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What is Swedish ISP Phonera serving on its IPs?

I stumbled upon a suspicious looking site today whilst googling for my sister.

http://  It serves pages with peoples names + nonsensical information. The pages seem to link to other IPs too, most of them hosted on a Swedish ISP called  Phonera (used to be called Port80).

I tried a handful of their IP's to see that they all serve this same kind of content.

(etc! try the whole ranges) administrative notes & todo


  • -Just disabled the commentq (are you a bot?) module to see how much spam akismet gets then. Probably a lot. 


  • All quote nodes aren't tagged "quote". Find a good solution
  • Find SQL code to mass-edit terms (tags), delete unused ones etc... 


I've decided to try out some ad-services again: Adbrite, and Amazon. Previously I used Google Adsense, which earned $70 before Google decided to turn it off.In addition to the ad on the right sidepanel Adbrite also does this:

Generating Power From Kites

Researchers in Italy have high hopes for a new wind-power generator that resembles a backyard drying rack on steroids. Despite its appearance, the Kite Wind Generator, or KiteGen for short, could produce as much energy as a nuclear power plant.

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The Chispito Wind Generator

The Chispito Wind Generator was designed to be simple and efficient with fast and easy construction. There are no limits to what you can do with wind power. There is nothing more rewarding and empowering than making a wind powered generator from scrap materials. Most of the tools and materials in this manual can be found in your local hardware shop

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The Extraordinary Dymaxion Automobile

Imagine a car that seats eleven passengers, turns on a dime, has excellent fuel efficiency, and cruises happily at 120 miles per hour. A man named Buckminster "Bucky" Fuller imagined and designed such a car, and in 1933, several fully capable prototypes were built for Chrysler. This sleek, aerodynamic vehicle was called the more | digg story

"Revolutionary"Farmer Arrested for Driving Vegetable-powered Truck

Olivier Lain, a cereals farmer based near Rouen in Normandy was arrested for driving a vehicle powered by "unauthorised fuel," despite an EU directive passed last year which instructs member states to encourage the use of pure vegetable oil as a form of fuel for diesel-powered vehicles.

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Mirroring of some Yahoo Groups

Started archiving some Yahoo groups under


At the moment JoesCell2 and viktorschaubergergroup

The groups are also, at the moment available as zip files in that same aformentioned folder.

No search function yet but hopefully soon.


Back up...

Site back up again after some technical difficulties, lack of time and interest.

Currently running this site in one user mode. Many features and modules, and ofcourse a lot of contents is missing.

Biodiesel links>Research:

High School 'Drop-Outs' Build Soybean Bio-diesel Car From Scratch -

That Go From Zero to 60 in 4 Seconds - at 50 mpg

Kids Build Soybean Fueled Car

Bio-Diesel Benz

Nick Cook

Yesterday I watched a new UFO Documentary called "UFO’s: The Hidden Evidence ". I didn't enjoy it much, to me it seemed shallow, somewhat slanted, as though giving the viewer the picture that most  UFO sightings have been secret airplanes such as U2, and stealth planes which is ridiculous. I will not go into it any further with a comprehensive review of the program.

I also had the chance to quickly browse through his book "The Hunt for Zero Point" and found a chapter about Viktor Schauberger.  He starts off by calling his testimony  "nearly believable" , and writes on pages 57-58; ...

Disclosure Projects Witness Testimonies - Tom Bearden

Today I watched two of  the Disclosure Projects Witness Testimonies at OSEN

I enjoyed Tom Beardens clip, even though I'm not so sure about the beginning, which seemed hard to comprehend, The rest seemed quite good, containing an explanation of the big picture of "free energy", zero-point energy, and over-unity devices. Introductions about Nikola Tesla, Henry Moray, and other inventors and their working free-energy devices, and how  the global elite, with their cartells hiding away any free energy, or overunity device that surfaces, and taking care of the inventor by various means.

Opposing views?

Tesla, Occult Ether Science - Page 74-75
On Apr. 15,1932 13, Tesla said Einstein's theory regarding changing matter into force, and force into matter, was "absurd". He compared
this to the difference between body and mind, saying force is a "...function of matter", and that, just as a mind could not exist without a body, "...without matter, there can be no force."

Schauberger, Page 50, The Energy Evolution
In line with this view, energy and its movement
are unquestionably the primary cause,
the prerequisite for physical manifestation.
Everything we see around us, the trees, the
flowers, all are the outside casing of the formative
energy path.

Christ, Book of Thomas
6:1 Jesus said: If the flesh has come into existence because of the spirit, it is a marvel; but if the spirit has come into existence because of the body, it is a marvel of marvels (impossible). But I marvel at how this great wealth (the spirit) has made its home in this poverty (the body).

Secret Space DVD

Yesterday evening I watched a DVD called "Secret Space. It was quite ok, containing some interesting UFO material, and revealing some of the sick occult satanistic/freemasonic/illuminati rituals linked to the bogus "space program" and explained some of the reasons for their real, hidden space program.

 It was a bit sad that one of the first "Nazi flying saucer" pictures it showed early on in the documentary was the Repulsine.


"Holy"? Holiday?

If you aren't aware of the pagan/satanic roots of x-mas I highly recommend reading the following paper on the subject:

“Holy” Holiday? - The real “reason for the season is crystal clear: this is all about money and the ultra-rich (who are Satan's minions) cannot make enough of it and are laughing along with Satan as you voluntarily become their slaves while making them richer...........

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Just some notes:

Belluzzo-Schriever-Miethe Diskus


Google Advertisements


Even though I'm not a very big fan of such a huge company as Google I've decided to use Google Adsense to help generate an income to pay for the hosting.

Recently I noticed a couple of ads that I certainly do not agree with, ads to psycics, magicians etc that I was able to block on my Adsense control panel.


Here are the earnings so far:


Nov 2005 - $5.98
Dec 2005 - $7.28
Jan 2005 - $8.48
Feb 2006 - $12.66
Mar 2006 - $10.14
Apr 2006 - $29.18...

Total $73.71



Treehugger: Treehugger Homework: Unplug Your Cellphone Charger

95% waste! I hate waste!

Treehugger: Treehugger Homework: Unplug Your Cellphone Charger - f you have a cellphone, have you ever noticed that your charger stays warm even when you are not charging your phone with it? That's because it is still draining electricity. "According to Future Forests, only 5% of the power drawn by cell phone chargers [delicious/tag/]
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