KeelyNet: Jerry Decker: Who Was John Worrell Keely?

Article on the Theories of Keely

by Jerry W. Decker


Who was John W. Keely?

John Keely was an independent researcher specializing in the properties of sound during the mid to late 1800's.

What did Keely discover?

He was purported to have discovered techniques based on incredibly sensitive vibratory mechanisms which would allow the use of the Aether for practical purposes.

What devices did he build?

1) a machine to split the water molecule for the instantaneous release of tremendous pressures

2) an engine which was reportedly driven by the flow of Aether into its components

3) designed and built a mineral disintegrator

4) an acoustic microscope capable of viewing into the molecular and atomic interstices of matter

5) a globe which could be made to rotate with no outside source of power as a demonstration of the Aetheric flows into matter

6) a belt device which enabled the operator to induce levitation or gravity in a test mass

What happened to his work?

On his death in 1898 of pneumonia, a Boston businessman purchased the bulk of equipment.

On moving it to Boston, the man never successfully operated it which caused him to denounce Keely as a fraud.

Many of Keelys papers were given to a Count Von Rosen of Scotland these papers were taken to Stockholm in 1912 and have been unaccounted for since.

Scientific American dismantled the walls and floor of Keely's lab and found a large tank in the basement.

Leading from the tank into the walls were a multitude of tubes which led them to proclaim fraud on the basis that Keely "must have used" compressed air to power his equipment.

Who continues the work?

At the present time and to the best of our knowledge, there are only two groups in the USA which actively research, correlate and investigate the work of John W. Keely

Dale Pond, Director
Delta Spectrum Research
1309 North Chestnut
Colorado Springs, CO
80905 (719) 473-8852
Journal Vibratory Physics $24 Yr.
Plenum $25 Yr.

Jerry W. Decker, Director
Vangard Sciences
PO BOX 1031
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75150 (214) 324-8741
KeelyNet (214) 324-3501


The papers in this manuscript are a result of many years of study based primarily on a book written about Keely by Clara Bloomfield-Moore entitled :

"Keelys Discoveries"

The book is available from Health Research, PO BOX 70, Mokelumne Hill, CA 95245 for about $17.00.

Please ask for their current catalog, you will find thousands of reprints of rare and difficult to find books, we heartily support them.

A word about this book, it is written during a time when verbosity in writing was the norm, therefore, be prepared to wade through reams of duplication and re-phrasing of the same general concepts. My own edition has become greatly annotated during the 19 years I have been studying it.

Delta Spectrum Research and Dale Pond have done much to reprint some of the more difficult to find books referred to in "Keelys Discoveries" and his prices are reasonable.

My personal recommendations are the two available volumes of MacVicar, the Hughes documents and the Snell Manuscript. A subscription to the

"Journal of Sympathetic Vibratory Physics"

might also be of value to keep informed of what is going on and who the movers and shakers are in the field. Quite reasonable at about $24 per year. Write Dale at the Delta Spectrum address above.

Vangard Sciences is a group based in Dallas which studies scientifically oriented subjects usually classed as paranormal or metaphysical. Their primary purpose is information exchange and research where possible.

Vangard is actively working to set-up a workshop capable of duplicating some of the Keely phenomena using state-of-the-art equipment. We believe that this research must be duplicated and freely distributed for the survival and advancement of mankind.

Gnosis Research is the original model and still functions as a private firm which studies field energies with an emphasis on the life matrix of living systems. The main goal of Gnosis is to develop an electronic and/or bio-feedback system to allow disease control, tissue regeneration and age retardation/reversal. Gnosis information is being incorporated into the Vangard knowledge base.

This version of the RFP work was especially generated for the 1988 Global Sciences Congress in Denver. Dean and Phyllis Stonier, organizers of the Congress, do such a tremendous job of giving us an opportunity to share that we felt this information should be made available in a printed form for those who wish to learn more.

The complete printed and foldered version will be available for $20.00 postpaid. The order form is in the rear of this booklet.

Contributions to aid any of the above causes can be cash, gifts, bequests or outright donations. Your support is greatly appreciated and you will be assisting in the crystallizing of tangible techniques or devices to aid your fellow man.

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Chapter I - The Basic Keely Primer

John W. Keely lived and worked in the mid to late 1800's. His principal research and discoveries were accomplished in Philadelphia beginning in 1872 with the invention of the Hydro-Pneumatic-Pulsating- Vacuo Engine. This engine was his attempt to use a steam engine coupled with a vacuum to rapidly cool and condense the steam for re-use as a motive force.

