personal map, for future schauberger travels.

Wanted to make a map of places to visit, in order to better realize how far away these places and people are. Being from Finland, the obvious closest would be going to Göteborg, Sweden.
therein resides the IET-Community. Am not too sure if it would be possible to arrange a meeting, or a brief tour of the IET-community, but it would be here:
Institute of Ecological Technology
Krokegatan 4
S-413 18 Göteborg

also, since i did go to the iet-community webpage, it seems that they have both the IET, and the Malmö Group. IET Malmö
Lantmannagatan 64
S-214 48 Malmö
(Visit the Water lab and see the Drop channels.)
I would not mind visiting the water lab and seeing the drop channels. obviously, all of this would require dragging around a DV-cam, (if they give permission) to record bits of this for MERLib/googlevideo usage.

Looking at the location of Malmö and Göteborg, the traveling-distance would be.. 276km. train-car-plane?


A segment of the Drop Channel Drop Channel with flowing water

Early experiments with "egg shaped stones" made of modelling clay

Experimental channel with pulsation

so that was malmö..

Now, looking at where both göteborg and malmö are, it would appear, that Denmark would be close. Whilst not too sure about whether have a place, it would at least be good to go there and pick up some water vortex jugs. Clean-Water Lavigne Madsen ApS Egholmvej 8-10 DK 7160 TOERRING DENMARK.
ok, helped. it is near Velje and Hedensted. in the process i called them and asked if they have any living water vortex jugs for sale as of current - they are switching manufacturers on one item, and thus they will be hopefully have the living water vortex jug in stock in around 2 months. i hope they will soon have it available.

ok, moving on from denmark, we get to germany. in germany there is the, Klaus Rauber. It would at least be great to take a photo of whatever implosion magazines he has, or to meet him, or see his book-archive.
Klaus Rauber
Geroldseckstr. 4
77736 Zell a.H.
well, it would seem that a.h. is am harmersbach in Baden-Württemberg, i.e.
this is completely skipping netherlands, of course. so, onto Austria. Bad Ischl. PKS - a must visit. this seems to be in upper austria, Salzkammergut. here i cant seem to come up with an address.
PKS - Kaltenbach 162
A-4820 Bad Ischl
Österreich / Austria
anyway, that is a total must. if i had purchased books on john wilkes and flowforms, id probably be more interested in visiting the john wilkes / flowforms related places in the u.k., but for now i'll have to do some more research into them.
there. now im at the end of my wits. ill consult the schauberger books, and see where else i could go. it would of course be interesting to interview frank germano, for instance, but that would have to be _so_ well conceived that im not sure if it could be me doing it. then there is that one Dan, who does vortex labs in the states.. again, worth visiting but only if it is feasible to cross the atlantic. of course - why would any of these people truly be interested in talking to someone else who has a few books?