Mirroring of some Yahoo Groups

Started archiving some Yahoo groups under http://merlib.org/lists


At the moment JoesCell2 and viktorschaubergergroup

The groups are also, at the moment available as zip files in that same aformentioned folder.

No search function yet but hopefully soon.


More indepth technical detail for anyone interested:


Have looked into using Phpdig, TSEP, Namazu, and a few others, but have not gotten them to work as well as I would like, atleast not yet. The simpler, realtime PHP search script named Corzoogle is sleek, and works well, however it does not look inside .gz files, nor do I know how to modify it to do that.


The groups are downloaded using this script, then converted to HTML using MHonarc. Found some nice templates for MHonarc here.

To save diskspace, and bandwidth the messages are then gzipped, and named file.html.Z, and a piece of code in the .htaccess file rewrites the browser from file.html to file.html.Z


RewriteEngine on
RewriteRule ^(.*)\.html$ $1.html.Z


Also added these lines to tell the browser that the files named .Z are HTML files, and that they are Gzip encoded. Most modern browsers have gzip support and will decompress gzipped contents on the fly.

AddType text/html .Z .html
AddEncoding gzip .Z

Tweaking still needed..