Free Electricity Generated From The Radiant 'Cosmos'

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A group of engineers gathered in 1936 to witness a Moray experiment where a bank of
light bulbs, and several appliances were operated with electricity taken directly from a "radiant source. "

Free Electricity Generated From The Radiant 'Cosmos'

Generating electricity without-burning fuels, atomic energy or using the sun's rays is not only possible - it's been done!

More than 40 years ago Dr. Thomas Henry Moray of Salt Lake City did it. He demonstrated on numerous- occasions that he could generate electric power from a natural source he called "radiant energy."

Par ahead of his time, Dr. Moray used a simple antenna, solid state electronic circuitry and specially designed cathode ray tubes to generate amazingly large amounts of useful electricity from a seemingly mystical source.

During the 1930's he demonstrated his invention on land, in the air and even under the the sheer astonishment of engineers and scientists.

The Rural Electrification Administration, a federal bureau, was ordered to work with Dr. Moray on his invention, which took 20 years and S200.000 of his own money to develop.

An REA engineer named Felix Frazer went berserk and smashed the Moray device with an axe. It was never rebuilt. The frustrated inventor could not afford to duplicate his invention and he went to his grave many years later convinced that the destruction of his device was part of a communist plot.

Scientists today know that his achievement was of major importance for mankind, and many of them are trying to duplicate his work. His son, John Moray, also an electronic engineer, is among the group trying to recreate the genius of his father.

The Moray story is an amazing tale of human attainment and human ignorance ... and, it's true.

"The energy source which my father harnessed was not derived from any known prime mover. He harnessed a universal source which pervades the earth's surface," John Moray ex-plained to NEWSREAL.

"Dad's device was truly amazing," the younger Moray continued, "it produced useful power below the surface of the sea, under the earth's surface and in flying aircraft.

A young boy holds a small electric motor, which is operating from electricity produced by Dr. Moray's device. Moray, right, holds part of his "radiant energy" generating system and an antennae runs down to another man in the far corner. Below on the opposite page a similar demonstration with a powerful light. The electricity actually came from a source picked up by the antennae and converted to useable power.

"He had perfected his device to the point that it could be operated with remarkable consistency. He verified his work before hundreds of witnesses, many of whom had excellent professional and technical credentials," John Moray added.

Major business concerns and the federal government were fully aware of Dr. Moray's device and in the later 1930's engineers from the REA were ordered to work with him by President Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

A controversy grew between the inventor and the government engineers and Dr. Moray charged that the REA was trying to sabotage his work.

The entire truth may never be known, but it is a fact that Fraser became enraged and grabbed up a sledge hammer and smashed Dr. Moray's device to pieces.

"Dad believed to his dying day it was all part of a communist plot," John Moray said.

"He had refused to cooperate with certain known communists so his invention paid the price," Moray added.

In addition to having his device smashed. Dr. Moray was shot in a gun battle that took place in his laboratory. "It certainly smacks of some kind of conspiracy," the younger Moray mused.

The tragedy of it all was in the fact that Dr. Moray's years of research and development, and his entire fortune were wiped out when the hammer smashed his device.

"Because of the expense and hardship in rebuilding the generator, which the patent office had refused to consider, my father never actually completed more than one unit at a time as he perfected it.

"Each updated model used parts from the previous model as he made improvements in successive stages."

Another factor in the total destruction of this marvelous technology was the demise of the various companies that provided Dr. Moray with components. Both the Great Western Radio Co. and the Baldwin Electric Co., which he worked with vanished as part of his resources.

"Inflation, the massive war effort and threats to my father's life spelled doom to any ideas he may have had for replacing the destroyed generator device," the younger Moray claimed.

Today John Moray heads a small, non-public Research Institute, Inc. of Salt Lake City, and is now attempting to raise funds to rebuild the fantastic Moray generator.

"We have all my father's notes, and we're certain we can rebuild a working unit, but at today's costs it may be a multimillion dollar project."

Other experts, who have beencurious about the Moray device for years, feel the younger Moray cannot recreate his father's genius and that it's more than a matter of money.

However- more than $200,000 in the late 1920's and early 1930's would indeed translate into many millions today.

The story of how Thomas Henry Moray came to invent the "technology of the future" so long ago began in the year 1901, when the inventor was a mere nine-year-old boy ... who had started a laboratory in his home.