The engine exploded shortly after beginning operation. Since the concept of the Aether was in vogue at the time, Keely thought he might have successfully dissociated the hydrogen and oxygen components which comprise the water molecule.

Based on this assumption, Keely managed to duplicate the effect and continued to design improved versions of the engine. In his subsequent researches, he observed unusual effects relating to the reaction of complex sound waves on matter. These led him deeper into experimentation based on the theories advanced by Dr. Angus MacVicar in his work, "A Sketch of a Philosophy", (available from Dale Pond at Delta Spectrum).

Eventually, Keely succeeded in releasing up to 30,000 pounds per square inch from four drops of water. He was in full control of the process and used it in many experiments. Keely found that the emissions from dissociated water took on different characteristics depending on the order of vibration he used. The disruption of any mass could be acheived on any of six possible levels of aggregation. These were labelled :

Keely TermsModern Terms

The terms indicated the various aggregate levels of which matter is composed. These were determined by Keely with the use of his Acoustic Microscope which allowed him to directly view the structure of the various components. As we understand it from Dan A. Davidson, the Acoustic Microscope projected the actual moving structure on a wall for detailed study.

One of the most astounding of his discoveries was the concept of the Neutral Centre. The Neutral Centre was at the heart of each structure in Nature ranging from the prion to the quark to the atom to the molecule to the mass aggregation.

Individually, the Neutral Centre acts as a drain for the Aether to pass presumably into the 4th dimension. When they gather or cluster, they each have a separate drain with another Master Neutral Centre formed from the combination of all the mass components. This is what is termed the "Center of Mass" in modern physics.

The velocity of the Aetheric flow is determined by the mode of operation by which the mass is currently ruled. The Neutral Centre can be thought of as an adjustable diaphragm which can control the amount of Aether which flows into the "drain" of the Neutral Centre.

The mode of operation can take any of three possible forms. Keely had broken these down into the Harmonic, the Enharmonic and the Dominant. In an attempt to make these easier to deal with, the terms used by the RFP theory are more expressive of the attributes of each mode.

For clarity, this paper will use the terminology incorporated in the RFP theory. Mode and force vector will be used interchangeably.

RFP TermKeely Term
Force VectorMode

The Pressor force vector (mode) accelerates and extends the range of molecular oscillation. When excited or brought into play, it causes molecular dissociation with a subsequent decrease in weight. The Pressor mode repels or pushes and is of the nature of centrifugal force in modern parlance.

The Tractor force vector reduces the range of molecular oscillation and will cause a general concentration of the mass components. This compaction of the particles of a mass will increase what is perceived as weight. The Tractor mode concentrates, pulls, attracts and is exemplified by the centripetal force in modern science.

The Dominant force vector can either stabilize a mass to prevent radioactive decay or bring on transmutation of one element to another. This mode completely rearranges all three modes (Tractor, Pressor and Dominant) in relation to each other. Transmutation is the most recognizable property of this mode.

A simple table of relationships is included to show the extent of these relationships :

South PoleNorth PoleBloch Wall
CCW spinCW spinno spin

As you can see, there are numerous verifications in Nature and science based on the trinary concept above the binary. We have found numerous correlations which are quite interesting.


These three modes of force must all three be present in any mass or mass aggregation.

The mass comprises 100% with all 3 being present in any combination of 3 separate percentages. For instance, if we assign (P) for Pressor, (T) for Tractor and (D) for Dominant, you might better understand the relationship :

(P=20%) + (T=60%) + (D=20%) = 100% the general proportions for much of the physical mass we are aware of THE TRACTOR RULES since T=60%

(P=60%) + (T=20%) + (D=20%) = 100% the general proportions for mass which is in a radiatory state, such as a light or heat source THE PRESSOR RULES since P=60%

(P=20%) + (T=20%) + (D=60%) = 100% the general proportions in effect when the mass is in the radioactive or transmutative state THE DOMINANT RULES since D=60%


As you can see, if we can gain control of the trinary forces, we can adjust the relation of any of the vectors to achieve the effect we wish.

These can include levitation, compression by dissociation (if at a sufficiently high order of vibration, we could generate aneutronic energy), aggregation or materialization of matter, transmutation of existing matter and suspension of the aging process.

Since these are the Creative Forces to which Edgar Cayce refers, you can easily conceive of countless other applications and possibilities.

Our 1st International Keely Symposium was held in Dallas in August of 1987 and mentioned in the April 1988 OMNI magazine. The 2nd Keely Symposium was held May 1, 1989 in Colorado Springs. We are working on the 3rd Keely Symposium, again to be held in Dallas in the summer of 1990.

