Bruce Perrault's Radiant_Energy Yahoo Discussion Group

This is an announcement to inform everyone that I have created a new Yahoo discussion list where all information in regards to producing electrical power with a radiant energy generator has been released, along with highly coveted notes.

It might surprise many of you that T. Henry Moray did not use radioactive material in an actual radiant energy power device until the 1950’s. This information appears in the personal notes of a person who witnessed Moray’s handy-work in person. This is but one jewel that is contained in the notes. These notes have only been shared amongst a select few researchers. They now reside on my newly created Yahoo discussion group…

To view these notes and other relevant information in regards to the radiant energy power device you will need to join:

I believe that several free-energy devices that appear to have drawn energy from disintegration of matter into energy, as described in the group description, only a few researchers realized how to efficiently convert it into electrical current and even fewer people actually knew where the power was being extracted from. People, whom I will not name, have been disseminating information for years that is far removed from the reality of radiant energy power generation, covering it up with deceptive theories. It is time to set the record straight and put the lame theories to rest forever. They have done a terrible disservice to humanity.

The real shocker in the course of my research came to me when I discovered early 1900 patents that show that Moray was not the original inventor of the “radiant energy receiver.” The patents had remained hidden because the inventor shortened his name when he immigrated to America. This served well over the years to protect the invention from prying eyes.

The patents represent a crude but functional radiant energy power device. Adding the “Swedish Stone” detector to the circuit was Moray’s actual contribution to the device, increasing the efficiency of conversion several-fold. The two men worked together until Moray passed away in May 1974. The patents have been added to the group file. With these patents it will become possible for you to build a radiant energy power generator that is both self-sustaining and will also provide useful electrical power.

Sincerely, Bruce A. Perreault