Callum Coats - The Life & Work of Viktor Schauberger (CFE - December 2, 1995) transcription

Callum Coats - The Life & Work of Viktor Schauberger (CFE - December 2, 1995).asf

And hello there, I'm Laura Lee, and thanks for tuning in for Conversation for Exploration.

You know, last week we were talking about Viktor Schauberger, we had a couple of guests, one that talked about the energy aspects of Schauberger's work, one that talked about the environmental and forestry aspects of Schauberger's work in water,

was apparently used by the nazis, to try and build the flying saucers, ahm, looked at water and saw a wonderful mystical substance that was living and alive, ahm, then, Callum Coats called in towards the end of the interview, and says "Oh, I'm
I just happened to be in town,  "by the way, there's a lot of stuff about Schauberger you haven't mentioned yet"
I'm going, "Oh, well, come join us, come tell us" , and he is here, right before his trip to London, to finalize his newest book on Schauberger, two books, Callum joins us in studio.

LL: Pleasure, the things you have to go through to go and meet, the researchers here, I'm glad you found me
LL: Welcome Callum.
CC: Nice to be here this evening.

LL: Ahm, will you tell me a bit about Schauberger, and just for any new listeners maybe we should just build a
quick, thumb-nail sketch of Schauberger, what really intrigued me, is, some of the techniques that Schauberger
used, you were telling me, to find those inner, subtle energetics, these
workings of the universe that aren't readily apparent, but that are accessible, if you know how. I was quite intrigued
because again, I think of humans as being primarily curious, we want to know about the world around us and ourselves,
we devise technology, elaborate technology, to extend our senses, and here, you're going to tell us about a technique
where basically, that it is at your fingertips, a part of you, that consciousness, and how you use it, and how you focus it,
and it can be another information gathering device - we become equipped with this stuff.

So many techniques that Schauberger used


but that are accessible
I think of humans as being primarily curious, we wanna know about the world around us
techniques where, basically

how you use it


But anyway, welcome, and..

primary focus

I felt that the

mathematical treatise of Walter Schauberger, who was Viktor Schauberger's son.
a voyage of discovery
and I gradually accumulated


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