One of our guest speakers at the 1st Symposium, Wim Leys of Amsterdam, spoke on the work of Rudolph Steiner and how it related to Keely. Wim said that mind-force would one day allow man to interface with Nature and machines in a way quite magical to modern day technology. Those who would not work hard to learn the mental skills to use the mind force would be treated as throwbacks.

Keely often referred to mind force as being the sole motive power of the Universe. In his later researches, he states that a body that has been "equated" in its force relations will live forever.

Chapter II - Related Discoveries and Hypotheses

The source of all power in the Universe is the all pervasive Aether. It permeates, creates and empowers all mass and energy forms. Aether vibrates at a frequency far beyond anything our present electronic equipment has been able to detect.

The Aether cascades as forcefalls which become ever slower in vibration. These manifest as a spectrum which can be represented thus :

Cosmic Rays
Physical Vibration

Although there can be many more divisions, most people are familiar with these and can grasp the concept quite readily.

Just as Light has a spectrum consisting of different colors ranging from red to violet, so does each and every other division. This means that Magnetism can have many different "frequencies", from "red magnetism" to "blue magnetism". This also applies to all other divisions in the Aether Spectrum.

At this time, we do not have equipment to differentiate the frequencies of the higher energies beyond the low Cosmic Rays. It is our belief that each frequency or combination of frequencies has specific effects when applied to matter or energy forms, just as light or sound create quite different effects.

Music is indeed the key to the Universe, as suspected and proven by Keely and others. The Octave Progression links all frequencies in both Octave and Harmonic relationships. This occurs in both the up and down directions of the Aether Spectrum, thus, sound can affect other frequencies over the entire spectrum even up into the Aether.

In the last chapter, a reference was made to Rudolph Steiner and the use of Mind-Force. From the above concept, it is possible to derive the method whereby a conscious use of the mind would involve the sensing of the Aetheric flow into the Neutral Centre's of the body.

A serious student would be able to sense, "touch" and channel the flow towards the accomplishment of an intended purpose. This would be done by the mental dividing or slowing down of the raw Aether as it flows into the Neutral Centres of the body, into any of the cascaded frequency bands. The process could directly transmute (divide) Aether and halt it at the desired band, then divide down to the frequency desired to accomplish the task.

This relatively simple process is one of the primary techniques learned and used by those who study and master the "magical arts". It appears to require years of intense concentration and focussed thought. We believe that a bio-feedback mechanism can be developed to assist the student into "learning" the ability.

Due to the extreme delicacy of the vibrations Keely was generating, he was required to take great pains to suppress any outside interference in the way of sounds or other uncontrolled vibrations. This extended to the use of the transmitting wire which he used in his later experiments.

The wire Keely used for his experiments was composed of three different elements; silver, gold and platinum. Keely said they had the perfect relationship in that they possessed respective ratios of 3:6:9 or 3 parts to 6 parts to 9 parts. This indicated the range of frequency multiplication which occurred when a mass was subjected to certain orders of vibration.

The wires and everything else which acted as a carrier for this peculiar energy, required a special manufacturing process which Keely designed. Keely called this manufacturing process, "Differentiation".

Differentiation involved the tempering (heating and cooling) of the metal over periods of up to 3 days for the process of removing any imperfections in the crystalline structures. These very slight imperfections could result in phase or frequency distortions which would alter the vibrational order being experimented with.

In order to understand the concept of "differentiation", we ask that you think of a moving stream of water which flows in a straight line with no eddy currents or whirlpools. If a stick were thrown in or stuck in the path, the water would deviate around it to cause a distortion in the flow of the fluid.

There is most interesting book, again available from Health Research, called "The Dividing of the Way" by Phylos the Tibetan. The book refers to "cascaded forcefalls". These cascades involve the "division" or slowing down of the flow of force to yield another lower form of force.

This slowing down is very similar to the impedance to the water flow by the stick. These "knotholes" in the structure of the wires and other components had to be "ironed out" to achieve near perfect transmission of the Aetheric forces that were brought on "artificially" with Keely's Vibration machines. This concept of the cascaded forcefall applies directly to frequencies and shows how very high frequencies can be "slowed down" or divided to generate lower frequences.

This slowing down is done when the "knotholes" in a mass are encountered by energy moving in a wave train at a high frequency. The resistance/impedance of the whirlpools to the flow of the energy at this high frequency directly impedes the flow to cause an increase the length of the wave. The wavelength is the number of wave crests which pass a point within a given interval, usually per second. Thus, as the whirlpools collide with each other, the wavelenght is resisted and therefore slowed.

