Notes: Tom Bearden [notes from his video]

these are from the disclosure project interview of tom bearden


Tom Bearden:

Extracting electromagnetic energy from a vacuum . . .
The current electrodynamics model does *not* allow this to happen.
-It does not allow you to extract excess energy from a vacuum in order to power your load.
-It does not allow you to make a "cell" powering system.

Why doesn't electromagnetics [model] allow it to be done?
- Bearden and those involved w/ the project studied the fundamentals of electronics.

"What are the fundamental concepts assumed in this theory? Where did they come from? How did they get in there?"

Electromagnetics [model] kept getting modified and "restricted":
Maxwell's original theory: 20 equations and 20 unknowns.

    Closed current loop circuit - where all the carriers have the same "mass per charge ratio".
"All the buckets have the same weight"
    The amount of energy that circuit collects when you do this free regauging and do increase this energy whatever how much it collects it will then use precisely 50% to destroy the thing it let it to that. (it's really the dipole") (*the source dipole*)

    It will then use that to "kill" itself and have no more excess energy. The other half will go to the circuit and power the loads and losses ... that means less than half goes to the load.

    To restore that source dipole so we can get more energy into use, it costs just as much to restore it as it was to destroy it. So we have to put MORE than we can ever get out of the load.  [...] only kind of circuit we used in power systems since day one. We pay the power company to have a wrestling match inside the generator and lose.. thats really what we pay them for.. doesn't seem to be the way to run a railroad.

    It would seem much more ideal to free the energy of the system, pay a little switching costs so it gets shipped over to the load, and dump it in the load and let it go. Let it power the load so you can do it.

    Electrodynamics has been modified to throw out the kind of systems we had seen in our experiments. Evidence that it could be done *violates* the ordinary electrodynamics.
    We can do it and not violate convervation of energy, we can do it in accord of the thermodynamics, we can do it in the accord of physics and electromagnetics. This is absolutely rigorous and it will hold up it is rigorous.
    From the foundations of the theory of electromagnetics: you are permitted to have electromagnetic systmes that power themselves and their load and you dont have to put in the energy, they take it from the active vacuum. [zero point].

Our engineers are taught to throw away 10 trillion times for every typical average case as much energy as they pull out of a vacuum w/o even knowing it.
..then they generate from a battery[?] it pours out of a circuit and misses the circuit.. they throw all that away and calculate all that we catch and use. Now, when we measure the circuit, we obviously measure the energy being dissipated by the various pieces within that circuit. The energy being thrown out there had to get in there.  

"if you have a pipe with holes in it..if you measure how much water is coming out of a pipe, thats how much is coming in.."
On the other hand:
"Your whole river can be around it, and missing the pipe but you won't measure that" [!]

We've built a "science" based on throwing away enormous amounts [of energy].

NATURE DOES NOT INSIST ON CONSERVING ENERGY ON 3 DIMENSIONS. WE DO BECAUSE OUR MINDS WORK IN THREE DIMENSIONS. Observation is spatial. Observation itself destroys "time", abd what we are left with is "space". We like to think the world is made up with space and not space-time. Nature loves to work in 4 dimensions. Conservation of energy must work in 4 dimensions. [There is no law stating also "it must apply simultaneously in three dimensions". If we build a device that makes it apply in three dimensions we apply an extra constraint on what nature will give us.

Turning that around:
Entropic Engineering :  We insist on building things that work on 3 dimensional exchange of energy. We got to put it in.. in three dimensions for whatever we get out of it .. lose some in the middle ..we always have entropy beating us to death. [effiency is at 30% for our power systems (if built this way ie. coal/fossil fuel.)]

Negentropy: Nature doesn't require you to do all this, all you have to do is break a little three symmetry set of chains [change?] for you have tied your feet to the floor.. once you break the flow in three dimensions you no longer have to conserve energy in three dimensions

The Basic Conservation of Energy: In flow from 4 dimensions outflow in 3. "Giant Negentropy" = Free

Nature will reorganize a goodly percent of the vacuum for you spreading it at the speed of light as long as you leave the dipole alone. There is no charges in dipoles in the original matter of the universe .. the universe has been putting out energy and reorganizing it  in a vacuum for 15 billion years.

Initiating negentropy = like punching a hole in the ground and you have a big gusher of oil. You dont have to furnish the pressure or oil.

Common dipole [in every electrical circuit] pours out energy in that fashion. The problem is not getting enormous amounts of energy, that problem has been solved in 1903 (Whitaker solved that in 1903 had we understood it.)

AIS papers confirm that "that is for real".

The problem [@ the present]
How do we catch a goodly bit of this energy and use it assymetrically and dump it into the load and not use half of it to go back over and kill the dipole.

So we set about it to build one that was not built that way. [1st model put out 5 times the output than the input.] Switching costs are paid, no energy is put into the device. It comes right out of a permanent magnet (DIPOLE).  You can pass a flux through a flux channel back through the magnet and the dipole is not destroyed. Those poles don't get destroyed they are welded onto the material when you magnetize it. [charges are not knocked off. nor is the dipole destroyed.]

HOW do we catch the energy?
"We found a material that will seperate the magnetic field from the magnetic vector potential.. the vector potential "flows" unceasingly from the magnet. It will flow from now to the next 15 billion years it cannot be slowed down or changed as long as that magnet is there . . Plenty of energy flow is there.. the question is how do we use it?

We use "diversion"
We reason that this "flow" is like a humongous river if we dip the energy out of it, it will replenish itself. Being that it is at the speed of light, it would replenish itself instantly. We can dip, and dip, and dip and we have to pay for switching costs ... we can dip yet the water fills as fast as we dip it.

Then if we come down to another area and we let the water that water that was replenished still interact with something and at the same time we dump the water that we dipped in there we will have more energy by far than what we are paying for dipping [switching costs]. We looked at it as an energy flow process.. which it is.

The material that does the dipping seperates the magnetic field from the magnetic vector potential.