"He had a paragraph from one of Nicola Tesla's books stick in his head when he was a very young boy," John Moray said.

"That paragraph stated, in essence, that a form of energy pervaded the universe and if the energy was kinetic, not static, it could be used to generate power."

Tesla was astounding the 19th century scientists with his electrical experiments when Thomas Edison was still a child.

It was Tesla who developed the theory of alternating current that is used to power our technology today.

By the age of 19, Thomas Henry Moray was a principal owner of the Independent Electric Company, Salt Lake City.

He was a prolific student and managed his time well. While serving his Mormon missionary service in Sweden, he earned his doctorate in electronic engineering.

By 1921 he had established a reputation as one of the finest electronics engineers and he entered private research.

With the words of Tesla still resounding in his mind, he began seeking a way to harness the radiant energy from the cosmos, or as Tesla called it, harnessing the very wheelwork of nature.

By 1936 he had developed a generating unit that weighed about 55 pounds and was capable of obtaining as much as 5O.OOO watts of power on a steady basis.

"He tried to patent his device, but the requests were denied because the item he called the "Moray valve' was too new a thought for the patent examiner. It was actually a germanium transistor. and solid states were unknown at the time," John Moray said.

The patent examiner reported that he could not allow the patent because he could not see how it would work since "the cathode had no means of being heated." The transistor did it, but since transistors were unheard of the patent examiner could not conceive of the idea.

Dr. Moray, therefore, is the father of modern electronics since his work predated the Bell Laboratory bipolar transistor findings by at least 20 years.

As with all genius, Dr. Moray had great difficulty in convincing the "experts" of the veracity of his work.

"Despite all the hardship, my father retained his good sense of humor," John Moray reported.

"One time an expert in electronics watched an experiment and told dad that some batteries had to be hidden somewhere in the device.

"So dad grinned and said softly, 'they're in the wood' and pointed to the wooden box that housed the tubes and working of the generator. The engineer actually drilled holes all over the box looking for the batteries that didn't exist while dad roared with laughter."

Many of the experts who saw the Moray experiments and demonstrations did not deny what they saw, however. In 1973, Lt. Col. Thomas Bearden, a nuclear engineer with the Army Missile Command, wrote of the Moray experiment which he had witnessed:

"It was not mumbo-jumbo, or mythology, or some kind of trick, but a legitimate, widely recognized demonstration that got electricity out of thin air."

John Moray's research institute has on file a number of sworn affidavits signed by experts who verified the truth of the Moray generator.

On several hundred occasions Dr. Moray lighted a bank of 35 light bulbs with power from his simple, ingenious, mystifying device. There were 20, 150-watt bulbs on the panel. At the same time the generator powered a 600-watt glow heater and a 575-watt flat iron. (see photos).

Today our technology must have tremendous amounts of electricity, so we burn tons of coal, or cubic miles of natural gas, or risk the danger of radiation problems by splitting the atom to generate the necessary power.

Authorities know a major problem is on the horizon and there are serious programs looking into solar energy or thermal energy from hot spots within the earth. Since Dr. Moray and his generator is fact, not myth, why aren't the experts busy with a crash program developing his genius?

Men like Thomas Henry Moray are generally described as "being ahead of their time."

Why should such a saying even exist? People are not ahead of their time - that's impossible. They are ahead of other people 3nd the other people simply don't listen.               NR

Dr. Thomas Henry Moray; he was a pioneer in the field of electrical energy and actually developed and utilized a transistor more than 20 years before anyone ever dreamed of such things. His germanium "valve" was working in 1931.


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Tesla "famous" quote, where did he say this?

"ere many generations pass, our machinery will be drvien by a power obtainable at any point in the universe...throughout space there is energy. Is this static or kinetic? If statis, our hopes are in vain; if kinetic - and this we know it is for certain - then it is a mere question of time when men will succeed in attaching their machinery to the very wheel work of nature." I have found reference to these statements from the New York Times, Sept 30, 1894. Various web sites, state the New York American, Nov
Need to have definitive answer, thanks


Imagine the energy that could be saved by harnessing power with Dr. Moray's invention, not to mention the money for consumers.

unfortunately, if the rich

unfortunately, if the rich cannot generate an income from this technology, then it has no place in our economy. Simply put, anything that is beneficial to the empowerment of common man, such as cheap and reliable energy will stay underground, and never get the proper attention that it deserves.

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