Chapter III - Keelys' Machines

Mentioned in the first chapter was the original device, called the Hydro-Pneumatic-Pulsating-Vacuo Engine. The explosion of this device set Keely on the arduous trek which often proved frustrating. As Keely experimented with unknown forces, the inevitable accidents did occur. On several occasions, devices or experiments on which he was working produced energies far beyond his expectations. The results sometimes caused structural damage to his workshop and on at least two occasions that we know of, direct injury to himself. One of these times, he was laid up for six weeks due to a violent explosion.

Keely mentions that pipes several inches in diameter blew up as if made of straw. Steel shafts having diameters of several inches which were attached to Aether driven motors would instantly warp when the motor suffered a reversal in direction. Carbon steel resonators would turn to putty when certain vibrations were attained.

As you can see, the experiments were fraught with unpredictable results in some cases. Keely persevered in his researches, ever driven by observations of new phenomena. In the process, Keely was analyzing and measuring the frequencies and conditions under which each new event took place using analytical and test equipment of his own design. From these, it is reported that many fine drawings and charts were drawn to illustrate the processes and laws governing his investigations into Sympathetic Vibratory Physics.

The practical dissociation of the water molecule on either one or more levels of aggregation would yield anything from a taffy-like substance to an electrical type force. Each of these products had different properties and released progressively more energy as the aggregate level size decreased.

Keely states in the Bloomfield-Moore that the water molecule could be dissociated on 620, 630 or 12000 cycles per second. Interestingly enough, our friend Dr. Andrija Puharich developed a device for de-gassing blood which he later adapted to the hydrolizying of water. This device is patented and runs on 600 cycles per second, amazingly close to the number Keely gives.

The Aetheric Motor was designed to tap the flow of aetheric force which flows to the Neutral Centre of all mass. Keely designed a special motor to take advantage of this flow. As far as we can tell, it seems to have used a "rotating sonic field" to drive the shaft. This is directly analogous to the work of Nikola Tesla and his discovery of the "rotating magnetic field".

We have wondered if Keely and Tesla ever met. Tesla worked with brute force technologies when compared with the sensitized equipment of Keely. That is a major reason why none of Keelys instruments would work unless he was present. The orders of vibration required to produce the effects Keely generated were so delicate (due to the exquisite construction and limited amplitudes of the devices) that the least distortion would cancel the effect.

Tesla designed and used electrical devices which could be used by anyone, whereas Keely's devices had to be fully understood and handled with the greatest care.

Today, things are radically different with the level of technology we have, the duplication of the Keely phenomena is held back only by two factors, money and time. Another intention of this manuscript is to illuminate the field so that others can contribute and possibly help to re-discover the principles that died with Keely.

The construction of the Aetheric Motor involved the use of "vitalized disks" which were mounted on arms attached to a rotatable shaft. When the correct order of vibration was achieved, the "vitalized disks" would be repelled from each other in a manner which would cause the shaft to rotate. Reports indicate that the shaft could rotate up to 110 RPM and with an incredible torque. This device went through hundreds of modifications and rebuilds in an attempt to correct what Keely termed "reversions". A reversion occurs when a motor running properly and in the correct direction suddenly reverses its' direction. This causes havoc with the motor shaft and any attached devices.

Keely never overcame this problem to a point which would allow its release to the public until the late 1800's. By that time, Keely had discovered a far superior method of generating and applying force. The stockholders of the Keely Motor Company, who had invested in the original Keely Motor Company, took legal action against Keely to recover some of their losses. When the judge ordered Keely to bring his devices to court for the purpose of revealing his secrets, Keely smashed them with a sledge hammer in an eccentric fit.

Some of Keely's experiments are still with us in annotated versions. One of which is the Mineral Disintegrator. The principle behind the Mineral Disintegrator was accidentally discovered while carrying out a series of experiments with what Keely termed the Vibratory Lift. A large block of quartz was being used as a weight and connected with the Lift. When a specific order of vibration was achieved, the quartz block suffered partial disintegration. Keely managed to duplicate the effect and built a machine specifically for that purpose. This was one of the devices destroyed in his fit of pique.

