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There are many different periodic tables of elements. The most famous one is the Mendeleev Periodic Chart of Elements. However, Walter Russell also suggested a periodic chart of elements, so did Sir. William Crookes. Whilst not much progress has been made in combining all three together (and the recently discovered Walter Schauberger chart), there is definitely something of worth in combining them all together, in order to emerge with better knowledge of the Platonic Solids and how sacred geometry ties in with this whole process.

The transmutation experiments of Walter Russell obviously tie in with his chart of elements, and thus there is quite a bit of scattered information on this subject, along with the NORAD verified "Energy from the vacuum" via Russell's coils. Read on!

Ideally the full chart would also have the transmutation frequencies, or the scalar Hz model of Joel McClain.

If you have any other Walter Russell / transmutation of elements based information, or know how to get in touch with Toby Grotz -- or any charts of Russell's, or an idea how to visualize the periodic chart of elements in an animated format, please do let us know. as of 3rd July 2007, this project is on hold, but could activate at any point in time :)


They are as follows:

Walter Baumgartner of VortexScience :


Transmutation can be accomplished easily with pulsing electrostatic and rotating magnetic fields. The idea that heat has to be applied as proposed in alchemy or as in other catalytic processes is now a Stone Age concept which should be abandoned as quickly as possible. To change one element from the table of elements into another element, is done without the usual approach that heat has to be applied. Think in dimensions and bear in mind that there is an Ether or counter world from which everything is controlled, make a change in the counter world (the mirror imagine) and you have an instant change in the physical world. Start thinking big, leave the old behind. This knowledge is most vital for our survival on this planet. How about changing radioactive materials into a usable gas, a liquid or a solid for a starter. How about changing atmospheric nitrogen into Hydrogen meaning that all propelling vehicles would need no more fossil fuel, would operate fuel–less and would never pollute again. Think of changing Silicon, an element of such abundance in our world into what? We let the readers think of the many possibilities of Transmutation by themselves and further more, we supply you with the know how of experimental Transmutation. Believe it or not, it’s done with magnetic fields..


Walter Russell: The Universal One:

In this 1926 historic volume, Walter Russell first reveals the possibility of transmutation of the elements.

Changing atomic elements or making elements appear mysteriously? It sounds like impossible alchemy, but experimenters recently did this, without Big Science particle accelerators. These scientists learned from a metaphysician, Walter Russell (1871-1963). During vivid spiritual experiences, Russell had seen everything in the universe, from the atom to outer space, being formed by an invisible background geometry. Russell not only portrayed his visions in paintings, he also learned science. He was so far ahead that in 1926 he predicted tritium, deuterium, neptunium, plutonium and other elements.

Recently, professional engineers Ron Kovac and Toby Grotz of Colorado, with help from Dr. Tim Binder, repeated Russell's 1927 work, which was verified at the time by Westinghouse Laboratories. Russell found a novel way to change the ratio of hydrogen to oxygen in water vapor inside a sealed quartz tube, or to change the vapor to completely different elements. Their conclusion agrees with Russell: the geometry of motion in space is important in atomic transmutation. Kovac shorthands that idea to geometry of space-bending.

These modern shape-shifters speak of Russell's feats such as prolate or oblate the oxygen nucleus into nitrogen or hydrogen or vice versa. To change nuclei, they change the shape of a magnetic field. Although they used expensive analyzing equipment, it is basically tabletop science. No atom-smashing cyclotron needed; just a gentle nudge using the right frequencies. Focus and un-focus light-motion, create a vortex and control it.

Cold fusion researchers are also running across strange elements popping up in their own electrified brews. No one is proposing to make gold and upset world currencies, but some experimenters aim to clean up radioactive waste by their novel processes.


Toby Grotz article:

A complete explanation and visual presentation is available from the SPA video tape library. Order the presentation made by Toby Grotz at the Milwaukee conference titled, "Transmutation Of Elements Using Dual Polarity Control And Walter Russell's Experiments With An Over Unity Device" The video is available for $20.00 plus $3.00 shipping from: USPA Tapes, 993 West 1800 North, Pleasant Grove, UT 84062, Phone: (810) 785-5130.

Further information may be obtained by contacting the author, Toby Grotz (303) 824-6834, or by writing to 820 Bridger Circle, Craig, CO 81625


Grotz, Toby, Tim Binder, et Ron Kovac, (1992), "Novel Means of Hydrogen Production Using Dual Polarity Control and Walter Russell's Experiments with Zero Point Energy," 27th IECEC, pages 4.339-4.344.

