Jane Cobbald's Copper Garden Tools. is run by Jane Cobbald.
They specialize in selling copper-based tools for gardening. Copper is a diamagnetic metal, and thus it does not interfere with the fragile magnetic energy of the soil - steel and iron however do affect the soil in a detrimental fashion.

Jane Cobbald is also the author of the forthcoming book
"Viktor Schauberger: A Life of Learning from Nature" (releasedate 26th october 2006)

Jane Cobbald has given us permission to display her -flyer .pdf on our pages, and we are extremely grateful for that.

Implementations also sells "The Schauberger Keys" by Alick Bartholomew, and "Story of Copper Tools" booklets for quite cheap (2ukp each). They also stock the PKS 2006 Calendar with every page showing a mathematical diagram/schematic of implosion/vortex-based information. And the quite snappy PKS Postcards, which are always good for a conversationpiece (not to mention quite beautiful).

I recommend checking Implementations, and bid you happy gardening with their tools.

Implementations flyer: Flyer in PDF format