In his work with acoustics, Keely found it necessary to design his own analytical equipment. This also meant the construction of platforms and tables capable of suppressing extraneous vibrations which could upset his experiments. Eventually, to gain a more detailed understanding of the true structure of molecular and atomic interstices, Keely built a microscope. This was no ordinary microscope however, it consisted of a lens with a built-in silver, gold and platinum wire. When properly excited, it yielded direct optical viewing into the heart of matter by projecting the image onto a wall for detailed study of the moving particles.

A normal microscope ranges anywhere from 200 to 2000 times. The famous Rife optical microscope could magnify up to 17,000 times. Modern electron microscopes, which do not use optical viewing, can magnify up to 350,000 times while a field ion microscope can magnify up to 5 million times. As you can see, Keely was and is far ahead of our most advanced technology. This is another device destroyed during the litigation.

In the latter part of his researches, from about 1880 to his death, Keely devoted most of his time to the perfecting of his Aerial Navigation System. This was based on an accidental discovery which brought about the levitation of a test mass. Again, Keely successfully analyzed and duplicated the feat.

The original version of the book "Keelys Experiments" has a subtitle of "Aerial Navigation". It is most curious that the mysterious Keely Airship is not shown nor described in this book. Due to a very knowledgable and sharing man, Mr. Victor Hansen, we were allowed to photocopy a drawing of the airship and the description of its operation.

It appears that sometime after the publication of the Bloomfield- Moore book, many copies were removed from the market and edited. We know for a certaintly that the section with the Aiship picture and its description were removed. We do not at present know if other information was removed. It seems that some person or group has deemed the Keely work dangerous to mankind or has some nefarious purpose behind this action.

One of the Keely's initial levitation experiments involved a glass jar of water in which a metal weight was placed. Fastened to the top of the jar was a metal plate which had attached to it, a silver and platinum wire leading to the source of vibration.

After Keely tuned the vibrator to the test weight at the bottom of the tank of water, it was caused to vibrate. The weight floated from the bottom of the tank to the bottom of the plate attached to the jar. This was definitely NOT Archimedes' (pressure buoyancy) Principle.

Another similar experiment involved the use of 3 different sizes of spheres. The vibrator was tuned to a single sphere. When the vibrations ensued, the only sphere which rose in the water was the one to which the resonator had been tuned. Keely could demonstrate this principle on any of the 3 different sized spheres. Witnesses report that he could make any sphere rise halfway and stop, go completely to the top or descend, all under his control.

The famous psychic, Edgar Cayce gave many readings which dealt with vibration and the use of the Creative Forces. In one such reading, Edgar Cayce says,

"Stone floats in air as iron floats in water."

This is a direct reference to the prophet Elisha and his causing an iron axehead to rise from the bottom of the river Jordan to the surface.

If you have ever watched, "In Search Of:", you might recall the story of Edward Leedskalnin of Coral Castle in Homestead, Florida. I flew there to see the structure and it is most interesting. Mr. Leedskalnin claimed he had discovered the secret of the Egyptians and their pyramid building. People claimed Ed sang to the stones to cause them to move, though no one claims to have actually seen him do this.

We have done quite a study on both organic and inorganic levitation. This information will be available in the complete edition of this work which should be available in November of this year. It will include many other histories and correlative studies. The order form is in the rear of this book.

Another of Keelys levitation experiments involved the use of a model airship. He reportedly caused the airship to ascend, hover or descend "as light as thistledown" when attached to a silver and platinum wire which was connected to a properly tuned vibrator.

By far, the most exhilarating account is of the levitation of a steam engine weighing about one ton. Keely attached a belt around his waist which had a silver and platinum wire leading from it. He wrapped the wire around the engine, stepped back and struck the pre-set vibrators. The engine floated in the air while Keely moved it to the desired location. There were reportedly more than 20 witnesses.

Later, an engineer was consulted about the best means of moving the steam engine. His response was to remove the roof of the building so a derrick could be used to hoist the engine to the proper location. He did not believe that the engine had been easily moved earlier.

Another account involves the mysterious three ton sphere, fully four feet in diameter, which Scientific American discovered under the floor of Keely's lab after his death. The sphere weighed in the neiborhood of 6500 pounds and was estimated to have a bursting strength of 28,000 psi. The assertions were that he used compressed air which would "obviously" be stored in this container. (source - Dan A. Davidson)

What the Scientific American people did not look into, were the numerous newspaper and magazines articles written about Keely during his lifetime. One such article refers to a visit by a reporter to Keely's lab. In the article, the reporter says that he found Keely removing a section of flooring to make a large hole. As the reporter watched, Mr. Keely placed a strange belt with numerous attached mechanisms around his waist. Keely then attached a thin wire from the belt to the sphere which rested in the corner of the laboratory.

