed that there were enough spare parts in the trunk to run the car for one year!


The performance of this vehicle seems to be impossible. However, the characteristics of Tesla's unidirectional electrical current can generate short duration high-energy that will generate high frequency oscillations when dumped through an inductive coil. This unique principle makes possible many seemingly impossible innovations. It was this principle that was at the very heart of Tesla's Magnifying Transmitter, also known as his "DC transformer" to his assistant Arthur H. Matthews. Edwin Gray also used this principle to run his high frequency motor. The Edwin Gray circuits do not produce "over-unity," contrary to the rumors. His circuit is powered by battery current that is stepped up by a vibrator and transformer. This is rectified and charges a capacitor. The capacitor is part of a resonant tank circuit. The load being the inductance. The oscillations are triggered by a Poulsen arc gap, which operates on a negative resistance. The rod and screen have a quenching effect on the tank circuit. This is a super efficient system. A radio frequency coil can be used as the inductive load and light bulbs will be lit up and you can even submerge them in water and they will still work. This type of electrical current flows through gas better than it does a solid. Tesla taught us this a long time ago.

The details of the Gray motor circuit can be found in my newly released book, Radiant Energy Power Generation. The effects of the high frequency that the Gray device generates will be demonstrated here today with real working hardware. Moray's device worked pretty much the same way except that radiant energy and not a car battery powered his circuitry.

Radon Fuel

The radiant energy powered ion valve is similar to the Gray conversion tube. The difference is that there is not an internal arc gap. The arcs that my circuits use are stand-alone Poulsen arc gaps. The Poulsen arc produces radio oscillations but for this to take place you need to use a hydrocarbon between the gap. However, with the ion valve in the circuit the hydrocarbon is not required. If you want to pump energy into the tank circuit other than what the battery supplies then you will need to add a substance to the tube that will evolve radon gas.

My research has revealed that the energy devices of T. H. Moray, Alfred Hubbard, Reverend Antonio d’Angelo, Joseph Papp, and others all contained a source of radon gas. They may or may have not realized that this was what they were using as their fuel. We will never know this for sure. However, what we do know for certain is that they all used radium in their energy devices. You can read all about this on my website. Some old articles are posted for your perusal. When my prototype is ready to be demonstrated I too will show how radon can be used to generate electricity. Demonstrations will have to be performed in private until my device obtains an exemption from government restrictions.

The facts show beyond doubt that radon gas was the fuel source that has powdered many so-called "free energy" devices. You can say that these devices ran on the energy of the cosmic rays. It is these rays that created radioactive thorium and uranium that we find in the ground. High-energy cosmic rays are really neutrons as Nikola Tesla had discovered. When a cosmic particle reacts with either thorium or uranium a radioisotope is created. This is why you see a consistent percentage of U235 all over the planet. This percentage represents an accumulation of comic ray bombardment over the lifetime of our world. Nature offers us this fuel that can be used to obtain electrical power with no moving parts and it is out there free for the taking. We do not have to split atoms to harness this storehouse of energy. Nature has already safely done this for us.

  1. Miami University, Herbert Jaeger Physics


What is "cold electricity"?

There is one last subject that I would like to address before I begin my demonstrations and public tests here today. It is the interpretation of what is being called "cold electricity." It just frustrates me to no end when I hear theories out there that have no scientific basis to them. How on Earth can electricity be cold? Electricity is a flow of charge. It is not a thermal state. Are we talking about a wire that loses thermal energy as a secondary effect due to the passage of electrical current? If so, this is nothing new nor is it strange. Have you ever heard about electrostatic cooling? A United States patent was granted to a fellow named Oscar C. Blomgren Sr. If anyone is interested, the U.S. Patent number is 3,872,917. This patent utilizes the principle of electrostatic cooling. It makes use of high-voltage negatively charged probes that are placed near the hot object, which is grounded. This extremely simple system uses very low power and is very efficient. This invention could also be used to remove thermal energy from a wire. It works because negative air ions carry the heat away with them and are dumped into the ground. It should not be too difficult to design a unit that could chill electrical wires to the point where a frost would appear. What has just been described is a solid state electrostatic heat pump. There is no mystery here and certainly there is no new science involved. Anyway, I have put in my two cents worth and I will not ramble on any further. People must believe what they must, onto the best part of my lecture, the hardware. _BAP


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moray's device how it worked

hi why is it so fantastic how moray's device, how it worked the answer is all around us, i have a complete understanding of how moray did it, and can tell you step by step and the science behind it, the basic principle is in so many things why have you missed it? if anyone is willing to pay for the answer, i will prove to you it works, but the answer is not going to be cheap as it pertains to so many things it will open up a whole new world, like anti gravity, healing disease , transmutation, reading minds, transportation like on star trek, if you are willing to pay for that knowledge then email me back. because moray used the same principle, and it is a liberating one, and can be understood quite simply, here is a clue, what is small but has the same power as the universe. i know and fully understand the who, the what , and the how. of the process. once known it can be applied to everything. the question is what are you willing to pay for it. and will you hold man hostage your brother or sister will you charge them to cure cancer, or ask them to pay for free water from a rock, would you ask them to pay for the rapid growth of food, or an energy supply so endless you can't give it away, this answer applies to everything, somewhat technical but easily understood and yes this is how black holes are created it works on the same principle. how do i know these things, yah-hey-va-hay the mighty tetragrammaton showed me in a dream behind every star is a meaning and purpose and he unshielded those stars all of them for me to see, that is how i know. any questions?

so, you'll sell the

so, you'll sell the information, and then tell us to ask ourselves if we will give it for free or charge for it? by the way, you don't even have an email address defined, so how is anyone supposed to contact you?

im not saying i doubt you, all im saying is that the time has come to opensource.

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