Implosion, of course, deals with small changes in temperature, be it in water or in the human body. Altering the temperature-balance in longitudinal oscillating waves (sine/waves), eventually resulting in vortexes.


whilst magnetism itself is a group of 4  spinning fields,   i.e., 2   eight-shapes.
this ties in with the

past - present - future
 (dot)- (dot)     - (dot)
  -1   -   0        -  +1
yin   - balance - yang
in    - balance  - out
+lat  - longitude - -lat

i.e. the oscillation that requires 3 points  to be in existence.   if you draw three points on a piece of paper and draw a sinewave into it, and draw the sinewave in reverse, you get the 8 shape.

Tesla said: If you only knew the magnificence of the 3, 6 and 9, then you would have a key to the universe.
3  is again,  if you look at it,  in the middle you have the longitudinal balance, the meeting-point,  and the other  two shapes are  curves, or,  reversal spirals.  6  is a in-winding spiral. 9 is a out-winding spiral.

there is a natural, simple, metaphysical/physical/natural
/mystical/spiritual way of understanding and comprehending these things. The information is out there, in there, in nature itself. Nature is based on the trinary, self-repeating self-regenerating/degenerating  pulse.
This 0, this 0point, is the ether. We are comprised of frequencies, and resonances, of light, energy, matter, sound. We are interconnected to every single thing in the universe, but especially on this planet. This planet is based on the same mechanics, and is a living organism. We cannot ignore the connection that we have to this biological marvel of a rock, which Tesla called a small iron ball. There is energy everywhere. We utilize biomagnetic energy to survive, and so does most of what is in existence. All laws need to work on this level, for them to make sense. Such laws are in existence - but you will not find them in the textbooks, most of the time. Once you discover one, it automatically resonates with your heart. You know it is right. All of these people, Viktor Schauberger, Nikola Tesla, Michael Faraday, Buckminster Fuller, were extremely glad, respectful, and grateful of the one source of all this creation. Call it anything at all, everything on this planet and in this universe has been set up in a synergetic multi-frequency mathematical harmony of self-renewal, a pulse, a frequency, a rhythm. That rhythm can be understood and detected, and has been detected, that is the sole reason we, among others, feel so connected to music, and any visually perceivable repetitions or alterations of movement. Be that movement aural or visual, when it is especially harmonic, it resonates to us as beauty. This is how we appreciate everything on deeper levels, and we cultivate a taste based on what we encounter, and what our own approximation, and opinion  on the ebbing and flowing sequences prevalent in nature, ourselves and the universe - we get to choose what we like, but it still functions via the same rhythms.

Sequence-modulation can be made to work like this, so can any type of visual coded demonstration. Utilizing curves, sinewaves, spirals, and re-instations of the curves onto the previous curves, but in a different place.
All numbers can be altered to be displayed in this way. They can be connected with the visualizations of interconnectivity between the shapes, those patterns, for instance, that that one painter did, the looping birds, etc.

This is why MERLib exists. To data-mine this interconnectivity between all of these things.
Oh yes, the building of and the basis inside such things as engines and turbines, that needs to be understood. I mean, right now, I understand that if you have a copper-coil, inside which you pass a magnet,  that copper-coil, connected to a battery, charges it. Then another battery right next to the first battery, receives the energy from the first one (I suspect these batteries work under +/-, i.e. Connected together, the other doesn't have what the other has, and thus they share the energy acquired from the  electromagnetic induction  of a copper-coil, magnet passes through), and lights up a small LED. I understand the concept of the electromagnetic induction, but am not yet aware how to calculate the size, and roundage of coils, and once I do, I'll still need to comprehend how to plug that stray energy into something - and what is it?
The feeling of lighting a flashlight by dragging a magnet outside the flashlight, and the magnet inside the flashlight, and both the magnets touching the flashlight, is completely comparable to lighting a match. This is where it gets simple.