Mr. Keely then proceeded to concentrate while staring intently at the sphere. Moments later and the iron sphere rose in the air and "floated" while under the gaze of Keely. As Keely shifted his stare, the sphere floated over to and above the hole in the lab floor. As Keely relaxed his concentration, the sphere settled to the ground below the floor level. Keely then made slight adjustments to the belt mechanism and once again stared intently at the resting sphere. Again, the intense concentration directed his will toward the sphere. The sphere slowly sank into to ground as its weight was magnified through the concentrated and directed will of Keely.

The reporter was told by Keely that he simply was making room in the lab by clearing away some outmoded equipment. The true use of the sphere was as s reservoir for the etheric vapor which Keely's early experiments released from the dissociation of the water molecule. As his experiments continually led him to more sophisticated controls, he found that the Aether could be conducted through the differentiated wires as mentioned earlier in this paper.

Chapter IV - Applications of the Keely Technologies

As you can determine from this paper, the applications for any of these three modes of force as discovered and practically applied are mind-boggling.

Some of the obvious that come to mind are listed as a closing for this version of the manuscript. Remember that this work was done in the 1800's by a lone inventor.

Are we so greedy and self-centered that we will not do everything within our power to bring these secrets back from oblivion? The GREENHOUSE EFFECT is killing us and our planet on a yearly basis.

The re-discovery of the Keely secrets would launch us into space and provide us with the secrets of free energy as well as a means of gravity concentration and negation. Not to mention the final solution of who owns the UFOs.

We will not go into the medical or transmutative aspects as they are much too involved and beyond the scope of this version of the RFP theory.

The Pressor force vector can be used to control the "weight of a mass" to enjoy total levitation or a reduction in the perceived weight. Imagine what it will do for transportation, commerce and traffic jams.

The Tractor force vector can be used as a beam for the attraction or holding of another mass. Finally, the non-ferrous magnet that will work even on organic tissues! How about controlled mass aggregations? In simpler terms, you could say materialization.

The Dominant force vector can be used to stabilize a mass to prevent dissolution through natural radioactive decay. It also is the transmutative vector, what could that be used for?

Please consider that all your money and worldy goods will be to no avail if the Earth cannot support life, now is the time, please let your conscience be your guide. The vision is here, the time is now!

Please don't take this final page as preachy, we are in earnest about our activities and abilities. Many years and a good deal of time and money have yielded much more than you see in this short treatise. If you wish to help us in our quest, support Vangard and other groups doing similar work when and where you can. Money is not why we are here. Service to others will be the final form of barter.

The clock is ticking and it is up to all of us.

All funds go to the purchase of equipment, supplies and operating expenses. There are no salaries or advertising costs. We are volunteers who have a recognized a higher goal and contribute our time and knowledge freely.

If we could get just 100 people to contribute $5 or more per month, that is $500 per month we could use for equipment, research and updates. Tell a friend, please get involved. Thank you.

Proof that Keely was a fraud

Please get a copy of "Perpetual Motion" by Arthur Ord-Hume, copyright 1977, ISBN 0-7607-0926-2, and look at page 149. This is a full page diagram of how Keely powered his amazing water engine, using elaborate pulleys, belts, and shafts which were hidden in the walls and floor of his house. Only AFTER Keely's death was this conclusive proof of his massive fraud published in the New York Journal. He stole 5 million dollars from investors in his Keely Motor Company by demonstrating the engine in is own home. Mobile models had a hollow tube which used compressed air to power the rotation. His claim was that a gallon of water could power a train from New York to San Francisco, but never developed anything, except his fraudulent demos. Anyone who quotes the work of Keely immediately damages their credibility, both on a scientific basis, and on a historical basis.

good day. this post of yours

good day. this post of yours is an old thing that gets drawn out every once in a while, in order to convince people keely was a fraud. many have just bought the contents of the article and its claims, and done a blanket staatement to the kin of "this man was a bluffer and a scamster". all i can say is, im sticking to posting on john keely, and i feel that if a musician had visited him back then, instead of a journalist, who all describe keely's sonic machines as "creating quirky sounds", if a musician had spoken to keely, things would have gone very much differently. the hoax post on keely is misinformed and useless - and detracts from studying his thousands of machines. i would recommend you get the theo paijmas book on keely and read what a further study to the article turned up with.
also, i would recommend you check these articles out:
Peter Davey uses resonance to heat inexpensively.
heater based on keely sympathetic vibratory physics
may you have good research.

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