Binder, Timothy, (1993), "Transmutation of the Elements, A Modern Alchemical Team's Experiments with the concepts of Walter Russell", Proceedings IANS pp.107-134.

Binder, Timothy - Russell's Nuclear-Magnetic Transmutation Experiments - ISNE 1993

Grotz, Toby - Russell's Power Multiplication Principle Experiments IECEC 1992, ISNE1993


Toby Grotz and his team are planning to replicate the energy experiments of Walter Russell. In the fall of 1959, General Chapman, Colonel Fry, Major Sargent, Major Cripe, and others from NORAD in Colorado Springs, attended a meeting at Swannanoa, Virginia (University Of Science And Philosophy) at the invitation of Walter Russell. At this meeting Russell explained the workings of a device he proposed to build to take advantage of the vacuum state energy, and the two directional movement of energy from gravitation, (generation), to radiation, (degeneration). During the following year Russell, his wife, Lao, and their assistants built the device. The prototype that was built consisted of two sets of dual and magnetically-sexed coils. On September 10, 1961, Walter and Lao Russell reported to their contacts at NORAD, that the coils had worked and that the President of the United States could announce to the world that a "greater, safer power than atomic energy" could be provided for industry and transportation.


Tim Binder and his team have replicated the 1927 experiments of Walter Russell and have created fluorine from pure water vapor using complex E-M field arrangements. This work validates Russell's theories about nuclear structure and the proper arrangement of the Periodic Table of the Elements.


(See 'The Influence of Vedic Philosophy on Nikola Tesla's Understanding of Free Energy', 15th Annual USPA Conference, Sacramento, California, audio and video tape available, paper to be published, fall of 1992 in the Journal Of The USPA)



The December 1994 issue of the university's Science Journal published a report filed by the Russell Science Research (RSR) Colorado team of Ron Kovac, Toby Grotz, and Dr. Timothy Binder. Titled, "A Report On The Russell Science Research Team's Transmutation of Nitrogen into Lithium and Helium," the abstract is authored by electrical engineer and team member Ron Kovac. In a 1992/1993 attempt to verify Walter Russell's 1927 effort at transmutation, the RSR team states that they succeeded when they produced fluorine from water vapor. According to the report, "The first generation experiment utilized water injected into evacuated quartz tubes which were subsequently heated, placed in magnetic fields, allowed to cool while in the magnetic field, and then qualitatively analyzed with an emission spectroscope."


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27th IECEC Proceedings, 1992, San Diego, CA (SAE)
Toby Grotz, Tim Binder, and Ron Kovac
Novel Means of Hydrogen Production Using Dual Polarity Control and Walter Russell's Experiments with Zero Point Energy Vol. 4, pp 4.339-4.344
28th IECEC Proceedings, 1993, Atlanta, GA (ACS)
Timothy Binder
Walter Russell's Innovative Concepts as the Basis for an Alternative View on Radioactivity Induced Oxygen - Ozone Depletion and Food Chain Pollution; and as the Basis for Alternative Fuels, Materials, Energy Production, and Radioactive Waste Cleanup - Vol. 2, pp 2.297-2.302

spirit of maat:

Grotz, Toby, Tim Binder, Ron Kovac, "Novel Means of Hydrogen Production Using Dual Polarity Control and Russell's Experiments with Zero Point Energy," 27th IECEC, 1992, Vol. 4, pp. 339-44. "The experiments that [Walter] Russell conducted in 1927, which were verified by Westinghouse laboratories, have been repeated." In 1961, Russell reported to his contacts at NORAD that the President of the United States could announce to the world that a "greater, safer power than atomic energy" could be provided for industry and transportation." Moray, John and Kevin, op. cit.

from: free energy devices
I have found only two sources that reference the modeling of EM fields in three spatial dimensions: the works of Walter Russell (1926, 1947, 1989), and material channeled by Hatonn et. al. (1991). The idea that energy exists in male and female vortices that form between this dimension and other dimensions is not new. The idea just hasn't been very useful, yet. Russell and Hatonn describe three dimensional elemental EM fields that can be classified as male and female by the spin of their 3-D EM fields, much the same way that we describe the poles of a bar magnet. Russell developed and tested counter-wound sets of coils, each in the shape of overlapping (male/female) cones. Such a coupling and cancellation of these fields would open up a whole new way of thinking about electricity and EM fields in general. Also, a new investigation of the physics of rotating permanent magnets and rotating EM fields would be very interesting. All reported research in these fields seems to stop in the early 1950s. I wonder why.

