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witty_76 wrote: Hi all, someone sent me the following so I thought I'd post it here.
May be of interest:

(1) The generation time of virgin orgone hungry water is extremely
long in duration - akin to having to ferment your own corn mash,
distill the dilute alcohol to a concentrate prior to powering up and
running your vehicle via alcohol as a fuel source.

(2) Your final concentrated orgone active water inhabiting your Joe
Cell is very unstable and can be destructed by electronic
smog/pollution - sending you back to square one - having to brew up
in your breeder cell a new batch of virgin water- not desireable for
energy independence in motor transportation.

Most folks would not entertain the possiblity of being stranded out
on a highway with no go-juice to power them home. Probably a good
reason for having a solenoid switching dual fuel setup so you can
switch back to gasoline in case of Joe Cell failure on cars so
enabled with this technology.

What if you could not only generate your vitalized virgin water in
record time but keep its orgone attractive qualities intact - without
having to worry about the possibility of electronic smog/pollution
canceling out the ongoing zero-point reaction?

Here is what I am suggesting - there is a water revitalizer
technology using the principles discovered by the Austrian inventor,
Viktor Schauberger, which may hold the key to successful Joe Cell

Using one of the Original Water Revitalizers, (OWR), you could
circulate your water through it, not only during the breeder cell
stage, but also incorporate this as part of your Joe Cell under the
hood of your Rover vehicle to keep the orgone attractive potential of
your Joe Cell at peak performance.

Stefano, if you experiment with this technology, you may find that
the OWR can take normal tap water and turn it into the virgin orgone
attractive water that would normally take weeks to foster in a Joel
Cell technology Breeder Cell.  This is my intuitive feeling, based on
experience with the 1" diameter stainless steel units  used on our

Regarding the Nordic Systems Water Revitalizer:

If you read the contents of their website listed in the above weblink
and the theory behind it - it should be self-explanative.

This is not chemical treatment or physical filtration of the water,
but a centripital flow/spin which concentrates oxygen to the
periphery of the waterpipe as well as the toxic components of the
water where they are oxidized.  Thus, the reason for my saying one
could look forward to showering in water similar to a fresh mountain

An example given was to take a sample of your tap water in a mason
jar with a tight lid and then do the same with water that passed
through the Nordic Systems Original Water Revitalizer. Take 2 eggs,
cracking each and adding to the two experimental jars before securely
tightening the lids.  Let them sit for 30 days, then take the top off
each jar and smell them.

The energized water with the 30 day old egg will be neutral whereas
the untreated water will be putrefactive and rank smelling. If you
are on municipally chlorinated water - notice the absence of chorine
smell, once the OWR is installed.

In the past I had tried water treatment units which contained a
secret reagent liquid which when attached to the water pipe would
energetically neutralize the bad actors in the water and eliminate
the chlorine smell and dry itchy skin - the result of showering in
chlorinated water.  Problem was they only lasted a year before having
to be purchased again - and if you had a grounding wire attached to
your water pipe - it zapped the energy out of the reagent,
neutralizing the beneficial results from the unit and you were
shortly back to the old chlorinated smell of the water.

So after seeing many technologies on the market which had their
weaknesses or need for replacement periodically, or were exorbitantly
expensive - this is a real breakthrough - not only in performance,
but easy on the pocketbook.

On the main web page, click on the Commercial Applications button,
(weblink below), to get an idea of the qualitative enhancement to
your water:

Incidentally, if you do a web search on Viktor Schauberger, you will
get a good deal of information on the technology used to create this
water vitalizer.  Schauberger learned a secret of mother nature, the
implosion force of centripetal motion which has not only a
energizing, purification component but an implosive, many times more
powerful than the explosive type force we use for internal combustion
engines, plus he discovered a motive lifting force contained therein
that enabled him to transport lumber by water for many miles
distance, much like salmon are able to swim upstream or remain in a
neutral position against strong opposing currents.

Here are some links of interest regarding this technology:

Read the website entirely and you will get some good info -

They have units for apartment dwellers, for use on shower and sink or
single units which will treat all the water coming into your home.

Check your household type of incoming water pipe and diameter, and
you could be showering in water like a mountain stream in the near
future. We are talking about a minimal cost for a whole house unit
which never needs chemicals or replacement parts and the possibility
of eliminating water softeners if you have hard water.