PGFED - Some Interesting Web Sites:

Some Interesting Web Sites:

Electronics Sites:

Maplin Electronics: Useful catalogue, components, test gear, kits and consumer goods
All Datasheet: Semiconductor data sheets in downloadable 'Acrobat' format
Cricklewood Electronics: Supplier of semiconductors
Greenweld: Surplus components, test gear, magnets, etc.
Bull Electrical: Surplus electrical and electronic components, motors, etc.
ESR Electronic Components: Semiconductors, switches, wire, etc.
How to Wind Inductors: Easy-to-understand practical data on coil winding
How to Make Electric Motors: Easy-to-understand data on making electric motors
USA Based Components: Electronic components available for high-voltage devices
Electronics Calculators: On-screen calculators for component values
Another tutorial: An Electronics Tutorial from another web site.
Alternating Current: An In-depth tutorial on AC circuitry
Calculators: Calculator facilities for various coils and capacitors.

Motors and Generators:

Moller Generator: JL Naudin's research on Moller's Atomic Hydrogen system
Motionless Magnetic Generator: JL Naudin's research into Bearden's MEG device
Free Electron Pump: JL Naudin's experiments showing free-energy pick-up
One-battery Test: JL Naudin's test which ran a motor from a fully discharged battery
Magnet Motor Tests: Howard Johnson's magnet motor principle verified by JL Naudin
Mini Romag: JL Naudin's details on the 'Mini Romag' magnet generator
Camus Magnet Motor: JL Naudin's details on this motor design
Solid State PSU: Very efficient flourescent tube driver (possibly over-unity)
Floyd Sweet's VTA: JL Naudin's details on the 'Vacuum Triode Amplifier'
Muller Motor: Muller's own motor site: input 38 amps output 400 amps
Muller Motor: Superb site showing development details for building the motor
The Tesla Switch: Details of battery self-recharging systems
John Bedini Pictures: Some of John's motor/generator pictures and diagrams
John Bedini's SG Motor: Step-by-step constructional instructions
Edwin Gray's Motor: Pictures and information on the original motors
The Swiss commune: Pictures and details of Ed Gray's motor and the Testatika device
Ed Gray's motor: Background information and photographs of the engine and inventor
Various Interesting Devices: Geoff Egel's links to many interesting developments
The Swiss Electrostatic System: Swiss Electrostatic System analysed by Paul Potter
Over-Unity Site: Presentations on many interesting devices
Simple Electric Motors: Very simple instructions on building easy-to-make small motors
The RotoVerter: A high-power 'Over-Unity' generator system

Vehicle related:

Fuel consumption improver: Add-on wing spoiler for a vehicle which can triple mpg
Water-car Forum: An active group for sharing information on powering cars from water
Water-splitting: Photographs of experiments to duplicate a water-powered car
Water-splitting: Under-water arc system capable of running a 5HP Honda generator
Stanley Meyer Information: Details on using water to fuel a car
Bookshop: A site which provides instructions on improving mileage in cars
Four-Stroke Ignition: An excellent description of ignition, with great photographs
Other Fuels: DIY information on converting your car to natural / other gas, etc.
Hydrogen Powered Lawnmower: A site with instruction on converting small engines
Flash Steam: A site which explains how flash steam operates in engines
Vehicle Sensors: Adjustments to the fuel-monitoring computer in your vehicle
Vehicle Sensors: Eagle-Research information, kits and units readily available.
Electrolysis magnets: The effects that permanent magnets have on electrolysis
In-wheel Electric Motor: A high-power system for electric vehicle drives
Electrolysis: A long series of photographs covering one man's electrolysis experiments.
Vehicle Conversion: A detailed account of how a beginner converted an internal combustion engined car into an Electric Vehicle.

General interest:

Free-Energy: A very informative site covering both free-energy and renewable-energy systems.
Harold Aspden: A site which provides important information from Harald Aspden, B.Sc., PhD
Bookshop: A site which provides important books on free-energy research An international free-energy forum with many links
Home Power: An excellent site with practical information on cutting home running costs
Alternative Energy News: A site which provides the most recent news in this field
Technical Interests Site: A site which has a wealth of simple technical training articles
Water atom vibrations: Details of how water atoms absorb energy and vibrate
Browse Patents: An interesting site for browsing through interesting patents
Patents On-Line: A very useful site if you know the number of a specific patent
Gravity Drive: A very interesting site showing an electro-gravitic drive which is also offered for sale.

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