Oliver Nichelson (1991) summarized two of Tesla's later energy generation device designs, including a turbine-shaped Unipolar Dynamo design for a machine that can continue to produce electricity after being disconnected from an outside power source. This paper is also important because it also describes Tesla's "Coil for Electro-Magnetics," patented in 1893. This coil looks exactly the same as would the counter-wound conical coils of Walter Russell, if Russell's coils were drawn on a piece of paper in two dimensions. (Surprise.)

Recent research has been conducted by Toby Grotz, Tim Binder, and Ron Kovac (1992) in order to verify Walter Russell's theories and experiments. They write: "The experiments that Russell conducted in 1927, which were verified by Westinghouse laboratories, have been repeated. Russell at that time thought that he had found a novel way to change the ratio of hydrogen to oxygen in a sealed quartz tube containing water vapor. Russell's data indicated that, where there had only been water vapor consisting of hydrogen and oxygen in the tube, the addition of inert gasses in the amount of 69% were detected. The use of magnetic fields was shown to produce this effect. The end result of the experiment was to demonstrate a cheap and efficient method of hydrogen production for a hydrogen based fuel economy." Russell also developed and tested counter-wound sets of coils, each in the shape of overlapping cones. The device was based on the "power multiplication principle" discussed in the many books that he had written. According to a memo dated in 1961, the device worked: "because of the false concept of gravity which assumes it to be force of attraction which pulls inward from within instead of a cyclic force which controls the expansion of cold into heat, and the expansion of heat into cold... Nature's first principle of power production and the construction of matter is to produce heat from the cold of space. The heat thus generated radiates back into cold to complete the wave cycle which automatically repeats itself in this ageless universe of infinite continuity." (This is very similar to the theories of Victor Schauberger; Alexandersson, 1982). On September 10, 1961, Walter and (his wife) Lao Russell reported to their contacts at NORAD, that the coils had worked and that the President of the United States could announce to the world that a "greater, safer power than atomic energy" could be provided for industry and transportation. The Russell's were convinced that they had found and demonstrated a new source of energy and a conversion process for what is now known as the zero point energy.


the USPA sells these videos: Proceedings of the 2nd International Symposium on New Energy: 2nd ISNE
Timothy A. Binder - Walter Russell's Perspectives on Free Energy and the Russell Optical Dynamo Generator [pp 75-97]

Toby Grotz
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among many others. now, how do i get these? hopefully easily. jeane manning translated into german - info about russell space energy:
Space energy and the government

Russell built also equipment, which he called Russells optical direct current generator generator and which, as it stated, space energy had caught. By the detective work carried out by Toby Grotz showed up the original plans of this equipment, which was found in a cellar in Colorado.
The owner of the cellar was colleague of a general with the North American air-defense command (NORAD - North American air Defense COMMAND) - of the defense mechanism, which is responsible for the protection of North America from a nuclear attack. Russell co-operated in its equipment with scientists both from NORAD and from the company Raytheon. Grotz says, NORAD in the generator was interested, because Russell had stated, the equipment cannot only more energy produce, than it needed for the enterprise, but also an extremely efficient new type of radar device can be developed with its assistance.
NORAD officers made of Colorado Springs Russell, its wife and its research assistant Lao 1959 an attendance in Russells house in Virginia off. They agreed on the fact that the Russells should report regularly on its results. On 10 September 1961 reported the pair, which Russell generator had functioned, and the president of the United States can announce to the world now that a new, safe energy source is available.
But the conviction of the Russells, it a method would have demonstrated to convert space energy into electric current met except with NORAD with nobody on interest, and there is no public document over it, which employed NORAD thereby. At that time the conventional science did not call the discovery” scientifically “, and the public heard never again something of it.
The new energy researchers today are very much interested in the theories, on which the Russell generator is based. Russell said, the universe consists of electricity and nature multiplies energies, by concentrating this electricity - or space energy -, until she forms subject, like for example a star or a planet. Russells equipment created this natural energy accumulation again.
The Russells created the university of the science and philosophy in Waynesboro, Virginia, and researchers, who feel closely connected with the universe, continue his work. Grotz and its colleagues want to likewise further pursue this research.